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How do you know if theres free speech?


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That's how they hide the truth


They create the parameters of permitted speech


overpaid and puffed up radio hosts like jeremy vine and vanessa feltz do it all the time where they only permit discourse within a narrow controlled debate. by doing so they create the 'overton window' of what their listeners then think is the permitted range of discussion


Anything outside the overton window is then dismissed as 'conspiracy theory'

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7 hours ago, Stevo said:

There’s always free speech, there will never stop being free speech it just depends wether some crazy communist nutcase censors your free speech because you don’t agree with what he says!






Back to point 1. How do you know theres free speech?



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An interesting aspect of free speech is the freedom to say nothing at all. The agora is gone. In France, people are protesting about freedom to think being violated. Everywhere are sheep who know nothing an people too old to be anything imbeciles or wolves dressed as sheep as all this has progressed. People keep saying "wake more people up" but you cannot awaken those who are only pretending to be asleep. On the subject of debts on people who have never had anything but fundamental rights they have had to protect themself inspite of government, what is owed to those who have cheated, bullied and swindled their way into "positions of responsability" where the holders take no responsability at all. That surveillance state did not construct itself. The young and the imbeciles feel no anger against me at these words not spoken on TV. Threshing is the process of separating wolves from sheeple, uniting the sheep for liberation that makes mockers howl.


Contribute to my forum if you feel you are being enslaved. I have free seeds for plants which are very difficult to find (https://www.sagagardencentre.co.uk)/clematis-liberty) for the right customers. The forum can be found at




Its a public forum. No barriers to anonymity. You dont need an email to join in and you can enter by proxy. If liberal means favouring liberty and oppositional to those taking liberties then genuine liberal people contributing to those forums will be given instructions on reaching a discussion area which excludes the wolves in sheeps clothing.

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On 10/25/2020 at 12:41 AM, Lord Humungus said:

Try questioning the official holocaust narrative


Yea ...or that in light of events today like multiculturalism, diversity, Pride parades,, LGBTQ, gay marriages etc., the  history of the Israel, Rockefellars, Rothschilds and banking cartels..... Shakespeare, Wagner and Hitler had valid and constructive points only Hitler got a little carried away.        

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