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what is the stupidest "covid-19ism"

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...  corona mask is hidden symbol language  , it has hidden metaphysical message providing personal satisfaction to united slaveowners psychopats elite criminal oligarchy which criminally prints money and moneypulates the world and corrupts the laws and justice    ,

........ its like prince savilian - saudi-haremian roman-solomanic-caesarian  weinsteinian epsteinian clintonian-blairian  paedophilian society  banksters club attacking and raping kids ,

.. first they put their imperial hand over kid  mouth so victim have to shut up and be silent ,

... and then those psychopats and rapists are same those which were attacking and raping other countries ,.... and now all humanity is attacked and raped  while those rapists imperialist dictate spin lie media ,  censor truth and freespeech and orders everybody  to stay quiet and  put mask over mouth and shut up , stay silent ....

or othervise all humans will be tortured psychologically , crucified and killed with rapists private  imperial nuclear weapons  and imperial  puppets nazis , terrorists and viruses .





asange mask.jpg

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I'm a very, very patient and easy-going guy...but the following really get on my pip:   Next slide please. Social distancing. Stay safe. Key workers. Ring of steel around

HANDS  FACE  SPACE   It's not often that I'm driven to murder.

Transcript: (my take) We’re ready to get back out there again. - I do what i want anyway, thank you very much As we do, it’s up to all of us to stay COVID safe. - Covid? Whats t

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On 10/23/2020 at 1:56 PM, Saved said:



It's not often that I'm driven to murder.

yes it used to be slip, slop ,slap how times have changed

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"Hundreds of maskless protestors"


Um, thats why they're protesting, what did the media expect? 😷


And then the comments in response to such articles...


"Idiots!" etc etc







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Since the beginning of all this, the most endlessly repetitive Covid-isms I have heard have to be:


“We’re all in the same boat”


Since when did everyone live on boats? The truth is that everybody lives in different accommodation types. Some people are barely surviving on benefits in 42nd floor flats on urban council estates or isolated in abusive care homes while others are reaping covid profits from their home offices in eight bedroom mansions, with boats in the marina for the weekend!


“There is light at the end of the tunnel”


People have been saying this for nearly a year now and nothing has changed. Show me the tunnel and I’ll believe there is a light when I see it.


“The lockdown roadmap.”


Latest update! Hooray!!! Boris has found the map hidden in the Eton library archives! Everyone jump on Boris’s bus! (you know, It’s the same one they used for the Brexit campaign with ‘Save the NHS’  smeared across the side) To get your seat just take a Hancock jab, relax, and think of England as they take you over every pothole in the country. Final destination? A long dark tunnel... and finally... that calm, heavenly white light above....


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On 10/22/2020 at 4:19 PM, Nobby Noboddy said:



'Sneak Up, Shout at the Virus, Then Run': Britons mock ...


Scarfold Council is fucking brilliant. Thank you so much for this. I've asked my local printers to make me a A2 copy of this to put on my window, though haven't been able to  find it in hi-res format yet. Please send copy details if poss.

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