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what is the stupidest "covid-19ism"

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The most cringe worthy catch phrase for me is “Covid Safe”. It makes me want to repeatedly smash my head against a brick wall. A close second to this is “Due to Covid”. I get embarrassed on behalf of others for speaking like this. 

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16 hours ago, PerpetualBS said:

A close second to this is “Due to Covid”. I get embarrassed on behalf of others for speaking like this. 


At work, we sell products from the UK to customers all across the world.


We get regular 'service updates' from our delivery partners (Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, DPD, Parcelforce, Fedex, DHL etc) informing us of issues with deliveries in other countries "due to Covid measures/restrictions".


You'd be surprised how many people we get complaining "where's my delivery", and sometimes I really do feel like replying "do you not understand what is going on across the world?"


I'm really sorry that it has taken over a month to get your parcel from the UK to the Phlippines/Australia/Peru etc but it is realy not our  fault that every single government-controlled postal operator across the world has followed lock-step with all the coronavirus 'protocols' to ensure that delivery services are disrupted to the maximum.





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I'm a very, very patient and easy-going guy...but the following really get on my pip:


Next slide please.

Social distancing.

Stay safe.

Key workers.

Ring of steel around the elderly.

Protect the NHS.

If you go out, people will die.

Dishy Rishi.

Covid secure.

Any of the absolutely patronising and totally irrelevant sporting analogies by Penfold aka JVT at the press briefings.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Anything by Matt Hancock.

Thank you for that very important question (at press briefings).

All in this together.

New normal.

Hands face space.

Strange times.

Weird times.

Uncertain times.

Lockdown life.

Lifting the spirits of the nation.

Captain Tom.

Get it into people's arms.

Anything by BBC news.

Anything by Good Morning news.

Long covid.


Following the science.

Guided by the science.


If I write anymore my blood pressure will hit the roof.



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All of them. Anything to do with this totally fabricated shitshow.


Covidiot really gets on my wick though. As if that's something really clever to label anyone who hasn't fallen for the BS. Um, I'd suggest they're the last ones to call idiots.

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