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what is the stupidest "covid-19ism"


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My fav 'social distancing' because it's an actual oxymoron.


'In this together' - what? The shit you mean?


'stay alert'  - Yes we need sheeple people to remain lerts.


'stay home, save lives' - and don't worry we'll get 5G going as quickly as possible in the mean time.


I like this parody poster though. I think it will work.


'Sneak Up, Shout at the Virus, Then Run': Britons mock ...

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" Stay at home, can't work but support your local businesses"

F"ck them, if I can't make money, I'm not supporting no one but ourselves.


 Ever since this scam started, the radio station plays the National Anthem everyday at noon. I rush to turn the darn thing off, can't stand it.

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"New Infections" = aka tested positive with a test that doesent test

"Consipracy Theorist" = aka everyone that dares to challenge the mainstream medias narrative

"We are in this together", said the dude with millions in a bank and lives inside a multi million dollar mension

"Such and such politican has now Covid19", aka that politican just takes some vacation and helps to keep the narrative going, because apperently when someone famous gets it, its more real

"Second Wave", you mean that second wave that got followed up by the non existent first wave? Gotcha

"Masks save lives", aka a virus that is a 1000 times smaller than hair that cannot go through a mask? Gotcha

"Masks save lives the second", aka masks actually take lifes and already did big time, Congratulations

"Right Wing Protesters" aka the people that fight for our rights on the streets

"New normal", well,.....start to define what normal even means, im waiting

"Flatten the curve again" ,...oh...oh thats some really genius selling tactic, im blasted away

"Hotspot" aka we need to keep the Covid Story going even when no one is dying. We need to build a bridge into the colder times of the year until we finally get our desperate deaths and can get to our second/third lockdown.

"New strategies to fight the virus", what strategies? you mean the fake ones that get exchanged by new fake ones? Gotcha

"Crisis", aka our own created problem, that actually is no problem, but is sold as a problem

"2020 is a bad year", yes a number that got created by humans that has no reality inside reality, besides in our minds now is considered the culprit. Wait, the dude on the Andromeda Galaxy surely does his math in earth years. The year 2020 is to blame.

"2020 is a bad year the second." According to the script, yes

"2020 is a bad year the third" You have no idea what they have in store in 2021, get your fireworks ready

"Superspreader", aka Super Duper Propaganda Bullshit



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The way all those terrorist women are allowed to walk about wearing a niqab and people walking nekkid through body scanners at airports. Absolutely scanda ... wait a minute ... wrong decade. Those terrorist women not wearing niqabs and people with oppositional defiance disorder who dont believe in obeying the law. Lets steal their stuff in the name of the law. High hitler!

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They're all just 'buzz-words' and slogans, designed as part of the propaganda to be fed to the public via the mainstream and social media.


Or as the behavioural analysts would call them, "messages".


I call them "bollocks", and whatever they want to dress these up as, remember the phrase "you can't polish a turd"



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