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Covid-19 Fraud - Engineering of Consent - Foreshadowing/Predictive Programming


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I guess many are wishing they bought this in advance now 🙄😆


Written 12th January 2018 - Image - what fear based predictive programming looks like of a future outbreak of flu.
Go get your vaccinations make us money and make yourselves get the illness your supposed to be preventing.

When it starts to become a reality so you do something about it...


Teenager, 18, dies after catching killer flu bug sweeping UK


A spokeswoman for NHS Highland could not comment on individual cases but said standard advice on the flu virus applied to the region. She said: ‘If you’re fit and healthy flu, although it can make you feel miserable, is something that you can usually recover from at home. You may consider visiting your GP is you have a long term medical condition, weakened immune system, pregnant or are over the age of 65.


‘There is no evidence that it is particularly bad or that we have more of it in this area than we would expect. ‘The flu vaccine is the best defence we have against the spread of flu and it isn’t too late to get vaccinated. ‘People suffering with flu-like symptoms should cough or sneeze into tissues and bin them immediately, wash their hands regularly with soap and warm water and frequently clean regularly used surfaces to stop the spread of flu. ‘Avoid having unnecessary contact with other people if you or they have symptoms of flu.’




More History 

Liverpool Compulsory Vaccination 1853, FREE OF CHARGE - Covid-19 Protest 17th-18th October - Memetics to "Misinformation Fact Checkers"


2012 Olympics - Foreshadowing - Zion Olympics - "New Jerusalem"











🌈 Chasing the Rainbow 🕊 - What does the Rainbow Symbolise?

 Covid-19 Noahide Laws - A Story of Peace 



PCR Tests came into use on the global market in mass, all of a sudden out of nowhere, due to Covid-19.” - The Answer Live Event - Part 1

While also bypassing traditional testing standards for viruses , internationally, for a test that will just so happens, potentially seeking to allow a new form of untried, untested vaccine delivery, the Bill Gates RNA Vaccine... 🤔


Bill Gates on RNA Vaccines

A.I. Via Gene Editing? -World’s Poorest?


The question naturally should then be;

Where did all those PCR tests all of a sudden manifest from, who was involved in payment of them, when where they paid for and how much did they pay?

Answering that...

Why did they pay so much - $476 Billion - for such a test before any “novel virus/pandemic” occurred, during 2017-2018, unless of course, they knew this was going to happen, it would have been a waste of money surely?

What wheee they preparing for and why via this PCR test that would then go on later, to be used in such a dubious manner?

Why did they stock up on PCR tests, opposed to other tests they couldn’t deceptively run as testing for a virus such as COVID-19?

Did they spend $476 Billion on any other type of medical test kit during 2017-2018 or right up to present day 2020?


$476 Billion Spent Globally on COVID-19 Test Kits in 2017-2018



What does irony look like?




Conspiracy Theorists are attacked and discredited by the statement used "tinfoil hats" as though all so called CT wear them and they do so to prevent methods of mind control by electromagnetic/energetic weapons... ⚡

As due to group based indoctrination, all one group must all collectively believe and do the same thing.
So all conspiracy theorists wear tin foil hats and must believe the earth is flat, all Muslims are terrorists want to blow themselves and others up to kingdom come and end western culture via the imposition of theirs and all Jews are Zionists, part of an international web of infrastructure hell bent on dominating the Globe, meaning Hitler was right so we are all a bunch of Nazis.

Of course, anyone with any sense of this system, their engineering of consent via group based indoctrination and crowd control due to psychological operations and informational warfare, know this is complete and utter bullshit.


If I went and killed a bunch of people anywhere in the world, my “passport” found that I’m a British citizen, would the next day, parts of Britain be systematically bombed or perhaps just Merseyside, Cheshire or maybe only my postcode district?

No. It would be considered complete bullshit and a conspiracy to commit mass murder in and of itself. Yet, largely due to false flag attacks, we have so called Muslims - blamed - behind such attacks around the world and whole cities and nations they’re apparently from, connected with or lived within at some time, are systematically bombed the next or very same day on the road towards regime change by the likes of great deceivers behind this global conspiracy. 
This is a fact not a theory.

Are we any better today? 

Let’s present this via their own stands 

A great majority people doing the discrediting and condemning so called “Conspiracy Theorists”, are the ones going around now wearing mouth gags, to protect themselves from a virus; that one, doesn't exist among the general public, it has never been isolated and proven to exist therefore, it’s impossible to make any form of antidote and it has never been proven that any virus can transmit from body to body, live outside a host - a body - as a virus can't survive outside of human cells within the body!


Which is why the best delivery of any form of virus is by injection 💉!

Let that motherfucker sink it won’t you mate!


Which is why “Un”Social Distancing to prevent the transmission of a virus body to body is complete and utter BS!


SD and mouth gags are being used to condition society, into everyone must take a form of vaccine before society can turn to any form of “normality”!

(It's part of a Globalist Agenda under the UN and sub groups, to create a form of Universal Vaccine and implant a form of microchip beneath everyones skin under Agenda 21 - ID2020) - Part of their Technocracy of control, Transhumanism, for ID, Passport and Payment - Total influence over everyday life, the Mark of the Beast System of Control 


2012 Lock Step Plan



If they don't, they should be guilt tripped into compliance by other sheeple as they maybe like a Terrorist walking around wearing a suicide vest, they maybe "Silent Carriers"!

That's all, any form of reduction to the transmission 🗣 of a virus 👐 being possible even by looking at the "science" is completely redundant and utter BS, SD hasn't been proven to have any effect whatsoever because there is no science behind it. 

What's behind it is politics, what's behind it is deception!



🦉If these people could only see their own Duality 😷


 While understanding, that yes it's a provable fact energetic weapons exist to manipulate the weather 🌬(HAARP) 🌪and mess with peoples minds 🤯, theres a long list of scientific documented evidence of such technology being developed by the Military, via DARPA, the same agency that then goes on to spread various reframed models of such technological weapons, amongst society, rebranded as being used to achieve something else entirely, other than those initial developments that actually driven that interest to develop that technology, within the first instance 👀

You’d be off and keeping yourself safer walking around wearing a tin foil hat opposed to a mouth gag. There’s more scientific evidence to back it up!



They're termed - 📳 "Silent Weapons for Quite Wars" and done so for a reason! 🏴‍☠️ Silent Carriers? 🤔


5G being installed is one of those very weapons, developed from technology operating upon frequencies used for🌡Crowd Dispersal Weapons. - Do you remember that term I used earlier as being part of Engineering Consent, Crowd Control?


(Only them being upon every street corner, satellites 🛰 in the sky, where are you going to disperse to avoid them? 

You can’t hide in your homes under lockdown to escape from this systematic plague upon humanity)


While at the same time, they want to connect the human mind 🤖 to A.I. - The Cloud 

I wonder why?


🌈 ☁️ 🕊 



Alleluia Christ is Risen? - Rainbow - Easter 🐣 Again already? - Transgender/Transhumanism


They want to inject 💉 technology beneath your skin and use technology to alter people's perception of reality, while brand and mark them as cattle 🐄 by their self imposed owners 🐖!


For now, one of the greatest forms of mind control, is the mainstream news, if its received by TV or some other form of technology on social media - hence the campaign to censor anything they haven't sanctified from their authoritarian towers, where their agendas are spring boarded from in the first place, via “fact checkers” or just outright censorship via deplatfoming, shadow banning etc

(They'll be fair and unbiased, just like the impartial and independence of the BBC 🤣)

This is also why they’ve censored our hero’s in the UK with gagging orders, right at the start of the pandemic? 🤔



I love this guy 😆


The step is to move that technology 👨‍💻 from your 🏡 home, to your hand 🤳, wearable ⌚ to implanted within the body 👨‍🔬, beneath your skin 💉!


To sync such technology upto a digital currency 💰 and only a digital currency 💸 being within existence - which is being justified thanks to the deliberate failure of our economy. 

(Something CT have been warning about for years and being condemned and laughed at for warning such!)


But still, the Duality of those whom view the news and laugh at others and try to discredit them when they speak of the existence of mind control, along with all of these Globalist Agendas and laugh their way towards their own demise... 🐑


The deeper embedded you're, the less likely you're to see it!




👣 But it's never to late to wake up and open your eyes to what's currently taking place all around and about you... 👁


Above comment from an Old Post now removed due to a forum hack, people who couldn’t handle the truth and because, this space is avoiding censorship!

Comment expanded slightly and added links, video info etc

26th April 2020



Their could be no riots if the police didn't show up!



Art - drawing on cardboard toilet roll holder I hope, it would be appropriate for use here 😆

Artist, Faye Farthing

Butterfly Effect - Cupid and Psyche - This, is a war on the collective human psyche


Barbados to remove Queen as head of state next year - Freemasonry Behind Revolutions & Cover Up - The Soul to Jack



The Method of those behind this NWO system, is to set people on a path of their own demise and to destroy themselves and sit back as though this is a spontaneous state of affairs which happened all by accident and not by design, leading to, The Hunger Games Society. Until, we accept their models of control as a “solution” to our own demise.


⏰ TIME - 🕸 Chronic Frustration Trap 🍥 - Timeloop 🦋


This movie should have been called, Demolition of Man



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ISSUE 3159 | MAGAZINE COVER DATE: 6 January 2018




NHS is switching to cheaper mimics of expensive cancer drugs



With political will, we can solve the global vision crisis



The epidemic on the way: Why winter flu is so bad this year

Flu is an underestimated killer, taking more than a million lives around the globe annually.
This time, the mutated virus seems to be hitting even harder



Cosmic couture: The urgent quest to redesign the spacesuit Astronauts venture into space wearing 35-year-old, sweat-stained relics. The $200 million, high-tech replacement togs are anything but down to Earth



Stopping the spread: What you can do to prevent flu We will all be exposed to flu this winter, but not all of us will get sick. The best way to minimise the risk is clear – although it’s a far from perfect solution



Luck of the devil: How a Tasmanian icon is outwitting cancer A freakish infectious cancer has brought Tasmanian devils to the brink of extinction, but the pugnacious marsupial is evolving rapidly as it fights for survival



Eye phone: The doctor using tech to restore the world’s sight A lack of eyecare blights millions of lives across the globe. Andrew Bastawrous was seriously visually impaired himself – and has a plan to let the blind see



Waiting for the big one: A new flu pandemic is a matter of time At least two flu strains are only a few mutations away from developing deadly human-to-human transmission. So how do we minimise the impact?



Jab in the dark: Why we don’t have a universal flu vaccine This year’s flu jab is working, but not working well – throwing a spotlight on the commercial and other factors that prevent us developing something better



Can listening to a low hum destroy Alzheimer’s brain plaques?



China's plan to stop recycling the world's rubbish may backfire


Aussie flu: Just what the doctor ordered?




Can you read between the lines?


Low Hum - Have you heard various people complain about this buzzing and likely caused by mobile towers and HAARP Weather Manipulation Technology?

The Glory of Zion …4Say to those with anxious hearts: “Be strong, do not fear! Behold, your God will come with vengeance. With divine retribution He will come to save you.” 5Then the eyes of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped.6Then the lame will leap like a deer and the mute tongue will shout for joy. For waters will gush forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert.… 🤔

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Here’s a thought if you listen to this latest information in David Icke’s Video Cast...




It makes sense why the cult would use Bill Gates as an asset when you realise the level of fraud taking place upon the level of software simulations and statistic. Much of this is already known by way of the phoney computer models of predictions etc

But this goes further with the so called “testing”


I’d advise anyone reading this to check what I’m saying for themselves to see if I’ve understood all this properly...

The testing suggest, they take already tainted data collections, accumulated via PCR tests which just so happens to have been bought up in 2017-2018 with $476 Billion while it just so happens, that PCR test would come in handy for a Novel Virus outbreak in 2020 😆

They didn’t spend £476 Billion on any other tests during 2017-2020 did they?


Why then?

What made PCR tests a profitable incentive and a necessity back then?


They then take a number of samples from the genetic materials accumulated from the already fraudulent PCR test and enter that information into a computer, which then goes on to plug holes of unknown data sets via artificially simulating data which syncs all the relevant genetic material together.
In other words it’s bogus and you can be basing your outcomes more off those artificially inputted data sets as you could any real data previously collected and inputted.

This is a technique to potentially allow Bill Gates RNA Vaccinations which fucks with our genetic code.

Like filling in bits of a DNA sequence and you only have so many strings, you don’t truly know the data between point A and B and so on, that data is plugged by a computer simulation to fill gaps by at best, a best guess, at worse, a deliberate fraudulent action so false data can be simulated into tests and make anyone and everyone appear to have a virus based on “an accumulation of error” via the phoney data sets inputted via the software simulation!

In other words, this can be made to happen, deliberately by such tools being in the wrong hands as they evidently are!

The study suggests, the only way to successfully get or spread a virus, such as these tests with COVID, is by first poisoning and starving cells, then introducing the virus via inoculation, you inject the so called virus into the cells already under stress.

If this it be when it’s actually injected into the human body, while having a lowered immune system response due to the immune system already being under stress caused by other elements which don’t have to have anything to do with the said virus.

So, like the Hunger Games Society?
Exactly as the name suggests, malnutrition etc 

They simulate a fraudulent crisis so as a “fire-sale”, everything must go, so they shelves are empty and they’ve created the Hunger Games Society, which they can justify their intervention to bring about their “New Jerusalem”, their “New World Order”.

Out of taking us to the brink of insanity, putting masses of unnecessary stress upon individuals and via a war on the human psyche!



Even if this first starts with a said Fire”Break” as though these actions are supposed to prevent the situation of a Fire-Sale from occurring.

While they’re actually designed to bring about such a state of panic and simulating a psychological war upon the minds of humanity, just like as was first accomplished with bog roll!

Just like the first lockdown was supposed to “prevent the possibility of the virus from spreading” to save the long term via surrendering in the short term. Look how that’s worked out? 
It was and is a scam, just as this is!


While, of course, they couldn’t be trial running a method of poisoning people by any chance could they?



Ummm yer greater Manchester, don't worry, you can still drink it!!!

Unlikely to be harmful!!🤔😳

Ffs 🙈🤮

I new it wouldn't be long before they upped there game using the water we ingest.
More poisens to dumb people down so people comply to the mass tyranny being inflicted upon the planet !

If you dont have a water distiller, now is the time to bue one! Simple water filters will not do the job! - Pixie Rose

No I doubt it. They wouldn’t do that!
If you want to live forever, starve yourself now, until the Bill Gates RNA vaccination and then let me know how it works out for you 🤞🏻


They’ve even come up with an even better method of censorship on social media.

You attack the whole group, and get the admins to police the group or else that group can be completely banned and removed because one piece of so called “false information” was shared via that group and then, they don’t have to so obviously attack multiple truthful information being shared via such a group!

Obvious scam and Censorship of the truth and FreeFlow or information but many drunk on power and want to feel important, of course, will love it!





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