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You don't even need to take a test to be "positive"


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If he survives this deadly pandemic* he has contracted which is killing people by the 0.001s he is regarded to be immune. If he dies, he is regarded to have agreed to donate his human tissue to the state for medical science. People who get a negative test will still be sweating in 10 days time that they might catch the deadly rona lurking round the corner like a communist under the bed. Terrified for their own life, they say "to hell with human rights" and the television has them all repeating '"SELFISH SELFISH SELFISH". I've put myself in the fieldex of the flame by not wearing a mask before the narrative changed to PPE being worn to protect other peoples health. Months later, I am alive. I know I am immune to the virus but the contents of whatevers in those syringes? I am reminded of the Nuremberg Code, the experimental nature of medical practices which are not at least 20 years old and I am mindful of those calling Trump a nazi who seem oblivious to what a crime against humanity is lending support to extremist authorotarianism, calling all criticism they cannot censor "anarchy" in the sense of people who have no regard for right and wrong or justice. How ironic these rulers are in condemning Trump, even before he took office and if it comes about theres been some world wide corruption regarding all of this, the ones who decried Trump as a nazi who went on to demand mandatory vaccines condeming Trump for suggesting voluntary malaria drugs instead, if global corruption is found out, look around at the masholes calling trump a nazi and see who it is they blame.


Baphomet! The scapegoat of the devils who does not take away their sins!


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