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Led Lights


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I would like this community's help on this subject that has been intriguing me since the outbreak of covid. 


I travel all over the world for work and have continued to do so and been surprised to see LED Lighting suddenly being installed everywhere, even in the most remote little villages in Europe etc and forgotten African cities and small towns.


Questioning locals, the reply is always the same "THIS YEAR the municipality has finally been doing its job".

Locals everywhere see it as a good thing and have no questions, which is understandable from their limited point of view, but when seen as something global, very sudden and way to quick for the normal local standards  and especially in times of crisis, when one would think they would have no time to even plan this right now - it is happening , I see it rolling out this year everywhere before my very eyes  - something more is behind this! 


All locals I asked internationally in each location wether it was a necessary thing at this time in their opinion, giving examples for necessary reasons such as: the old lights weren't working anymore or many light bulbs in need of replacement - all answered  NO after thinking carefully & then expressed that it was probably the only good thing done in their neighborhood for a very long time.


Please understand I am referring to places that seem to have had no interest to the modern world, for as we know, most "developed" cities have led lighting already. 


What do you see where you live? 


Open your eyes and help me look please.

Anything and anywhere that is not going LED? 

This is not just "development"! 


I read recently that Led Lighting can work as 5G connector/trigger, that would make so much sense. 



Any thoughts!  


I've become a bit obsessed with this now on my travels I confess. 




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Not all LED lights emit the same frequencies.

Some LED lights ,as with the old fashioned incidence lights, emit a variety of frequencies that depend upon the materials and makeup.


The one thing about LED lights is that they require a fraction of the power and output very little heat as well as being reliable and robust.


Now the ugly truth, yes the LED lights can be configured to emit secondary frequencies that may be utilised to create an effect  of a positive or negative way. 


Personally I am replacing the florescent lights with a soft LED lighting system. 


Keep learning 

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They are not nice, the eye hates looking at things under that light. Having to strain harder to see even when well lit as well as not showing the full color spectrum. halogen is superior to led in every way (other then power usage, although households probably use too much anyway and dont value good light enough)

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Duewy summed it all up excellently.... There area few other problems ... Cool white are most used in street lights and home  because they illuminate better , but they are not so good for the eyes . Always choose warm white ... and some commercial lamps used in the home have a flicker  , unnoticeable but maybe effecting your brain ...


So if you avoid those pitfalls leds are the best  , I only use leds  , run of my 24V DC house supply (no mains AC , solar) 


You can choose from a wide range of colors and spectrums  , there are different types of warm white ... all are infinitely dimmable 

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Most councils in the UK have replaced their low and high pressure sodium street lighting, giving a yellow or orange light, which were the most common types of street lights with white LED street lights of 4000 Kelvin, some have warmer 3000 Kelvin LEDs.  The previous sodium lamps were in the range of 1700 to 2500 Kelvin.  Also the LEDs lamps can often be a bright glare and as such are a retrograde step in street lighting.


What I have noticed with LED street lighting is an over illumination of streets, it can be like daylight 24 hours a day, I suppose it helps the authorities and snitches to see people walking the streets at night during the lockdowns and curfews.



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On 2/14/2022 at 12:11 PM, malissiabrobst said:

I think the government is preparing to control us with the 5G and other devices like modern mobile smartphones, plus they are introducing the proper LED lights programming.

As I remember, some scientists said that you could regulate peoples' minds by repeating the same color signals. I even have the LED lighting bulbs inside my house, but I programmed them by myself, and they switch to color for 3 times for day> green>red>yellow. Have a great day, and stay safe, brother!

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