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Borat 2 (The Sequel) Makes Fun Of American Conservatives And Conspiracy Theories. Amazon Hurriedly BOUGHT The Film And Is Rushing To Stream It Online From October 23rd Onwards.


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3 hours ago, Macnamara said:


When you have a neurotoxin (aluminium) injected into your muscle and it is then swallowed up by macrophages when your body creates an immune response those macrophages are able to carry that aluminium over the blood brain barrier where it can then have an epigenetic effect


It most definately can cause harm of all kinds for example a host of autoimmune disorders as well as autism



 Okay, let me just point out firstly that I have not, nor do I intend to, dispute that vaccines are harmful. I have looked at the list of ingredients. Mercury, which is only one example, is one of the most toxic substances on planet earth, aluminium is also harmful to humans. It is a testament to just what a true miracle of nature the human body is that there are plenty of human beings who go on living for seventy or eighty years after being vaccinated. Who knows what age human beings might live to without the barrage of abuse human health is exposed to?


  However, correlation does not equal causation. I have looked at masses of evidence regarding the claim that vaccines cause Autism, and it is all centered around the idea that correlation does equal causation. The general thinking is that if a child is vaccinated, and then, a week, or a month later begin displaying classic Autistic behaviors, this means that they are Autistic by merit of the fact that they were vaccinated. There are a few problems with this line of thinking. The first is that there are many children diagnosed Autistic, and who demonstrably are Autistic, who were never vaccinated. Another is the assumption that the Autistic behaviors are the direct result of the having the chemicals themselves injected into the body, rather than a trauma based reaction to being forcibly restrained and then stabbed with a needle as a small child. This I find plausible. Jeanice Barcelo, who wrote 'Birth Trauma And The Dark Side Of Modern Medicine' believes that traumas associated with Caesarean or Circumcision can lead to Autism. The idea that Autism can be caused by trauma is not a new one, there have been numerous variations on it, from Bruno Bettelheim's 'Refirgerator Mother' theory to some of the theories of the Irish psychologist Tony Humphreys. It tends to be the case that anyone who suggests that Autism could be caused by trauma is usually silenced and 'cancelled' quite quickly. This is usually a gigantic red flag that someone is onto something.


Understand; I am not disputing the common truther claim that Vaccines are harmful. I concur with this, and will not receive the Covid 19 vaccine when it arrives. I am simply disagreeing with the common truther claim that Autism is caused by vaccines for the simple reason that the human body is a miracle, and it can withstand so much more than I think most people can realize.


I am approx 99% certain that Autism is not caused by vaccines, although I may be willing to admit that it's possible that some of the more 'severe' cases may be reactions to the vaccination. Those instances are actually, IMO closer to something known as Rhett's syndrome than Autism, a distinction which most people are unaware of.


As regards to the Autism being caused by trauma theory, I will clarify further. I am not suggesting purposefully cruel, negligent or abusive parenting on the part of those who raise Autistic people, far from it, in fact, it is very clear to me, based on extensive experiences, that a great many of the parents of Autistic people have a glut of Autistic traits themselves and would, if they were considered to be on the spectrum, fall into the 'mild' end of it. I am suggesting that the emotionally cold parenting Bruno Bettelheim mentioned may be one potential cause, there could be a large supply of others. Traumas are many in childhood. Our society has accepted that PTSD and some personality disorders are the result of trauma, I am unsure why it is that Autism was taken 'off the table' in terms of being attributable to trauma, other than the fact that every time someone suggests this, the parents of Autistic people, usually the Mothers, create holy hell and have the person cancelled.


Also, I believe in some cases, that there is such a thing as genetic predisposition to be Autistic, though the extent to which this predisposition takes shape varies enormously. Some aspects of Autism, such as special interests, are fairly benign. It is difficult to imagine how someone can attribute collecting antique baseball cards to being vaccinated. Savants, of course, are capable of incredible things. I have read books which claim many non verbal autistic people have deeply clairvoyant abilities. I can cite references if you're interested.


Are you aware that Applied Behavioral Analysis (behavior modification) is still routinely used to try and 'change' the behavior of Autistic kids? There are still pockets of society in which electric shocks are administered to modify the behavior of these small children, some of whom can be as young as 4 or 5. That is torture and abuse. What I find interesting about the truth movement is that it condemns those kind of torture methods for victims of MK ultra, but seems to be okay with them if carried out on Autistic children. Eugenics was largely fixated on Autistic people and still is; read 'Neurotribes' by Steve Silberman for an extensive history of the torture, abuse, and going back in time, even murder, of Autistic children throughout history. 



"If a persons brain is affected such that their life is affected in such a way that their capacity to meet other members of the opposite sex and engage in lasting relationships with them that bare the fruit of children that they are then able to raise responsibly as a couple is curtailed then yes i would call that 'damage' because it is an interference in the perpetuity of society which is the natural order." 



Now we are back at the issue of cause. I concur that a large percentage of Autistic people have difficulties relating to forming relationships and some components of basic survival. The causes of these issues are nurture rather than nature related. Most human beings have no idea whatsoever what goes on in our society where Autism is concerned. It is a conspiracy in and of itself, I assure you. The levels of infantilization on the Autism spectrum are beyond anything I have ever seen, even in comparison to something like Down's Syndrome. 


Most of the public perception on Autism is attributable to sleight of hand. Genuine intellectual retardation is actually pretty rare on the spectrum. The average Autistic level of intelligence isn't actually that different to the average, and in a substantial number of cases is actually vastly higher. Rates of emotional retardation also vary enormously, just like in the rest of the population. There are people on the spectrum who can actually present as almost psychopathic in their affect and emotional literacy, whilst there are also people on the spectrum who possess above average levels of both cognitive and/or affective empathy.

The spectrum really is that varied.


  I note that you mention reproduction. Yes, natural selection is an issue for any distinct group of humans. However, I dispute entirely that difficulties in finding and keeping a relationship are inevitable for Autistic people. Most people understand why incels cannot find and keep partners, it relates to learned helplessness and profound lack of self belief, all of which can be fixed. Autistic males are disproportionately represented in the Incel community. These people are not 'lost causes' they are just lost; they can find their way. I also believe know that Autistic people can improve upon certain difficulties in the space of one lifetime.


  I notice you mention 'natural order'; in reference to 'society'. The idea of society does not actually work on a mass level at this point in our evolution. It is not possible to have a society in which billions of people are all on the same page, which means, in the current situation, that those of us who see Covid as a quantifiable scam are still going to suffer in the face of Fascist impositions even though we are 'awake'. Enforced society is slavery; a collection of smaller communities without 'governments' (mind control) to abuse us would be better. I agree we are a social species but that kind of falls by the wayside when an intelligent human being with critical thinking is expected to bathe in hand sanitizer every time they go into a shop, just like some dumb fuck who reads the Sun Newspaper every day and believes every last word. Natural order or not, I do not acquiesce to these people having a say in how I live my life, sorry bud, no can do.


It is at this point I should probably tell you, I have a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, which has now been merged into Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was diagnosed in adulthood.


 Despite being only partially verbal up until age four, at which point I was given speech therapy in the family home, and despite displaying many behaviors which are actually associated with serious Autism, my family chose to ignore the signs and I had to go through 13 years of utter torture in mainstream education, being told continuously by virtually everyone how broken I am.


I have met literally hundreds of Autistic people in real life and have also spent literally hundreds of hours researching the subject, which is why I know so much about it.


 I know the way most people view Autism, but I promise you, however many difficulties Autistic people face, their thoughts are lucid. They think, they feel. They have a point of awareness, they are human. I am not necessarily saying Autism is 'a good thing', but I don't necessarily view it as a disease either.

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2 hours ago, Ethel said:

I know the way most people view Autism, but I promise you, however many difficulties Autistic people face, their thoughts are lucid. They think, they feel. They have a point of awareness, they are human. I am not necessarily saying Autism is 'a good thing', but I don't necessarily view it as a disease either.


It's very possible that a greater degree of autism in the population is seen as favourable by the transhumanists

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In addition to Vaccines, there is all the horrible fast food, processed foods, processed fats, diet sodas and other shit people in America consume by the gallon.


If you drink sodas with Aspartame and other shit in them throughout your youth, perhaps it causes gene/sperm damage that leads to an autistic child?


One of the hardest things to find in many American cities is HEALTHY EATING that doesn't cost a ton of money.


The quality of the fast food sold is actually WORSE in the U.S. than elsewhere in the world.



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I've only seen three of SBC's movies so far -- BoratBrunoThe Dictator. The first was okay, the latter the weakest of them all. As for Bruno, it's a favorite of mine and have watched it numerous times. It gets me belly laughing like not to many cinematic comedies do. I personally could care less what the personalities of screen actors are like off-camera. The movie Bruno is absolutely hilarious. Two of the more amusing moments involve the protagonist pitching his idea for a TV show to a small group of gob-smacked previewers inside of a screening room, and him sitting with two austere Middle Eastern leaders and singing for them a soppy song, encouraging reconciliation and togetherness. I probably wouldn't like the guy in real life and the fact that he is seen alongside establishment mega-celebrities like Elton John and Bono during the closing credits admittedly turns me off. That he seems to be well-liked in Hollywood and in favor with woke superstars is the reason why I wouldn't care much for the guy, but as a comedic actor it's hard to argue that he's not funny. His characters are unashamedly and explicitly un-PC, a kind of pushback against the culture at large.

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What cohen likes to do is mock ethnicities who are not jewish. At the same time Cohen has decried the spread of conspiracy theories on social media and called for tighter controls on the internet


So it appears that what cohen is in favour of is one way traffic where jews get to mock non-jews but no non-jew must ever discuss any possibility of the existence of any such thing as jewish power. Let me add a caveat there that I don't think it really is jewish power lest i get accused of 'anti-semitism'! I think that the conspiracy is actually by sabbateans.


A term bandied around constantly in the corporate media though is 'white supremicism' however if someone were to use the term 'jewish supremacism' i'm sure cohen would be the first person to object to that which if you think about it logically is actually racist because to believe that only one ethnicity (whites) can have supremacist ideations whilst all other ethnicities are somehow pure of any such thoughts is itself implying that not all ethnicities are equal and therefore that is a racist position


The non racist position would be to say that all ethnicities are capable of good and evil and that individuals should be assessed on their own individual merits regardless of their ethnicity......right?.....yes


But cohen has no objections to the term 'white supremacism' or at least i have never heard i'm air any such objections. However he does have a problem with people discussing the idea of the existence of such a thing as jewish power online.


So cohen believes in free speech as long as it is speech that he wants spoken; if he doesn't like the sound of it then he thinks it should be silenced


So how does cohen choose to exercise HIS free speech? He likes to make movies that mock non jews. His charcter 'Ali G' is clearly mocking black urban culture but he uses the get out clause of saying that he is actually sending up white youths who embrace black urban culture but when we view his wider work we have to consider if that is entirely the case


In the dictator he mocks arabs, in bruno he mocks white people and in borat he mocks khazakstanhis and conservative white americans. No doubt his future work will involve more of the same


HOWEVER woe betide anyone who dared to make a movie that stereotyped jews! oh boy.......no they would be castigated.......so spare me your high falutin talk of 'equality' cos it doesn't exist...at least not in the world that cohen is building

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