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How do you keep your sanity?


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I just wanted to know how you guys deal with the world we live in?

I sometimes have these days where i hardly can keep focus on my work or enjoy my free time because i get reminded time and time again, how corrupt everything is and at what lenghts people in power go to archieve their goals.

And dont get me started on general media, which i only sometimes watch, to know where they are planning to go and where we stand. Most of the time i have to stop watching it after 30 seconds in, because its unbearable. Its absolutly impossible to sit through one of their videos or articles without throwing up or getting sick.

The amount of dishonesty and lies are hard to get through, i wonder who really can watch it fully....

Sometimes i remind myself that all will be well in the end, but its still hard to stay with that mindset.

There is just a thing in me that wants justice for all the crimes that are comitted. I simply do not want these people to get away with this.

So its hard, really hard at times to be at peace with myself and allow me to enjoy some destraction, to forget for a moment whats happening, to not get consumed by it.



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Some days I can.. Others, not so much. 


My psychologist has suggested I identify things that make me happy and use them as a mental health toolbox as it were. 

For me, it's spending time with my cat. He's so healing and relaxing. 

Music, finding that one album that helps and going to it at times of crisis. 

Gardening and crafts, but only if I have energy. 

These don't always work, so I sleep the time away. 


Switch off all news, delete all news apps and remember you have your own world within this world which needs your attention, not external factors that drag us down.


Avoid any upsetting videos/articles. They will make you feel worse. 


Sometimes watching funny cats can help..


Ice cream ain't bad either :) 

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I mostly deal with it by NOT revealing my personal coping strategies to strangers.


Here are some general coping tips;


Don't watch ANY MSM.

Don't wear a mask - ever.

Throw away your smartphone.

Turn off your WIFI

Research Pasteurs fraud, Bechamps research and the latest CDC revelations about COVID being COMPLETELY non-transmittable in tests.

Look into The Pilgrim Society and Tavistock Institute.

Enjoy a hot bath.

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I just wake up every day and try to make that day the best day that I can. I try to appreciate little things. I enjoy spending time with my dog, and the few people that matter to me. I go for long walks in the countryside. I eat the best food that I can. I listen to music, I read, I play games. I made my house a pleasant and attractive environment to spend time in. If I get the chance to visit somewhere beautiful then I do so.


I'm always polite and kind to everyone that I encounter. But I accept that most people's perspective will always be defined by their social conditioning, and you won't ever be able to get through to them on any meaningful level.


We're all going to die one day, so I just try to take something positive out of every day. It is certainly easier to do this if you're in a pleasant environment, and if you don't have a job. So I worked hard to put myself in that in position.

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