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Spooky goings on the crypts


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By all appearances not everyone has an understanding of what any of this stuff means. Those who genuinely share an understanding could use what I call the Van Helsing Strategy to sift out interlopers, trolls and those who have only an intention to understand, or an appearance of understanding which is not quite so.


I call it The Van Helsing Strategy due to the scene in the movie where Van Helsing knows the meaning of a symbolic thing and responds to it in symbolic terms. The gatekeeper and the keyholder share a common secret which demonstrates a true keyholders ability to gain entry to 'the crypt'. His assistant is not so lucky, since he has no ears to hear, no mindset with which to process and no toungue with which to speak. The gatekeeper can immediately recognise his assistant as someone who doesnt hold the key.


A simple example could be an image with a frame made out of david icke photos containing a picture of the moon and the word weight underneath it. The question is asked, zero or one? Those with a special understanding will ponder and answer correctly. Those without, are interlopers, or not quite ready to enter the crypt. This is a very simple example that has a binary that could be guessed at and allow for half the guessers to enter the crypt but it demonstrates a principal of a shared secret potentially for any group (the people familiar with the talks of David Icke - which includes his haters). 100% of those in the group would get in, only 50% of guessers.


Add a second question like 'frame with david icke pictures round it containing a picture of QE2 with the words "skin colour?" underneath it'. Its a more open question and everyone here knows the answer but what about people only vaguely aware of David Icke outside of the DI forum? The obvious answer to them is white. Maybe there will be a 25% yield of the original 50% of interlopers.


A 100% yield of keyholders who could be 1 in a hundred interlopers. There is no perfect key but with well chosen "questions" you can make the yield of interlopers adjust to any ratio constrained only by the envelope where the vault of shared secrets are - the talks of David Icke.


Lets take away the frame and consider DI fits into a wider world. A picture of Bill Gates on the left and a picture of an African child on the right. The question: "Which direction should the needle point?" Again a binary question but no frame. A simple question of right and wrong based on a shared understanding. An interloper could guess very easily if he had a frame but if this appears as a child like question from nowhere. Why would the interloper do anything other than laugh?


A final example: No frame. The picture is in four quarters. A penis, an anus, a vagina and a pair of mammary glands. Beneath are the word, "where?" The gatekeeper hands the potential keyholder a token containing the letters "ОWИ" and asks the keyholder to place the token on the correct quarter.


In all of this I have given no answers yet everyone here already knows these answers. Outside of this forum they look bizarre.


I dont want to draw a Venn diagram but this thread/subforum is only partly DI and the bulk of its context is beyond the scope of the content so far.


Lets draw from that which is outside the scope. How many pearls does the King of Rock n Roll have on the ring in his right hand? Knowing the context of the thread, the question appears like nonsense. David Icke doesnt wear pearly rings and theres nothing in DI context which would tell an interloper anything by googling or text searching the whole internet. What if I told you that the key was not the answer to the question but a mirror of the question.


You ask me the right question and I know that you know that I know that you know ... and its combinations are limitless, confounding to the interloper, undecipherable to the guesser, and a worthless key to acquire for the housebreaker since their presence is already known in a crypt of keyholders where there are limitless keys to drive him mad.


In less formally defined terms you can imagine the scene at the annual conference of cordon bleu chefs when a plumber tries to fit in. Likewise the annual plumbers convention when a cordon bleu chef tries to fit in. Will the experts with experience take advice from the one who has only a facade?


The pearly ring of Elvis Presley can be known to the seeker in what must now be a bewildering discussion to the perplexed. There is a light emanating at the end of this bewildering tunnel and the questions that could be mirrored about this and within this are well beyond the reach of those sewing confusion by deception about how much they know in order to attain greater expertise at deception. I would like to discuss matters with those who can demonstrate an understanding of the thing which is spoken most softly here. Name a thing which is like this thing but not the thing that even the seeker wont have noticed.

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28 minutes ago, Steph said:




Sorry, I should probably make a seperate thread about vampirism and European folk tales.


I just thought it was common knowledge that we co-evolved with wolves and domesticated them into what we know as dogs. We feed and shelter them. They protect us and help us hunt. Simple.


What nobody realizes is what they were protecting us from and helping us hunt, thanks to their sense of smell and the light-sensitive rods found in the retina that collect light to help them navigate in the dark. What comes out at night? Vamps.


Sounds crazy, but tay-sachs and porphyria sound pretty legit to me.


Just found the 'Van Helsing Strategy' interesting because not many even get the significance of vampirism, but sorry for derailing.


Edit: I'm not looking forward to see how they're going to bastardize this new Lord of The Rings tv series (sidenote).


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