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RIP Alan Watt - Legendary NWO Researcher Passes Away Suddendly

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I've been listening to his podcats while bringing my mum over for tea through this shit every Saturday. I get through two hours driving and get through the rest here and there in the week... They

The people running his site have said that they'll continue to maintain and update it, which is heartening.

I'm a big fan of Alan Watt ... but 4 and a half hours long? !  He is very listenable I'm reluctant to turn him of ...   He has a  deep deep knowledge of our subject ... great intelligence  c

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On 2/17/2021 at 4:34 PM, johnkim said:

Just to be clear, there is Alan Watts who is a British philosopher but dead and Alan Watt who is still alive...

Yep that's right. 

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Just now, Fluke said:

RIP Alan Watt. Great mind.  Going to miss you getting through this scamdemic. 


He had this whole mega fraud nailed from Day 1. I just hope that many more people find out about his videos in the future. Many new people. I'll make it my mission to make sure they are viewed.

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  • screamingeagle changed the title to RIP Alan Watt - Legendary NWO Researcher Passes Away Suddendly
25 minutes ago, DarianF said:

@Fluke This is a nice tribute:



Posted by Helena Handbasket | Mar 7, 2021



The above link is the only place I can find reporting his death , it seems a credible source , but rather strange no one else is reporting this , since he died 4 March 

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I haven't listened to him for ages and regret it now.....he was always a comforting voice to listen to, his diction and manners are like something from a bygone age....


I feel the same way as when Stanley Monteith died.....it's more than a man who dies, it's the loss of the voice of a whole generation.





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