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resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh

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Has anyone seen the twitter post by HC (HRC) about asking for the location of the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh? The post also references his burial place and the location of the buried Nephilim. This is a very worrisome message indeed. Does anyone have any information on this??

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Gilgamesh/Nimrod is allegedly buried by the Euphrates river  Istanbul, Turkey. Apparently I did read somewhere, I cant find it at the mo, that in the end days they are going to distribute his DNA to everyone on earth as they found his body still in tact.


Also the Euphrates river is mentioned in the Bible and Pergamos which is in Turkey known 'in the book revelation' as Satan's seat.

a nimrod.PNG

a nrod euphrtates.PNG

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from search 


How tall is Gilgamesh?
5.5 metres tall
By modern measurements, Gilgamesh stood 5.5 metres tall. His massive physical stature, according to Helle, is a symbol of other superlative aspects of his personality.Jun 7, 2019
 Also ... In the epic, Gilgamesh is introduced as "two thirds divine and one third mortal."[41] At the beginning of the poem, Gilgamesh is described as a brutal, oppressive rule
So this would be the result of a breeding between the Annunaki , who are around 5 meters tall , and humans .There were plenty of these around 5,000 years ago 
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These Giants began to attack us mortal's, if It hadn't been for Noah's flood us Humans (God's creation) would have become extinct. But unfortunately a few of these Giants survived the flood causing all these terrible wars between the Israelite's and them.


This is why when Joshua fought wars, he was told by God to kill them all, spare not one man, women or child or beast. God had to wipe out their blood line to the point of none existence. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is why we have these people today with these rare blood types, like Royalty, World Leaders, celebs etc.


Fortunately for us, is that these Israelite's won nearly every war they fought.


PS because these Giants were two thirds divine, when they died they became these evil Demons who roam about on earth even today. They are called the Invisibles by the elite etc.

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7 hours ago, LeGrimez said:

My bf literally told me to read the epic of gilgamesh an hour ago and then I stumbled across this on here!! 


This is God's way of telling you there is something you need to know more about on this subject, keep searching 😇

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On 10/21/2020 at 6:54 AM, ava.mace said:

 the location of the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh?


you might be looking at that too literally...


Otherworld: Places of initiation and living resurrection




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