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Save the Coronavirus


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As if its not bad enough that manmade climate change and human patterns of behaviour are causing species to go extinct at a rate of 187 species per year. Never mind where I get my statistics from. Manmade global warming and chopping down rainforests and people who simply wont buy a bag for life or content themselves with the new energy saving lightbulbs designed to save our planet are malcontents and now they have the audacity to declare a war on tiny little creature called "the coronavirus".


The coronavirus has been with us for thousands of years and should not be made extinct by hate speech against its very existence.


How would you feel if you were a tiny little coronavirus and everyone hated you and didnt want just you dead, not just your family but your whole species! What kind of audacity is this from the species that murders the whole world and calls everyone but themselves selfish!


Join my campaign to save the coronavirus from extinction.


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