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What you need is a Googlegate Scandal


An umbrella of internet companies and offline organisations including various government agencies from a number of different countries, all linked to the Alphabet foundation, owners of the google.com brand have been cited in a new report that was released this week by an independent internet watchdog detailing evidence of complicity in serious organised crimes which, according to the watchdog's Human Rights committee includes crimes such as those historically referred to as crimes against humanity.


The detailed report shows a network of of dot coms including big names like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and Ebay colluded in shutting down accounts of anyone calling foul on what the watchdog describes as a "Racket" which not only violated free speech of the people affected by the activities of these corporations but endangered the privacy of these people by sharing their personal data and the data of others, some of whom did not even sign up to the various companies involved yet ended up having pseudo-accounts created containing their personal information which was passed from corporation to corporation and even government agencies.


The report goes on to describe a complex web of money transfers between the Googlegate corporations which take in some big players including the news organisation BBC.com. These funds were being used to stifle crticism of the Googlegate corporations practices by carrying out censorship on a global scale under the guise of companies the Googlegate corporate funders described as "independent" fact checkers who engaged in censorship to such an incredible extent that literally billions of people around the world were prevented from granting informed consent to practices that some Doctors argued were neccessary and other Doctors argued were potentially dangerous to peoples health.


The Nuremberg Code prevents medical professional from administering medical procedures without the informed consent of each individual patient, yet the degree of censorship combined with the information being pumped out by Googlegate companies rendered it impossible for even some medical professionals to make themself informed let alone help their patients severely traumatised by the sudden onslaught of what the watchdog calls "Fear Propaganda".


The report makes several recommendations for Governments hosting agencies caught up in the Googlegate scandal including:


- Distancing themself from Googlegate corporations and untangling their infrastructure from reliance and use on the offending corporations services and hardware.

- Policing health services more effectively, ensuring its practitioners are vetted to standards which are robust and sustainably compliant with the Nuremberg Code.

- Re-evaluating the public accountability of government agencies and the role their unaccountability plays in reducing trust in authorities and rebellion.

- Take heed the values of the values of the United Nations at their foundation as a minimum standard of expectation for every human being and avoid making treaties which profess to offer governments an ability to opt out of these minimum standards of expectation.

- Operate within the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights outside of times of National Emergency.

- Do not derogue from the terms of the convention which are non-deroguable once a National Emergency is declared.

- Seek wise counsel for the sake of peace both domestically and internstionally and avoid having leaderships reliant on, or taken in by gossip.


Have you been affected by the Googlegate scandal?


Have your say here: https://auranos.org/index.php/Googlegate_Scandal


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