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Genuine help needed regarding Covid 19 and imposing laws on peoples unrightfully


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Hello everyone!


I have a problem with my child's pre-school. They want to impose on me and my wife silly one-way system rules, trying to prove me everyone is following those rules. But I am witnessing several times in one trip while dropping my child that parents taking other pupils to school do not follow the social distancing rules and the staff is not adopting the rules properly for them own. When that was pointed out on several occasions to teachers and today to the principal of the pre-school no one could give me a valid answer why I have to follow the rules.

Now it comes to the point that we have received a verbal warning/correspondence stating that if we won't follow the rules implemented in school they will have to say goodbye to our child. Simply, because we need to follow the rules, if we won't they will get rid of the problem by getting rid of the child.

My question is what I can do in situation like this, is there any legal representatives I could go to? I guess, any sort of help will be good. I am feed up with all this government implementations and reducing our freedom of choices, but more of I am fed up with uneducated people following blindly all the rules that other people serving to them. 


Thanks in advance.

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