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Mental Health


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Why is it everytime I hear someone going on about mental health, the first thing that comes to mind is the reasonableness of madman who doesnt know he's mad questioning the mental health of others who may infact be sane.


If I have two oranges in this hand, and two oranges in that hand and put the two oranges together, it seems reasonable to me that I have four oranges in my hand. This is as simple as 2+2=4 and you dont need to be up to speed on all the fancy arithmetic symbols and arithmetic lingo to get it either. It just is. Even a pre-school child gets that ... but I wonder about the adults.


2+2 can equal 3 when they owe you 2+2 and 2+2 can equal 5 when you owe them. You know what Im saying. Theres a lot of funny sums being done I put this down more to lack of conscience than an issue with logic and reason. What is mental health without basic skills of logic and reason? Even the greatest telepathic, telekinesthetist, powers of the mind type extremely mentally healthy person in the whole world would never manage to work out what was going on without the basic ability to identify the realities of "use mind control power like this"="causes glass to break".


I come across alot of people incapable or unwilling to demonstrate any reason for their beliefs that such and such is mentally ill. (Topical to the setting of this forum was a customer who worked for the BBC who expressed the belief David Icke was mentally ill in the same conversation he couldn't comprehend that the things we are told are going on in China are things that seem to be relating to things which are being rolled out here. This was before the Covid19 tracking api upload day which I believe to be an even bigger threat to whats left of democracy and human rights than having to wear a mask. So much to say the person accusing David Icke of having a mental illness was himself so mentally retarded that he didn't see the arrival of the Covid19 app coming and there he was telling me about other people having mental health problems.


When I hear someone say someone has a mental health issue, the first thing I do is consider the possiblity that the person who is saying such, may themselves be mentally ill. I think most people are mentally ill to some degree, including myself. I dont have telekinetic powers yet so I must be a retard compared to those who are that mentally well off. Theres people out there who lack basic logic skills as in "All ducks have wings, a sparrow has wings, therefor an aeroplane can say quack quack". This mental issue can be solved by studying logic in more detail and is not incurable but who can be cured who doesnt even realise they are very confused and its not just to do with ducks and sparrows but a whole range of things and this is not the only logical fallacy that is commonly exhibited.


When I hear someone say someone has a mental health issue, sometimes they can point out the thing they are talking about in a way that can be understood, but often times they at least lack the mental skills to put together the words to decribe the mental health issue they are claiming in way that doesn't make appeal to some third party almost as if they have no mind of their own with which to form such judgements.


To be frank, it sounds a bit like "That person is a wanker, dont listen to him, listen to me bad mouth him and dont believe anything he has to say." I said the exact same thing about that girl who lies about me claiming I have ever watched filthy disgusting porn videos. I would never do that. She is a liar with a mental illness. Just ignore her. Dont listen to anything she has to say.


Why will I catch a mental illness by hearing something you dont want me to hear?


What do they have to hide, those who institutionalise people and perpetrate a pack of nonsense about the nature of the mind. Do you remember the Fury? Carrie? Poltergeist? Sphere? Funny how in later life you discover those can actually be true stories when the so called real world has you convinced its all just a bunch of fairy tales. So what is the definition of mental illness from those who consider themself so mentally well that they deem others to be incurable and worthy only of having their fundamental liberties taken from them.


One day they said it was in the name of democracy, then the democracy was proven to be only the democracy of a minority, the crazies then began telling us of other reasons why they should be in charge, and all along the way, everyone but them were suffering from a terrible mental illness. Live and let live? Live and let die. Theyre all loonies!

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