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Common law

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I think we should start to understand our rights under Common law. Acts of parliament for example, mandontary wearing of face masks,testing and vaccinations need our consent in order for it to apply to the individual. Their rules (Statutary system) do not apply to those who withdraw consent, under common law. There is a website 'Common law court.com' for anyone interested in knowing what you can do to protect you and your family from the state. We have the right as free living men and women to stand up and excercise the law of the land. Which is law of the people. As i understand it the Statuary or acts of parliament is a corporate system run for for buisness(law of the sea,maritime law). This does explain why we feel our rights are being challenged. People think our country is still being run under common law! It's quite obvious its not! Some will not know that it exist! We need to spread this far and wide so people understand that there is a lawful remedy to protect them. And that they do not have to live in fear from not complying with the state, if they do not wish to do so!


I would love to discuss this topic with all who are interested

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