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Dr sarah jarvis


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10 hours ago, Freddie505 said:

Anyone watching this lying bitch on uk channel 5 right now?


trying to get volunteers for the vaccine trials

she didnt get the top BBC doctor job by accident. she is a close epitome of western allopathic medicine

Hillary Jones on ITV is very similar


its the philosophy thats sick and twisted, shes just a follower and practitioner

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Before I say anything, please put your political opinions in a box and mark it as "this is the team I want to win". Ok? Right what Im about to say is not a political point but a point that the tv is brainwashing people on a massive scale and Im only sad that this one massive example doesn't relate the degree to which people are being brainwashed by it. It's unfortunate that I make this point using a political example: The EU. (Keep your opinion in the box please, my point is about mental slavery by TV).


Remember the miners strikes? Remember how "everyone" hated Thatcher? Remember how "workers rights" and "democracy" and "voting"? Remember how John Major got into office by what Thatcher described as "a monstrous coup". Remember how the common market was transformed into political and legal overlords over Britain when the unelected John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty? (Keep it in the box they have you triggered.) Remember how the media depicted John Major as some boring old politician? Remember how the media hailed the EU as a great achievement? Remember how the EU said "democracy" and "voting". Remember how the the media said "small minority of racists and xenophobes"? Remember how the media promoted the invasion of Iraq? Remember how the media character assasinated anyone opposed to the invasion? Remember how the media character assasinated anyone opposed to the EU? Remember how there was a referendum after 25 years of no political representation for those wondering where democracy went? (Keep it in the box.) Remember how the results showed the small minority was half of those who voted. (25% of electors, 25% abstained and 25% felt after 25 years that registration was nothing more than cash cow for market data salesmen). 25% supported integration after 25 years of a non-representative parliament where the media made out 25% were all but a small minority of racists and xenophobes. (or less - as 100% supported sovereignty at Maastricht's concealled shock - another so called "conspiracy theory" our sovereignty was at stake).


I could get into some politics here about democracy as a reason for rejecting the EU but lets keep that in the box as I am making the bias free point keeping readers informed, blah blah, because experts say... the media has an agenda to manipulate the mind of the public. The whole EU thing has been swept under the carpet already as they go on about democracy and voting like the past never existed. The political and pseudolegal power these people weild is incredible and its just the tip of an iceberg involving slavery, war, mass murder, terrorism, genocide and many other evils created by a system of cradle to grave mind control that makes fake religions pale by comparison.


It takes time to recover from television consumption which is administered to children like the way heroine should not be. You cant still be consuming that filth and be alright in the head. The best laid plans of mice and men involve destroying the cult of brainwashing or taking possession of it so as to manage the unawakened victims of a cult which is stealing their souls and murdering their children. There's three ways it can go.


  • Destruction of the media - highly unlikely given mans pursuit of power - but if it happenned, where has reality gone now there's nothing warping your view of everything else?
  • Coup against the media - more likely because the media has more power than the democracy or the churches and above all things man seeks power - where does this leave you having a new warp placed on your reality but still a mindslave.
  • Continuation without change - as ever more impressive techniques are use to sell you into hegelian dialects and such like where your rights (individually and as a society) are destroyed no matter who the tv depicts as beautiful and ugly - your still a mindslave.

Its a machine and I dont mean your centrepiece furniture nor the broadcast technology but the bureaucracy of "we write what we are told because we wont have suavy jobs if we fall out of line".


Stop worshipping these liars! They are monsters, not your friends!

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