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Worldwide 5G Genocide Starting in October


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Worldwide 5G Genocide Starting in October

Truth11.com Truth11.com
1 month ago

September 14, 2020


Dear Mr. Fulford,

I was badly poisoned on 2 recent humanitarian flights home from Central America, through Houston airport and on to Canada, as was my travel partner- we almost died. The airlines were United and Air Canada. Upon trying to detoxify and researching what happened to us, I discovered that they are using new ‘Fogging’ nanotechnology chemicals, metals, and aerosols on aircraft under the guise of new anti-COVID 19 measures.

Through multiple holistic means, we were found to be actively poisoned with ‘Benzalkonium chloride, benzyl chloride, chloro-aceto phenone’, ammonia, radioactive aluminum, radioactive mercury, and nanobot technology. The first few chemicals used are on the list of WW1 chemical warfare agents on Wikipedia here (others are degradation products from the human body processing these poisons): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_chemical_warfare_agents

The two nano-chemicals I believe were used on our aircraft are (confirmed by a private jet company as the main chemicals used for Fogging):

BACOBAN: https://new.parkdentalresearch.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=101_103&product_id=351

VIRACLEAN: https://www.catalog.md/drugs/vira-clean.html





The cognitive impairment from this experience cannot be described (from perfect health to vision loss, nausea, hearing loss, loss of equilibrium, inability to process information, inability to speak, read or write, seizures and so much more. I am blessed to work in health and to have gone on an immediate and rigorous detox program which helped significantly though long term- impairment may be the outcome as these are very noxious poisons. Others on our flight or other flights might not be as lucky.


First, they spray a sheet of positively charged ‘nano-glass’ called electrostatic spraying (sometimes with chemicals and sometimes without), then they aerosol the entire plane with the active nano-particle chemicals (as shown on the websites above), which are said to self-replicate for up to 10 days after application, only they are using the chemicals between every single flight, and in some cases all night long for 8 hours straight. Traveler’s then board the plane just 60 minutes after application.

Apparently the nano-material technology makes it so that the product cannot be re-applied repeatedly and once coated, it will reject more coating for the next 10 days back into the air.

This is advertised as making the product go-farther with less use’ but when applied repeatedly as airlines are doing, the result is that these charged atoms spew back into the air as a potent positively charged aerosol being attracted to the next neutral or negatively charged atoms that enter the flight, such as the body and lungs of human beings.

As if this were not enough, they end the treatment with a UV light blast of the entire aircraft, using mercury lights which when turned on, release a potent mercury vapor into the air, to further cause harm to the coming passengers.

If you dig into this, you will quickly see that this is nothing short of an aerosol vaccine program meant to incept healthy humans with unapproved, unconsented poisons and nano-technology.

The worst part is that this is already happening in schools, and some public places, and soon to be in stores, malls, movie theaters, condo building lobbies and subways, buses and rental cars. Children around the world are being diagnosed with rare brain diseases and I believe it’s from exposure in schools.

I have PDF’s full of info I can send you if you want more info on Fogging, however, my own personal poisoning, awful as it is, is not why I contacted you.

Through this experience both my travel partner and I are now extremely EMF sensitive and upon returning to Canada, became incapacitated once in 5G radiation. I became quickly aware that I am now (thanks to nanobot brain poisoning) a walking human Geiger counter. The nanobots in my brain allow me to sense with inhuman accuracy every single deviation in microwave frequency and I feel every 5G tower, meter, street light, receiver long before I see it.

This led me to dig into the 5G/ nanobot/transhumanism agenda rabbit hole and fell across what I believe is a global genocide agenda using 5G frequency. This agenda is set to be rolled out this coming October, and continued from city to city until next August and will result in hundreds of millions of deaths in the US, Canada and possibly much more worldwide.

This is the real reason why I contacted you:

  • I believe the above mentioned fogging chemicals are being dumped on us via chemtrails and in public spaces, and will be used to falsify a second COVID wave, as the new COVID symptoms are identical to those of Benzalkonium chloride and radiation poisoning.
  • I believe this is an aerosol mass-vaccination agenda. The coming COVID vaccines will also contain nanobots and nano-technology.
  • I believe that anyone infected like I am (and soon to be everyone) will be hyper-reactive to 5G and will become a physical part of the electrical smart grid pulling frequencies to their brains as if they were a human tower. This enables mind control, implanting of emotional reactions, and thoughts via frequency manipulation and creates transhumanism.
  • I believe they locked people down earlier this year under the false guise of a virus so they could roll out 5G in every part of the world on current infrastructure so that nobody would notice.
  • I have traveled extensively this last month trying to find a 5G-free safe haven and there are none. Even remote areas of Canada and impoverished areas of Central America have 5G infrastructure already in place and frequencies already being emitted.
  • 5G is NOT a WIFI issue, this is an electrical agenda and the microwaves pulse into the house and environment via electrical wires, signals, smart meters, and house-hold appliances and plugs, NOT VIA WIFI ROUTERS EXCLUSIVELY.
  • Areas with 3G or less WIFI strength actually have 5G infrastructure already set up in their electrical systems.
  • Areas around the world without WIFI at all are still experiencing microwave pulsing throughout the day.
  • Big Tech used the term 4.5G (4G PLUS) to build the 5G infrastructure without drawing attention to 5G itself which is highly controversial and not widely accepted by the population.
  • I believe that the global plan is to vaccinate people (both through inoculation of the willing and forced aerosol poisoning of the resistant) with nanobots and then to blast 5G anytime there is population resistance to first control people, then to actually kill them.
  • I believe that 5G, and only 5G, is why people died in WUHAN in 2019, then Italy, Queens NY, now Sweden (being blasted as we speak) and so many other areas to come. They were dosed with, or vaccinated with nanotech, and then the frequency was increased as a test to see which frequencies had people falling dead and at which rate.

Here is why 5G built into our electrical system is so dangerous:

  • 4G is 7GHZ or less
  • 4.5G (4G Plus) is 7-12 GHZ
  • 5G is 15-300 GHZ
  • At 10 GHZ the human immune system starts to falter, sleep is impaired and healing is minimized
  • At 10-30 GHZ, disorientation sets in, feeling tired, drowsy, weak, trouble sleeping, dry mouth, dehydration, poor cell turnover and lowered hemoglobin, depression, anxiety and other symptoms of radiation poisoning/ microwave syndrome.
  • At 35 GHZ the oxygen molecules in the air and our bodies begin to spin, making it impossible for our hemoglobin to uptake oxygen causing asphyxiation. 75% of healthy people will die in the first 2-3 days of being exposed to 35 GHZ consistently. The healthiest will die within a week.
  • At 50 GHZ, nothing survives, including birds, bees, trees etc.
  • At 60 GHZ everything goes up in flames (similar to the wildfires in the US right now- in 5G areas)
  • They are currently experimenting daily with frequency changes (I feel every shift) to normalize people’s symptoms and exposures so no one notices what is happening. They are experimenting to see how high they can go before people start noticing.
  • I have been in areas where the map shows only 4G or even 3G and yet they have 5G frequencies already pulsing.
  • They increase the frequencies at night so people sleep poorly, causing a weakened society, and lower it during the morning, increasing again in the afternoon.
  • 5G is the most dangerous large-scale and immediate-acting bioweapon in all of history.
  • 5G is the equivalent of having a loaded gun pointed to every single one of our heads, no matter where you live, where you work, what your race, what your social status or how much money or skills you have, you are the mercy of that dial.
  • If you have electricity right now, you can be killed in an instant if they blast the frequency through your home at anything over 35 GHZ.
  • Here is a woman who shares the global plan in more detail, with dates, escape routes and timelines if you are interested: https://www.lindaemmanuel.com/index.html
  • See a 5G map here (not super accurate or up to date as they are doing this in secrecy but shows the different classifications): https://www.nperf.com/en/map/5g

This is the genocide agenda:

  • All 5G infrastructure is already in place. Look at receivers already placed on your streetlights, smart meters, your electrical outlets and appliances, the towers themselves, rooftop receivers, etc.
  • Next is poisoning people with aerosols, and toxic food and water to falsify the second wave
  • Once people are in lockdown, they cannot leave their homes- these areas are then easy 5G kill zones.
  • The government can choose to increase the frequency anytime they decide and depopulate as much as they want, in any chosen area.
  • I guarantee that unless you are very far off-grid, without any electricity and no neighbors who have it either, you are, as we are, currently sitting in a potential kill zone.
  • I have tried reaching out to colleagues, health pioneers and other popular leaders in the natural movement but everyone is afraid to share this as they feel they will be killed immediately and censored to block the sharing of this info.

Here is what I am hoping you, or some of your connections, may be able to do:

  • Turn off the smart grid somehow
  • Deactivate these smart meters, streetlights or shut down/ de-activate the satellites
  • Block or get access to control the frequencies to disable them from being used at frequencies over 7GHZ
  • Anything at all to help the root issue from a technical side because just telling people as I’ve been doing and warning the public is not enough. Media is corrupted and the truth is censored, this will never make it viral fast enough to create change or save humanity or the planet.
  • I am praying that you look into this and can come up with a viable solution to help block or disable this potential global agenda.
  • I am here to answer any questions you have, will assist in any way I can, and will make myself available to provide you with any further info, content, links, resources, or anything else I can do to assist your efforts.


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Cell  Towers


Day 1-9  (October  28th  thru  November  6th) Cell  towers  in  the  “kill”  zones  10  gigahertz.  People  are  experiencing  effects,  for  example,  ringing  in  ears, headaches  and  other  signs  of  the  4G.  Some  may  complain  but  the  majority  of  people  will  go  on  with  their  daily lives. Cell  towers  in the  “safe”  zones   4G  (7 gigahertz).


Day 10  (November  7th) Cell  towers  in  the  “kill”  zone  35  gigahertz  –  At  35 gigahertz,  electrons  on oxygen  are  spinning  and  people  begin to  feel  symptoms  of  oxygen  deprivation  (shortness  of  breath,  dizziness,  tiredness,  and  difficulty  in  breathing) but  are  not  leaving  “kill”  zone.  In  all  probability  the  media  is  telling  them  they  have  the  corona  virus.  Cell towers  in  the  “safe”  zones  4G  (~7 gigahertz).


Day 10-14  (November  7th  thru  11th) Cell  towers  in “kill”  zone  are  35 gigahertz  – Extreme  symptoms  of oxygen deprivation.  People  are  rushing to hospitals. By November 11th, ~75% of people  are  dead.   Cell  towers  in  the  “safe”  zones  4G  (~7 gigahertz).


Day 15-17  (November  12th  thru  14th)


Day  15,  cell  towers  in  the  “kill”  zone  50  gigahertz.  


By  Day  16,  ALL  LIFE  in  the  “kill”  zone  is  dead.  Inside “kill”  zone  there  are  “pockets”  of  “safe”  zones.  Deep  inside  the  “safe”  zones,  people  are  still  alive.  (People living  on  the  fringes  of  the  “safe”  zone  are  dead.)  People  who  are  alive  deep  inside  the  “safe”  zones  do  not know  they  are  now  trapped  inside  the  “safe”  zone.  Cell  towers  in the  “safe”  zones  still  4G  (~7 gigahertz). 


Day 18-21 (November  15th  thru  18th)

Day  18,  “kill”  zone  towers  cranked  up  to  60  gigahertz.  Absolutely  nothing  will  be  able  to  survive  in  the  “kill” zone  now.  People  are  still  alive  deep  inside  the  “safe”  zones.  They  believe  they  are  safe.  However,  they  begin  to experience  oxygen  deprivation  from  the  effect  of  the  “kill”  zone  towers’  60  gigahertz  frequency.  “Safe”  zone towers  are  still  at  4G  (~7 gigahertz).

Day  19  the  same  day  “safe”  zone  people  witness  “kill”  zone  holocaust,  “safe”  zone  towers  are  cranked  up  to  35 gigahertz.  Terrorized  and  traumatized,  “safe”  zone  people  are  feeling  the  full  effect  of  oxygen  deprivation. People  panic  as  they  realize  they  are  trapped  in  a  “kill”  zone.  Some  try  to  escape  out  of  the  “kill”  zone,  only  to be  “cooked”  alive  by  the  “kill”  zone  towers’  60  gigahertz  frequency,  an  even  more  horrible  and  painful  death than  if they  had stayed.

Day  20,  painfully  suffering  from  severe  oxygen  deprivation,  the  few  remaining  “safe”  zone  people  are  filled with  anxiety  and  despair,  as  they  realize  they  are  dying  and  will  share  the  same  fate  as  those  who  were incinerated in  the  “kill”  zone  on Day 19th.

Day  21,  ALL  LIFE  in  the  entire  “kill”  zone  is  dead.  The  “safe”  zone  meters  are  cranked  up  to  60  gigahertz.  All houses  and buildings  in the  “safe”  zone  immediately  explode, ignite  and burn and are  reduced to  ashes.


Day 22-50 (29 days)

Day  22,  cell  towers  in  the  “kill”  zone  are  cranking  out  60  gigahertz  frequency.  Soon,  all  plant  life  in  the  “kill” zone  will  be  “cooked”  and dead.  Anyone  attempting  to enter the  “kill”  zone  will  die  within  two days.  


Day 50, the  cell  towers  in the  “kill”  zone  are  shut  down.  Not  until  one  year  has  passed  will  the  “kill”  zone  have enough  breathable  oxygen to  sustain life.



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Sorry I'm reposting pg1 due to lack of spacing.






5G Strategy and  Agenda


Smart  Meters


NOTE: Average  Smart  Meter  (4G) is  ~7 gigahertz.  Airport  security scanning  machines  are   ~10 gigahertz.


The  following  is  the  “frog  in  the  pot  of  boiling  water”  scenario,  where  the  frog  is  placed  into  a  pot  of  water  and the  heat  is  gradually  turned  higher  and  higher  and  the  frog  is  paying  no  attention  to  the  rising  temperature  until it  is  too late  to  jump out,  and the  frog then dies.


Day 1  (October  28th) Meter  10 gigahertz  – People  are  not  noticing  that  their  smart  meter has  been  slightly  cranked  up.


Day 7 (November  4th) Meter  20 gigahertz  – Some  people  are  now  noticing  change  in frequency  but  do nothing.


Day 10  (November  7th) Meter  35  gigahertz  –  At  this  frequency,  electrons  on  oxygen  are  spinning  and  people  begin  to  feel  symptoms  of oxygen  deprivation  (shortness  of  breath,  dizziness,  tiredness,  and  difficulty  in  breathing)  but  are  not  leaving “kill”  zone. In all  probability  the  media  is  telling them  they  have  the  corona  virus.


Day 10-14  (November  7th  thru  11th) Meter  35  gigahertz  –  Extreme  symptoms  of  oxygen  deprivation.  People  are  rushing  to  hospitals.  By  November 11th, the  majority  (~75%) of people  are  dead.


Day 15-18 (November  12th  thru  15th) Meters  50  gigahertz.  

By  Day  16  ALL  LIFE  in  the  “kill”  zone  is  dead.  Inside  “kill”  zone  there  are  “pockets”  of “safe”  zones.  Deep  inside  the  “safe”  zones,  life  is  still  surviving.  (People  living  on the  fringes  of the  “safe”  zone are  now  dead.)  People  living  deep  inside  the  “safe”  zones,  may  not  know  it,  but  they  are  now  trapped  inside  the “kill”  zone.

Day 19 (November  16th) “Kill”  zone  meters  cranked  up  to  60  gigahertz.  There  are  people  still  alive  deep  inside  the  “safe”  zones  inside the  “kill”  zone.  They  believe  they  are  still  safe.  The  60  gigahertz  frequency  surging  through  the  “kill”  zone smart  meters  causes  mass  explosions  and  all  the  houses  and  buildings  in  the  “kill”  zone  burst  into  flames  and are  reduced  to ashes.   People  deep  inside  the  “safe”  zones  are  absolutely  terrorized  (planned  agenda)  out  of  their wits  as  they  witness  the  “kill”  zone  holocaust. (fulfillment  of Nostradamus  prophecy)


Day 20-21 (See  Cell  Towers  Agenda  for how  people  in the  “safe”  zones  die.) Go to  Tower  Agenda  (next  page)

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16 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

"At 60 GHZ everything goes up in flames". This can't be right, can it? I thought 60 GHZ caused hypoxia. 


There are so many errors in the material Jesdidit has posted ... too many to go into ... the original author clearly has no scientific understanding ,over active  imagination!  speaks about things becoming more dire as the frequency is incrementally ramped up finally reaching 60GHz when everything dies ..lol ... it just doesn't work like that! 

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there is a wealth of research showing biochemical response and inhibition by EMF's over varying frequency


to focus upon 5G as an immediate physically affecting telecommunications tool is a bit shallow, in my opinion


more people have 4g than 5g and those biochem reactions are affecting people already


5G wont be much different on the body but we realise the other side is the Internet of Everything

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2 hours ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

This is terrifying. 5g culling, tsunamis, asteroids - (where is this supposed to hit?) 

Who thinks that realistically this is actually going to happen and this soon?

Remember, without clear evidence comming from muliple different sources, no matter from which side it comes from or who states it, dont simply belief anything.

I mean im here to talk about things we know, not about things that we dont know.

In the past there were a multitude of doomsayers regarding the end of the world by the year 2000 and the year 2012. Nothing happend.

We should really focus on things that have a very high chance of being truthful.

Im not saying either of these events couldnt happen, im just saying the clear evidence for that is simply not there. (again this means a multitude of professional opinions throughout different sources).

Everyone can claim something these days.

It is important to think for yourself. To go back to blind belief as many do by beliefing the official media is not the answer.

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5G was intended for military use and was developed on taxpayer funds under the false pretext of 'public use', same as Starlink satellites for future 'space tourism'... there was absolutely no need for an upgrade of the mobile network and the 'benefit' of 5G we're starting to feel as a drop in connection speed and Web access, which will get worse as more military devices will get connected to the network... 


The Internet itself has always been for military use, and we've been 'allowed' on the network just the time to have states and Internet giants raise funds for it... with more and more checkpoints and 'security', censorship and update requirements we're being made lose access few by few already... as by random right in time for the coming war against China and Russia...


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The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology


Global Research, December 16, 2019


At the London Summit, the 29 member countries of NATO agreed to “guarantee the security of our communications, including 5G”. Why is this fifth generation of mobile data transmission so important for NATO?


While the earlier technologies were perfected to create ever more advanced smartphones, 5G is designed not only to improve their performance, but mainly to link digital systems which need enormous quantities of data in order to work automatically. The most important 5G applications will not be intended for civil use, but for the military domain.


The possibilities offered by this new technology are explained by the Defense Applications of 5G Network Technology, published by the Defense Science Board, a federal committee which provides scientific advice for the Pentagon –


“The emergence of 5G technology, now commercially available, offers the Department of Defense the opportunity to take advantage, at minimal cost, of the benefits of this system for its own operational requirements”.


In other words, the 5G commercial network, built and activated by private companies, will be used by the US armed forces at a much lower expenditure than that necessary if the network were to be set up with an exclusively military goal. Military experts foresee that the 5G system will play an essential role for the use of hypersonic weapons – missiles, including those bearing nuclear warheads, which travel at a speed superior to Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound). In order to guide them on variable trajectories, changing direction in a fraction of a second to avoid interceptor missiles, it is necessary to gather, elaborate and transmit enormous quantities of data in a very short time. The same thing is necessary to activate defences in case of an attack with this type of weapon – since there is not enough time to take such decisions, the only possibility is to rely on 5G automatic systems.[…]


5G will also be extremely important for the secret services and special forces. It will enable control and espionnage systems which are far more efficient than those we use today. It will improve the lethality of killer drones and war robots by giving them the capacity of identifying, following and targeting people on the basis of facial recognition and other characteristics. The 5G network, as a weapon of high-tech capacity, will also become the target for cyber-attacks and war actions carried out with new generation weapons.


As well as the United States, this technology is under development by China and other countries. The international disagreement concerning 5G is therefore not only commercial. The military implications of 5G are almost entirely ignored, because the critics of this technology, including many scientists, are concentrating their attention on its toxic affects for health and the environement, due to exposure to very low-frequency electromagnetic fields. This engagement is of course of the greatest importance, but must be linked to research on the military use of this technology, financed indirectly by ordinary users. One of its greatest attractions, which favours the dissemination of 5G smartphones, will be the possibility of participating, by subscription, in war games of impressive realism in direct contact with players from all over the world. In this way, without realising it, the players will be financing the preparation for war – but this time it will be a real war.





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Real noob question here...Is it possible to generate using a piece of electrical machinery or whatever the whole range of 5g frequencies by the telco's ?


Could this be done by the man in the street (with a better understanding of electrics than me...electricity,radiation,frequencies=witchcraft to me) and demonstrated on inanimate objects?



If the answer is yes ....why hasn't it been done


If the answer is no...why not ?



An awful lot of type been typed but i have yet to see anybody do something so simple (to me ) to explain 5g

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