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What's next Internment Camps ?


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8 minutes ago, oz93666 said:


Some members here have some cash , we have a thread "Is now a good time to sell my house?" ...You could escape and live  comfortably with $50,000 ... a one way ticket 

to Shri Lanka ... head for a remote poor village and marry a local girl, they will welcome you with open arms , you can have a big impact , build them a well ...small scale solar electric for the village , very cheap to do. 



UK is not ideal , but if you are there and cannot escape then there are actions you can take which will keep you alive a bit longer ... You only have to stay alive long enough to see the evil ones defeated , but this is not likely to happen until things get nasty and then more people will Pray for Divine Intervention ...


It's all about Staying alive and Praying ....


So get away from populated areas these will be the early kill zones  ... Even the Sheeple are realizing they need to do this ! 



Coronavirus: One in seven Londoners want to leave city | East ...

  1. Aug 21, 2020 — That means one in seven people want to leave London because of the virus. Three in ten residents said they will definitely move in the next year, ...


I'm not talking about anyone here, but people in general. I do not have 50,000 pounds. I have no savings whatsoever. I'm unemployed and rent a co operative one bed flat, which I waited many years to get. I also have parents that are getting elderly who will need me in the next few years. Moving again is not an option for many reasons. 


One can't just head off to Sri Lanka  or anywhere else  in the world and stay there for good- there are visas and immigration laws. 


I'm a 52 year old woman so I can't "marry  a local girl" nor do have knowledge on building solar panels!


I will stay where I am an face whatever happens with fortitude. I don't think I'll live long enough to see the full force of the creepy digital age anyway, and good riddance.


I'm an atheist. Praying does shit- people prayed hard during the Black Death in 1349 and 1/4 million people died.


That's  not to mention millions of others praying in the countless epidemics throughout history. 

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In my opinion they are not for internment camps and just epidemic sollutions for Big Pharma industry bussiness


Is that hypothetically possible that U.S. FEMA have been prepared for planned pandemic influenza in 2006




(but then something was wrong and they didn't work out, social media, AI algorythms  and massmedia wasn`t such powerfull for  brainwashing as it is today)

, and these facilities

we can find today for their "new baby born" SARS-CoV-2?

Does this make sense?


P.S. Note the correlation between pandemic on 2006 (bird flu shit) and soon economic crisis to this what is happening today.

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On 10/18/2020 at 10:51 AM, Sexpistol50 said:

How far will they go? according to the two Nazi scientists the 3 tier restrictions are not enough to stop the spread, so whats their next move ? the NHS will pass on information to the Police who will have the powers under the Coronavirus act to intervene on those who are not isolating , we all know what this means, round up those who are a danger to public health and put them into isolation Internment camps, forced vaccinations and death .

Its frightening stuff and it's coming soon, we have no human rights, no freedom of speech , the government control everything the media, the health services , education, it's not 2020 its 1939 .


On 10/18/2020 at 11:46 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Europe may suffer a different fate. Not saying there will be total war, but if there is then placing people in camps won't matter much. UK isn't that big so we're toast if something hits London. If NY gets hit then some parts of America may be fine though because of its size.


It seems like the "far-right" have been pretty vocal against this bs too to be fair, unlike the Tory and Labour folks. Kind of ironic that the folks that the media label "nazi" are not the ones trying to bring in this surveillance state, the commie greens on the other hand...



5000 david icke followers in a concentration camp.


how bad could it really be?

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