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So Sad :"( ...About April Jones' Dad

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I only just learned today that he got encephalitis which destroyed a lot of his memory and he didn't realize April was gone and his wife had to explain it to him... at least some of it.  She said she didn't have the heart to go into details because his heart was broken.


That family has gone from being a happy one to a devastated one.


You know, when I first read about it and learned that Mark Bridger and his dad used to live at the Royal Palace and that his dad worked for the Royals, then about these like secret caves in the area of Machynlleth where the Druids used to gather and travel I seriously wondered if he'd appropriated April for the Royals or some ritual or something.  I wondered if he'd been programmed.


I realize that's probably not the case and he just simply kidnapped her and did a horrible thing to her and then covered his tracks, and she wouldn't be the first child victim.  It's just sick.  Her father felt so helpless.  Not only was he disabled but it wouldn't have crossed his mind that Mark Bridger, being a father of young children himself, would hurt his child.  We often believe those in our surroundings share our deep values but sometimes there is nothing farther from the truth.


Who someone is inwardly can be so different than who they present themselves as outwardly.  Evil hurts us all. It hurts our minds and it breaks our hearts.  Someday.



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