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man made viris or natural predictoment


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As much as I love David Icke, I must say that perhaps he has this wrong!...when I was 20 years old . I had a vision that the world would be miro tripped by the world goverment that was 30 years ago. If we tried to resist this we would be punished. moving on to the future......  babys born iwill be miro trippped at birth and it would not be questioned as we would know no difference. The chip would show how babys and people  would preform as a person from their D andA and that there would be no option to break away from that. 

moving on from that...........we need to break free mentaly   Yes , we can resist and yes we can protest but I dont think this is the answer as it looks real bad witn every one maskless taking the stand!  HELLO PEOPLE THERE IS A VIRIS AND IT WAS MADE FROM CHINA !!!

I feel this viris as they put it. is in the air!!!! thats why aniamals and fish are dying the birds are dying  too!!! ................can you see where im going with this?  its in the fucking inviroment and noone wants to address this.


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I think the Brandy got the better of me last night and made me slightly bonkers but that not surprising with everything going on so please ignore my second post as it dont make much sense.  Also if anyone wants to convince me other wise and inform me why all the animals are dying, I would be happy to read.



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At first I was willing to beleive that it came from an animal, perhaps from the wet markets in China but my gut instint tells me that it came from a lab and the whistle blower who spoke out about this died of covid 19 shortly after.  Now there is a woman saying she has evidance to show it was made from a lab.  She has fled china and is now in hiding. It also seems that this viris has been the main event to lead us into this New World Order and the Great Reset.  I feel that we are heading for a very ruff ride this winter and im dreading it as any day week now we will all be heading towards another lock down which will make the first look  look like a tea party!!! 

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Its just bullshit on the telly. Roughly the same number of people who died and/or contracted coronavirus (flu) over the years is still roughly the same, but the way its presented ...


Now take your eyes off the statistics about viruses (virii?) and see the human species with a clean mind (sanity). Do you see the terrified (people in an intense state of fear), do you see the enslaved (people compelled to obey in disregard of their consent), do you see the terrorists and the people who hate our freedom now? What's wrong? You've turned a funny colour. Oh wait a minute, its the terrorists revealled who are not quite the colour they are racistly portrayed on television.


Now the terrorists were saying something about somewhere between 26-75% of the population of the UK being racist and xenophobic prior to the referendum they assured us for 25 years we didn't need to have.


It's not been a democracy but slavery in disguise for at least over 25 years and suddenly the UN ("Slavery and servitude are abolished in all its forms<b>.</b>") health authorities give all the Nazi's in the world just enough rope to hang themselves.


I can't wait! I'm already building the internet of tommorow for people who recognise google track n trace to be an outrage. I'm hoping to link up healthcare professionals who feel organ harvesting is an outrage and I hope they will value my contributions as I and many others I will provide services to will be getting the services of service providers who will be most desirable to have as service providers because unlike the cut throat world of mans inhumanity to man, the single most important qualification that our ideal elite will possess is an already proven outrage at what always were and what will always remain "crimes against humanity".


Do you see people who dont have or have to fake that outrage? They are not the best of people and you should be wary sbout their true intent. Meanwhile, get tilling at the soil and have a basket for the rotten fruit you glean incase any high-powered spin doctor supported bullies decide you owe them your hardest labours. Give some good fruits to the charity toward a better world, but as for the terrorists and the enslavers ... give superfluous dishes to those who have taken too much. If they insist on more, there is always the rotten basket.


The UN speaks of an infodemic and the latest strategy of the fake news is to claim everything but the fake news is fake news. I'm still waiting for news that an unelected prime minister who remains at large has placed the laws of a foreign power over the UK parliament. That was in 1993 and the fake news hasn't reported it while misrepresenting itself to be the truth. It's rather old news now thats in the archives of news centres the fake news calls conspiracy theory.


So ... you're television industry (it used to be ours when Julia Sommerville read the news) is telling you theres a deadly disease in the world?


We know. It's called fascism.

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