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No not Emily Pankhurst. You girlie panty people were baking cakes and knitting we we working men were out demanding consensuality in the supposed democracy that looks like it makes all the rules.


If an unelected prime minister can put the EU's laws on top of the British parliament and no one bats an eyelid, what is the reality of the political system since its not democratic in the sense that the people are even properly informed let alone consenting, let alone formative of the will of the majesty of the state itself.


Where do the people whose views are at best just a reflection of the television networks actually fit in?


Who is making all these "laws" which must be obeyed in disregard of prohibitions against slavery and servitude?


How could anyone of reason and conscience enforce the enslavers mandates?


Who is actually causing all these dodgy rules to be seen as law?


Is there anyone represented in parliament here I can bill for all the troubles their representation costs me?

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