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My experiences as a Targeted Individual of Gang Stalking

Given To Fly

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On 7/7/2021 at 10:36 AM, Daithi said:


Are you in range of 5G masts? They use a technique called beamforming on the antennae that can transmit focused EMF beams to devices. I've picked these up on my meter too but thankfully not in my house


i don't think so but if even if so there are no EMF detector yet available to detect 5G even if it advertises so.


question must be ask 'why hide' ?



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not really TI related but i tried out my new digital panasonic camera the other day towards a pig, sorry police, helicopter in the sky.


but what is TI related is that i can't log into my youtube account from anywhere else, except i do have it logged in permanently in my amazon fire tablet.

the fuckers have a different phone number when it comes up on screen for security when i try to log in but in settings it's my correct phone number.🤔

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  • 3 weeks later...

i know the police went out and visited the flat but they never even got back to me, the complainant of suspected child abuse (!), even though i had left them my address and phone number. after a while i got a letter from one of, now, ex-friends lawyer asking for £50 if i retract my allegation lol. how fucking strange is that. so i retracted it thinking i must be wrong beause who would like to believe that and cover it up.


after a year we all became friends again but it was clear they were up to something. it all felt wrong. new people would be coming into the 'friendship'. one, who i know now, raped his sister and left her in a mental hospital where she took her own life. this person also has convictions for battering women and stabbing his brother in the back, actually stabbing him, and the judge decried that police were failing to provide the evidence and this stopped the case going forward, so he had some protection from police. this persons other brother became good friends with us, but he lied about his name for 5 years. his real name is joseph but he told us his name was christopher which was his young sons name ! so for 5years he basically stole his sons identity (including the surname which was the mothers). he had children which he wasn't allowed to see. he had "paedo scum" graffitied outside his flat wall twice but he claimed it wasn't for him.

 during this time they were of course infiltrating for their future gang stalking. i started to get what is known in gang stalking terms as 'same time exit/entry' which is when you leave your house, street (or return to) and there are always people/persons walking past or vehicles come passing by,  i don't mean sometimes, i mean ALWAYS (9 times out of 10) and at times it is convoys of activity ... people and dog-walkers and the vehicles will screech tyres and rev engines and beep horns.  the people would also spit, cough and hack or take out their mobile phone or keys and jangle them as they walk past. morning noon or night this would occur and a lot of odd people would appear out of nowhere.

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another bit of 'coincidence' .... last night i uploaded a video to youtube about NFL quarterback aaron rodgers of the green bay packers doing a weird hand gesture with the devil horns which i interpret as the jab being satan juice (what else could it mean in this current climate, and it wasn't a play-call sign as he did it after he threw for a touchdown)


Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers (NFL) signifying injection of the jab as Satan juice ?



then today as i was going to the shop a car was parked with the word jab in it 😆



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i've been meaning to post pics of vehicle plates for a long while now. i'm surrounded/surveilled/stalked by vehicles with triple digit plates the past year.


i was going through them today and created a folder for each triple digit plate that i saw when i was out and about and when i was at 777 i came across a recording from last year where a car was stopped at traffic lights and i was crossing the road, and i turned my bike camera to record the plate because i saw it was 777, but what i didn't notice until today is that the passenger in the car threw up the 666 hand sign at me !!



gangstalking is satanic.

ijz 777 car plate waterside perp 666 satan hand sign.png

ijz 777 car plate waterside perp 666 satan hand sign2.png

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going to post pics from my bike camera recordings of being surrounded by vehicles with triple digit numbers.


seems that in the past year the city has been flooded with vehicles that have plates for example like S555, V777 -- just basically [Letter]then[three-digit number].

now not all these are perps but a lot are. same with gang stalking in general, a lot are involved, a lot aren't. for those who know the real deal with gang stalking know it to be spiritual and that we're dealing with demonic organic portals, but with the vaxx it seems more people are being made susceptible to being an organic portal.



(this car actually lives on my street (or frequents it regularly, but here it is in another part of the city, parked on my normal cycling route - what i notice is that perp cars parked always be in the 1st or last parking space making them more overt and noticeable to the TI)



just one letter different from the above






y222 222 emb car plate hampstead.png

y222 222 cjg car plate greenhaw.png

t222 pmg 222 car plate racecourse.png

r222 222 oml car plate town.png

r222 222 cml car plate racecourse.png

oui 222 car plate culmore.png

ocz 222 car plate culmore.png

nui 222 car plate waterside.png

n222 222 jpw car plate waterside.png

n222 222 cmg car plate castleview fortwilliam.png

y222 222 car plate culmore road monster isle of man.png

j222 222 car plate bay strand.png

222 car plate culmore road barons.png

n222 222 car plate town.png

r222 222 car plate waterside.png

r222 222 car plate racecourse.png

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i've tried not to duplicate any and this is just from the recordings that i have labelled meaning that i have hundreds of other's unlabelled so this is not a complete list of these vehicle plates which surveil me everywhere i go (and i don't drive, i just cycle, so these are all concentrated in a small enough radius), and i know that it just ain't for my 'benefit', but others who fall for the new-age nonsense of angel numbers (satan's counterfeit deceit) will see these plates and think it's a divine angelic sign.

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attack of the 777's again today 😆


bit difficult to make out but it's M777 JMK



then a few minutes later:


the SUI 777 as you can see is a different colour and car than the other SUI 777 red volvo i documented above in the 777 page.


this perp was staring out at me when he came past and i stared back.



i know where he lives so i cycled past his house and he was at the car in his driveway so i stared at him and he looked over at me and gave me a nod



and i've been put in touch with a hacker who might be able to get me back into my banned twitter account, so fingers crossed and i can then download the archive and post more about the threads i had on gangstalking and hampstead park and certain vehicle plates ...

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On 3/2/2021 at 1:33 AM, Dizza said:

that is 100% true. before making certain claims make sure that you have unequivocal video evidence to back you up.

This is the best explanation I have come across, thank you, I usually refer to this as cloak and dagger! 

As in the sport of fencing the 'idea is to send you in the wrong direction'.

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On 3/4/2021 at 1:05 PM, Truthspoon said:


Not necessarily. They're a sign you're co-creating your own reality.


But it's also possible for you to co-create a gang-stalking reality...


You have to be careful what you believe because we have the power to make it happen with out thoughts and intents.


You talking about 'Confirmation Bias'  and the after effects of irregular warfare which relies upon triggering and anchor using an avenge stimulus and increased repetition in order to get your attention. 

You can easy work out the mind games it's the other aspects which have me a little confused.  



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On 12/5/2020 at 1:48 AM, Dudeguy said:

Dear given to fly,


I can without any doubt confirm what you have stated. They can and will stalk you they can absolutely follow you in a way and pervasively attack and attach to your energy body. They can absolutely cause intrusive and reccuring thought, YOU ARE NOT THE CAUSE OF THOSE EVIL DISGUSTING THOUGHTS THAT FOLLOW YOU. Sorry for the caps, but it is utmost importance. Most people do not realize they are not responsible for the evil shit that pops up in their minds alot of the time. They can absolutely invade your privacy in the ways youve described. I had to go through bullshit just to get here, im sorry but will refer my other thread that explains my experience.https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/profile/2119-given-to-fly/ I am imploring anyone I can to work on your energy body now thats how you negate that shit,its not restricted to religious indivduals it is your birthright, you will see people try to distract you it will seem normal and it will re occur everytime you try and raise your vibration,but dont give up, which i detail in my thread at the end.


Thank you

I've been followed by these what I refer to as 'Smurfs' around for years around my town centre between 2015-19 I found lots of ways to combat them, including utilising Molka as they were willing participants. 

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On 3/14/2021 at 5:35 PM, GSM said:

Was hoping to see if you had any insight into my post. I have 3 questions for you

1. What makes someone an important TI.

2. Within my previous post on previous page I said that people have told me it's todo with peeing someone off in there organisation and you should be able to find the point that it started at. But I seem to have strange things going on all the way back to being born, is that my mind getting carried away or is there something to that.

3. Is it usual to have your partner as a plant. (I've been with her since before realising what's going on.

I do understand that question one may answer all 3 questions, but as I see that you was responding to other posts thought you maybe useful to talk to one the topic. (Someone has to be somewhere cos so far on multiple sites including this one there seems to be a deafly silence on anything I ask or write).

It maybe that I ramble on about it but I'm searching for answers that people are reluctant to give. I'm not bothered about the stalking, kind of adjusted to be comfortable with it, nice to know some people are that interested in my life.

they can and do direct you to see what they wnt you to see, i.e websites etc.

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23 hours ago, Dizza said:

they can and do direct you to see what they wnt you to see, i.e websites etc.

You are not an important target, but a free human guinea pig ....

And It's not about YOU or what YOU have done, but what they are doing or trying to do ....




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