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My experiences as a Targeted Individual of Gang Stalking

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a quick update with unusual 666 car plates on my travels.


just a two minute cycle down the road from where i live this car was parked:



this was in the waterside area of the city but i also seen it coming down the road a few days later in the same road as the above 666 car is parked but there was no power left in my bike cam.

my first and only impression is wench (a back in the day language term use for prostitute)


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i became a targeted individual of organised gang stalking after phoning the police on suspected child abuse back at around 2005-2007 i think involving former friends of mine who i clearly heard discus

Your not wrong about thought transferrance to you (when you remote neural monitor) and from you (when you v2k). I know its a bit oopsadaisy when you do it but what your experiencing is the rest of the

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