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In ancient greece, the gnostics had travelled through hades and knowing the ways of the gods, they became like gods. The agnostics had not yet travelled through hades yet and what you say about 'otherworld' transmitting something to you when you woke up would have sounded as preposterous to them as it does to agnostic christians now.


"I say that ye are gods" - a man from Judea who went through hades and reached oceanis in just three days. These places are not on earth, but 'otherworld', 'heaven', 'zion', 'the holy city', 'Uranus', 'Celeste', 'Nuit'.


You know it, youre gnostic. One true place, the temple built by the hand of almighty god, not human institution. The religions are supposed to be gateways on the earth to the place we christians call the heavens. What difference does a religious pathway make when we each appear to have reached the place where noah floats above the deluge beneath which drowns the people of babel. Can you see the rainbow in this place beyond the nations of the earth. The most ancient work we have recounts under its second seal that our spirit hovers over the waters and you can see a task in hand if you have a mind for abstract thinking. There are said to be seven seals on this work. I only know so much but for sure, the very idea of democracy tommorow is at best a dream to pervert the hopes of those who would never voluntarily be slaves.


The celtic religion was not so different from the greek one. Before the persecution of christians, there were sentiments where the elohistic concept of god as a plural non-trinitarian thing recounts the fall of man not to be disobedience to yahweh, but mankinds attempts to build a tower to overthrow what is essentially themself, all grown up. Genesis records some difference of opinion between the yahwehists and elohists in an almost forgotten time. If yahweh is the all knowing god with a plan, perfect and without sin unlike man, then how could he have been wrong at eden and the snake right, because on the day they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they did not surely die as yahweh said they would.


Is it possible for the soul of a man to hear prayers and not just speak them? If so, they did indeed become like gods for all thats said of god in eden. There appears to be morth truth to the elohist version of events in regard to babylon trying to overthrow themself. Whats the meaning of the word 'law' to them this week. Sovereignty of "the republic" or "the kingdom"? Democracy? The meanings babylon attaches to these words gets very wriggley and confused. Tying them in knots and attaching their arseholes to their mouth is a skill Im only starting to learn in this field of cosmic surgery. Let them eat their own lies and we can sit beyond a place they see and watch them eat their tale.


#kontrol19 no hyphen. I like it.

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