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What do we know about the Dogon tribe?

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Most nights when it’s a clear sky, I always get fascinated with a very bright star, which I’ve found out is the Sirius A star, and I remember that the Dogon tribe some how knew about Sirius B, all those years ago before telescopes, it appears that they even worshiped the 50 year rotation it would do around Sirius A. There’s no question the Dogons had extremely advanced knowledge, were they advanced themselves, was it aliens? I know they are associated with something called the Nommo, which tended to be depicted as some sort of fish creature, maybe trying to describe the scaley skin of a reptilian, as they werent allowed to depict the gods i don’t think. Does anyone have good information on this ancient tribe from thousands of years ago? 


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I was just thinking about the Dogon tribe yesterday @Seeker so it is funny to see a thread pop up about them.


The two French anthropologists who took an interest in the Dogon were Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen who began their studies in the 1930s and which continued until Griaule died in 1956. What they found in terms of the depth of knowledge and rich mythology and custom possessed by the Dogon tribe is fascinating. I would suggest the Dogon retained their knowledge due to their isolated location in the Bandiagara escarpment in Mali - a deliberate choice perhaps - which allowed them to keep their traditions unpolluted and free from interference which always seems to result in amnesia of ancient mysteries. They are thought to have migrated along the Niger River to escape forced conversion to Islam in the 1500s.


Bibliotecapleyades is always a great resource for topics such as this and has a page for the Dogon: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_dogon.htm


Robert K.G. Temple wrote a book called 'The Sirius Mystery' which contains a wealth of information about the Dogon tribe and can be found here: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/universo/siriusmystery/siriusmystery.htm. Chapter 1 discusses the knowledge of the Dogon of the Sirius system specifically - https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/universo/siriusmystery/siriusmystery01.htm


Regarding their knowledge of astronomy, the Dogon - despite being "primitive" - know about Sirius B (which can only be viewed through a powerful telescope) and its elliptical orbit around Sirius A which they also understand is not at the centre of the orbit but one of the foci. They know that the orbit of Sirius B takes 50 years - a fact only confirmed by the modern scientific community in 1915 - and that the star rotates on its axis (modern astronomy cannot yet confirm the latter). It is also known to them as the heaviest star and made of material which does not exist on the earth which is apparently perfectly true.


They talk about a third star too which has a satellite - Sirius C as BC has pointed out. This has not been confirmed by modern astronomy but, given the Dogon's track record, I would not be surprised if it was to be found at some point.


Other astronomical knowledge they possess includes understanding that the Earth turns on its own axis and that the planets revolve around the sun with the circulation of the planets akin to blood circulation which they also know about. They describe the Moon as "dry and dead like dry dead blood" and depict Saturn with its ring. Interestingly, they describe Saturn as "the star of limiting the place". They have identified the 4 major Galilean moons of Jupiter. They use 4 calendars including a solar calendar, one of Venus, another of Sirius and an agrarian calendar.


As BC has suggested, there are many parallels between the ancient science and understanding of the Dogon tribe and that of Ancient Egypt. For example, they believe that there was once an unformed Universe, a primordial ball also reminiscent of the Big Bang theory, which they call Amma's egg and which bears resemblance to Amen in Egyptian mythology. There are eight male/female ancestors of the Dogon tradition which resemble the Gods and Goddesses of the Egyptian Ogdoad or Ennead. Dogon drawings depict ancient Egyptian glyph spheres including the Sun glyph which incorporates the concept of the earth rotating around the sun along with the concept of time and measuring this.


Parallels can also be found with Christianity. For example, the Dogon believe that the Nommo (amphibious creatures similar to the Oannes in Babylonian and Sumerian tradition) came from the Sirius system and founded civilisation on Earth. The Ogo, the equivalent of Lucifer, plugged into the Earth too, rebelled at its creation and is also representative of man in all our impurity. In order for redemption, Nommo must die in sacrifice crucified upon a tree and be resurrected - needless to say, the parallels with Christ are unmistakable. The Dogon believe that Nommo will be resurrected and return to the Earth one day when a certain star appears in the sky once more.


Chapter 8 of 'The Sirius Mystery' delves deeper into the nature of the beings from Sirius including Dogon beliefs. I have yet to read it but it can be found here: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/universo/siriusmystery/siriusmystery08.htm


For a short introduction to the Dogon tribe, this Youtube video is pretty good.









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Its a fascinating topic, I was sold on it when i first read about the Dogon Tribe. I've kept an eye on the story since hearing about it years ago.


For completeness and because its important to know all sides of the story I post this link - 


The Sirius Mystery: did the Dogon know about Sirius B?


The system implodes
However, by the time Temple had published the second edition of The Sirius Mystery in 1998, the whole question of the Dogon’s apparently inexplicable knowledge of Sirius had been blown apart. No-one had questioned Griaule and Dieterlen’s findings until the early 1990s. And this is where the problems for the hypothesis began. In 1991, the anthropologist Walter van Beek undertook fieldwork among the Dogon, hoping to find evidence for their knowledge of Sirius. As the earlier authors had indicated that around 15% of the adult males were initiated into the Sirius lore, this ought to have been a relatively easy task. However, van Beek was unable to find anyone who knew about Sirius B. As ought to have been obvious from the outset, Griaule and Dieterlen’s reliance on a single informant – Ogotemmêli – severely compromises the validity of their data.


Link - http://www.badarchaeology.com/extraterrestrials/the-sirius-mystery/

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