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Private Criminal Prosecution of Parliament | Top Legal Team Engaged (important)


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On 10/19/2020 at 3:19 AM, Morpheus said:

Possibly, but where's your legal team? Where's your private prosecution of the government? 


Dead easy to pick holes in something but we don't see you attempting something like this. This is were we need an open mind and to give it a chance. I agree it could be bollocks, but let's give it a chance before writing it off straight away. 


My only apprehension is the common law court having zero weight, not the principal in law. 

Personally I think it is too good to be true, A law firm of secret barristers that is going to bring the system down that made their money operating within and defending the system.

Maybe just another stalling tactic so the people don't act for themselves as they have pinned their hopes on the outcome of this so called court action

I hope I'm wrong

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On 11/29/2020 at 1:33 PM, Morpheus said:

This guy is a griffter. Clearly this is all bollocks. No action, more hurdles to jump through to keep the followers salivating and interested. I thought this was an open and shut case? I thought his argument was so compelling the barristers offered to represent him for free? Absolute charlatan. 

@peter 👀👆 😎👍

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Charlatan? Well, we will see. Here's the latest...



Posted on 4th February 2021 by The Bernician

PCP Set To Proceed Against Architects of COVID-1984 Scamdemic

We are now in the final stages of preparing to lay the papers in the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] against the architects of a genocidal pandemic fraud, that has all but destroyed this country and the world we once knew and loved.

However, the prima facie evidence we have amassed is so compelling and substantive, it is simply inconceivable that any British jury would not convict the defendants of the multiple murderous frauds alleged.

Without a hint of hyperbole or wishful thinking, the evidence we will soon be filing into the criminal court is so emphatic that it has the potential to expose the complex deceptions perpetrated worldwide, within a single viral social media post.

Distortion & Spin

Our adversaries are now so concerned that the masses are waking up to the lethal nature of ‘vaccine adverse events’ that they are even pretending a sadly deceased centenarian didn’t have the COVID jab, shortly before he died of the symptoms it is known to cause or exacerbate [pneumonia].

Despite the fact that Sky News covered his first dose of the COVID vaxx being administered, a few days before he passed on, the rest of the mainstream media are shamelessly asking why that didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, otherwise healthy people are dropping down dead at the rate my friend, the prolific Scouse polymath, Mark Oakford and I predicted a few weeks ago; others are suffering paralysis and a whole host of newly acquired lifelong or fatal conditions.

Common Denominator

Most crucially, the only common denominator between them all is that they had mRNA spiked flu and/or COVID jabs, shortly before the onset of the often fatal adverse events.

In addition, there is also circumstantial evidence which suggests the current batch of shots could be killing as many as two thirds of the over-65’s, as the endless stream of post-vaxx deaths in care homes around the world horrifyingly affirms.

It is therefore way past time the People demand that immediate action must be taken to lift the unlawful suspension of autopsies.

Lift The Suspension of Autopsies

I therefore beseech every Briton who reads this post to demand, from the bottom of your heart, shouting it from the rooftops, that autopsies must be performed on everybody who allegedly dies of COVID-19 from henceforth.

In the event there is one courageous and honourable high court judge left in this country, who happens across this post, in the names of justice, freedom and right, you must declare an order of the court’s own motion to that effect, at your earliest opportunity.

Should such a high court declaration be made, independent autopsies would determine the actual causes of death, rather than merely assuming COVID-19 was the cause, without examining the dead bodies.

The Offending Act

The only legislative measure preventing this is the comprehensively unlawful and definitively void Coronavirus Act 2020, which effectively suspended autopsies indefinitely, even when people die in suspicious circumstances.

Nevertheless, a fearless judge would be able to rely upon Lord Sumption’s scholarly testimony of the constitutionally unlawful nature of the tyrannous 2020 Act, in setting aside its suspension of autopsies.

On the ground that the families of the departed are legally entitled to know with finality whether ‘vaccines’ caused or contributed to the deaths of their loved ones, rather than COVID-19, as alleged by the defendants to the PCP.

PCP Papers About To Be Laid

However, the judge would also be able to rely upon the evidence we will be filing in the PCP, which will take place, all being well, within the next few days.

As would any brave and brilliant QC, with the connections required to guide an application for such a declaration through the high court, without delay or obstruction.

However, given that, for a judge or a QC to put their arse on the line, they also need to accept that will mean risking their careers, as well as their safety, which few if any are likely to do, the evidence will also be made available to experienced professional and lay litigants, who fully comprehend the nature of the crimes committed and the common law remedy available.

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6 hours ago, Pre-Raphaelite said:

However, given that, for a judge or a QC to put their arse on the line

Woah, woah, woah. I thought he had a crack team of the best QC's in the country, on pro bono, because they were so impressed with his production of the legal documents, that they were willing to help him out with the rest for free! 🤔 Get to fuck!


6 hours ago, Pre-Raphaelite said:

We are now in the final stages of preparing to lay the papers in the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP]

He's been saying that since September last year and he's still not filed it. 


6 hours ago, Pre-Raphaelite said:


Pure grifter. That's my take. 👍

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On 2/4/2021 at 9:02 PM, Morpheus said:

Woah, woah, woah. I thought he had a crack team of the best QC's in the country, on pro bono, because they were so impressed with his production of the legal documents, that they were willing to help him out with the rest for free! 🤔 Get to fuck!


He's been saying that since September last year and he's still not filed it. 


Pure grifter. That's my take. 👍


May be QCs on crack rather than crack QCs!

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Given the establishment's control system I'd normally say MOB has around a 25% chance of success. But given his excellent case track record, sometimes against the odds, I'm inclined to say he's got about a 60% chance of complete success (treason charges, jail), and 75% less so (huge parliamentary shake up, heads rolling). With either outcome it's something the news media won't be able to ignore.


However, if the action should fail for any reason then I think an alternative route will be explored. As I see it MOB isn't the kind of guy to give up, and he has a lot of qualified, professional support. Ultimately, though, something's got to give eventually, wouldn't you say?

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Open minded about this, cant believe it can succeed.  The system has been set up, to the benefit of the elite and the mind-programmed sheep, for two thousand years or more.

But all power to him. There are things above this world, in the realm of the divine and we know it here. Its up to people whether they listen or not.

Anyway this is interesting, the background about sovereignty, the crown, government and our rights, the bloke, even if he's a total maverick, is looking into this stuff at a deep level.



And viva Bernicia ;-)

Land of Lancelot and the Holy Grail

See the source image

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Failed Attempt To Sabotage PCP By Persons Unknown

Having fought numerous miscarriages of justice in the courts over more than a decade, I am well versed in determining when my legal adversaries are engaged in the dark art of sabotage.

From lightweight forms such as pretending they didn’t receive notices which were sent by recorded mail, to conspiring to have me declared bankrupt and subjecting me to an Extended Civil Restraint Order – which effectively banned me from issuing proceedings in every court – the depths to which desperate saboteurs will sink are often bottomless.

Especially when the potential consequences of my arguments being sustained are lengthy prison sentences for members of the privileged class, who genuinely believe they are unaccountable to the people they cheat, exploit and destroy for their own private material gains.


Judicial Sabotage 101

Generally speaking, the critical element of sabotaging a legal case is convincing the judge that either some crucial piece of evidence is missing, or that the arguments submitted are somehow misconceived and therefore ‘totally without merit’.

However, in the so-called superior civil courts, where judges so often consider themselves to be beyond both the law and reproach, I’ve lost count of the number of times I have witnessed high ranking members of the judiciary become aggressive advocates for my opponents, who simply have to turn up at court and spin their unsubstantiated sophistry to go home with the judgment and a hefty costs order in their favour.

Given the ultimate seriousness of laying charges of pandemic fraud against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson and their mistakenly perceived unaccountablity as officers of the UK’s criminally rogue government, it was certainly no surprise that myself and the former CID detective I am working with detected the first sign of sabotage, within two weeks of the case being filed.


Hidden In Plain Sight

As I have already documented here, our Statement of Case was filed electronically at Westminster Magistrates Court on 19/03/2021, along with a covering letter informing the court that our substantive evidence bundle would be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery the following week, including hard copies of the Statement of Case and the covering letter.

On 26/03/2021, the three case files were received and signed for by the court, as is shown by the slideshow at the top of this post. We were then informed by Westminster Magistrates that the papers were being checked by the court’s legal department and that we would be notified of the case’s progression in due course.

After not hearing anything for a couple of weeks, we made further inquiries and were told that the papers had been sent by Westminster to Bromley Magistrates Court’s listing department for processing and that they were undergoing final check’s by the Kent court’s legal department.

Moreover, we were told the files had been sent to Bromley because that is the judicial venue to which all Private Criminal Prosecutions filed at Westminster are sent for processing and listing, once the latter court’s legal team have completed their initial assessment of the papers laid.


Deputy Chief Magistrate

However, a few days later we received an email from the Westminster court, letting us know that the case had been passed to the Deputy Chief Magistrate [DCM] for consideration and his decision was enclosed as an attachment.

Despite what we had been told about the three evidence files being processed by the Bromley court’s legal team and listings department, the judge purported to dismiss the case on the emphatically unsustainable ground that we haven’t cited enough prima facie evidence for the case to proceed.

Nevertheless, the DCM stated in his judgment that he had given very careful consideration to “126 pages” of evidence, when the final page count in the three case files was in excess of 800 pages [condensed from more than 1,000 pages], which included 11 expert witness statements in support of the serious allegations made.

It was then that we realised that the judge’s decision was based entirely on the 126 page Statement of Case and that he clearly hadn’t had sight of the copious prima facie evidence contained in the three evidence files.


As Void As The Dodo

Whilst the judge clearly believed that, in the absence of the corroborating expert witness statements, there was not enough evidence for the case to proceed, his decision to dismiss it was as void as the Dodo, albeit seemingly through no fault of his own.

Needless to say, we called Bromley Magistrates to check whether they knew anything about the decision having been made and were somewhat surprised to discover that the court’s legal team had sent the case [including the three evidence files] to the DCM for consideration and that we should receive his decision in due course.

Naturally, we gave those concerned the benefit of the doubt and provisionally assumed that the legal teams of both courts realised that an obvious error had been made and that the initial decision would be disregarded.

However, a few days later we received an email from Bromley letting us know that the judge had already decided the matter and dismissed the case in the order we had already received from Westminster.

We therefore logically concluded that there had been a very subtle attempt to sabotage the case by separating the electronic filing of the Statement of Case from the hard copy evidence files which arrived by Special Delivery the following week.


Reconsideration Trumps Sabotage

Without delay, upon our polite request, Westminster Magistrates was informed by our liaison at Bromley Magistrates that, through what appeared to be no fault of his own, the DCM’s decision was void, on the ground that it was merely based upon the Statement of Case and did not take into account the prima facie evidence adduced.

But rather than appealing the decision to the High Court on that ground, we suggested that it would be better for all concerned if the judge was willing to set aside his initial decision, despite the fact that we have never known any judge in either the criminal and civil domains to even countenance such an action once a decision has been made.

Nevertheless, within a little more than 24 hours, we were informed that the Deputy Chief Magistrate had decided to grant our request for reconsideration, as if the order dismissing the case had not been made.

Furthermore, the judge indicated that he will be reconsidering the case upon all the evidence adduced at the end of next week, with his final decision to follow shortly afterwards.


As Rare As Hen’s Teeth

In other words, the DCM appears to have shown that he possesses that increasingly rare quality among the judiciary – integrity – given that he could so easily have passed the buck to a dodgy High Court judge by forcing us to appeal his void decision in a rigged proceeding, instead of admitting the error and reconsidering the case on its merits. It certainly wouldn’t have been the first time we experienced such blatant judicial corruption.

Moreover, even if he committed the error of judgment because of foul play by a government stooge working at Westminster Magistrates Court, the judge’s integrous reconsideration of the case emphatically trumps the duplicitous attempt to sabotage it.

However, rest assured that no matter what the outcome of the judge’s second decision, we have no intention of backing down until the Four Horsemen of COVID-1984 and their accomplices are held to account for their crimes, for the purposes of which we are fully prepared to challenge any miscarriage of justice we are handed in the interim, as the foregoing account unequivocally affirms.

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I confess to becoming a but disillusioned with these pending criminal prosecutions, including the one in Germany. I know legal wheels turn slowly but it is now early June and there seems little happening despite repeated updates that say real progress will be "next week" or "within two weeks". Actually, months are passing with apparently little or no action other than reports of somebody sabotaging evidence. Hmmm, if I wore my cynical hat I could suggest skullduggery and delaying tactics.


But I'll hold out a bit longer to wait and see if O'Bernicia, Trapman and the German case come to fruition. But can you really see Hancock & Co ultimately being marched off to prison? The political weasels will wriggle out of it somehow methinks.

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On 6/5/2021 at 10:53 PM, Pre-Raphaelite said:

I know legal wheels turn slowly

You'll be surprised, when it matters to them, the wheel turns at lightning speed that you wouldn't know what happened!!

A high court case lodged, heard and appeal decision made within less than two weeks this month.


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On 10/19/2020 at 1:16 AM, Alnitak said:

I think this is the right path and only common law can bring justice right now.


Common law is the right path because it recognises people as being men and women as people instead of misrepresenting then as persons, who have diminished status regardless of whether they are legal persons or natural persons. I simple first step to asserting status is not to let anyone refer to you as a person or as a human being.

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19 hours ago, webtrekker said:

The thing is, he's supposedly already layed a CPC and it was rejected as hearsay, what's the difference here? Surely the same result from the system will occur? 


I'm not convinced because it's constantly being pushed back against and the courts are throwing out the case. I see no difference here. 

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