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Ventilator manufacturers big money to kill off elderly


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The US taxpayers got played for $13.8million by Royal Phillips NV.   They didn’t even deliver the “low cost” ventilators as promised.  Instead they sold them to anyone who would buy for $12,495 to $17,154 a pop. 

“The commercial version of the “Trilogy Evo” ventilator has had its own problems. Not long after it began selling the ventilators last summer, Philips sent out recall notices to customers in Europe and the U.S., alerting them to a software glitch that prompted the devices to shut down without sounding their alarm.”



It is unknown how many died of the use and malfunction of these contraptions, but no doubt the deaths were counted in covid numbers.


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Everyone is in on the ventilator game free for all.   


US government overpaid $500 million to just one manufacturer.  Charged 15 grand a unit when the cost was only $3280.  Huge money killing people this way.  


Vacuum and car companies are supposed to turn out safe medical devices at record speed when the med device industry itself is a death trap of litigation and recalls. 


These things were rapidly pushed through regulatory boards like the joke FDA and their use is still considered frontline treatment for covid.  


The goal is to use the false claim of temporary immunity to prolong the covid hoax through 2025.  How many more people will be killed on these pieces of crap box ventilators over the next 5 years?  You won’t know because they will be lumped in the death numbers.


 No one is accountable for malfunctions of these shit boxes.  And expect resale to lower tier countries to unload the excess supplies. 

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the proper functioning mech ventilator killed people because their lungs were working fine#

the mech ventilator caused the damage

the misdiagnosis and malpractice killed people


the likes of faucci knew full well that pneumonia wasnt part of COVID19 and they knew from reports from China and Italy that the lungs of patients were working properly



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