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Bbc to Commission "BellEnders"?

Foggy Dewhurst

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Starring Handoncock,

          Johnson & Cumming


"An everyday tale of 3 dickheads trying to run a pissup in a brewery....with less than hilarious consequences"


The Critics are Raving.....


"You Couldn't Make it Up!"

                 Nicola Krankie


"They Truly Inspire Us!"

           The Chuckle Brothers


"And they thought I was an idiot,Dave!"  


               Only Fools & HorsesJohnsonWangkockCummimg.jpg.a76cabbf88e86b9c9a37b5080b6ffea0.jpg






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Its nice to see that politicians can be criticised again. Depicting Tony Blair with some much as his stage makeup a bit runny was tantamount to treason against the system itself. Despite the lockdown, things are getting better when there is no fear of expressing opposition to "the government". Physically it feels more totalitarian than ever but emotionally I feel its a bit more free than it used to be.


When John Major told opponents of European Integration as the federalists rebranded their agenda having assured everyone the truth was false and the falsehoods were truth, the bans on freedom of assembly which were in place until the network of surveillance cameras were installed through alot of housing schemes in thr country, people were literally terrified of a state of affairs where the media was undoubtedly in bed with the very government they were supposed to be holding to account so much so the reality was a silencing and a breaking up of all hitherto society as people sold their souls for a nicer life.


Queue Brexit, Donald Trump, the rise of Conspiracy Theorists as a more popular form of news reporting than the dead stream media which the dead stream media doesnt have the power to curtail. Queue the shear upside downness of the fake news funding censorship to make it look like the thing accused of being fake news is the real news and the ever developing news reporting of those the fake news utterred hate speech about being "conspiracy theorists"  continues despite all adversity while a lock down and phone trackers and censorship and the cannibalism of "organ donation" laws tells you everything you need to know about a system that must be spenind the vast bulk of its resources in keeping itself afloat and pretending they can fix all this ... tommorrow ... Im still waiting on their promised democracy and respect for human rights and world where crime doesnt pay arriving ... tommorow ... Maybe these things will arrive tommorrow but by then hopefully the fake democracy as seen on tv will be in jail so we can know that crime didnt pay them and democracy is even possible where human rights are respected and even protected by the rule of law rather than swept under they rug as they still currently are to all those who think facebook is protecting them from lies when we all know its protecting liars from the consequences of everyone knowing the truth.

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