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Health Canada has the BS19 app out


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I'm developing a new api you can install on peoples phones. If the phone has the Covid 19 Notification API on it then you can install it without the users knowledge or consent as this is already a practice consented to by the user and it seems a perfectly lawful practice since google and apple have done this and theres no complaints against this practice by the authorities I rather thought would feel obliged to protect people from having spyware installed on their phone, but since its lawful and since people who dont even disable the api let alone remove it dont seem to mind too much about a practice which should agrieve us all, Ive taken the opportunity to write an api which will protect peoples health by warning those who voluntarily and consensually install my app on their phone, about the proximity of anyone who is prepared to take it up the butt from bullies and deceivers evidenced by the fact they have a covertly installed tracking api on their phone and have not stood up for their rights or indeed the rights of their people when they are not now unfamiliar with the fact that the tracking api was installed in disregard of any consent onto everyones phones. Since they deem this practice "okay" its hard for them to argue against anyone else installing spyware on their phone the same way google has uding unfocumented features.


So we can dispense with knowledge or consent in regards to the Buttslut Notification API to be installed on phones already demonstrating lawful acceptance of "medical experiments carried out without informed consent" and will enable those who consensually and voluntarily download the Buttslut Detector App to identify anyone incapable of protecting the most fundamental basic human rights, so you can know who you cant trust to be protecting any of yours.


The app and api are still in pre-alpha and in need of funding but Im sure you can see the health benefits of knowing your Doctor is a buttslut who doesn't recognise the Nuremberg in application to himself let alone his patients.


PM me if youre looking to invest. Maybe Buttslut Notification API doesn't have the right ring to a marketing department but I hope it hope it conveys the idea that theres people out there who can't protect their own basic rights, seeking positions where they would be expected to protect the rights of others. No offence to the people who enjoy anal pleasures but sodomy in its truest meaning is about abusive practices. Buttsluts dont even care they're being told to take it up the butt. They are unfit to be in positions protecting anything. Buttslut Detector App will help you identify them and Buttslut Detector API will be as legal to install on Covid 19 API enabled phones as the Covid 19 API itself.


I'm also looking for a bondsman to help with 7-Year bond release guarantee to make sure some capital that could fall into the wrong hands ends up exactly in the place it should end up after the seven year period. These stocks are not mine but they will fall into my hands by operation of the law where I am obliged to see the secured interests in these stocks are released to their rightful owner in timely fashion. I write code. I practice morality. I need someone who knows about the type of stocks and bonds that are potentially being marginalised with a view toward having the capitals released. I'll just do the programming if I can get some funding.

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