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Covid-19 to Transhumanism - Human Controlled Evolution


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Why do the government want to test millions of healthy people as fast and as quick as possible, yet, when they do they go mad when "cases" increase? 🤔
Of course they're going to increase you're doing more testing.


🌈 Why the Rainbow Symbolism?  🕊 


Why do they use a test which doesn't test for a virus and never was it used to identify Covid-19 because Covid-19 has never been proven to exist?
So they can exploit and go mad over false positives to justify preconceived ideals of change? 🤔


New World Order - New Jerusalem, Zion?

No no, thats madness that is, surely not, it's all just one of them "Conspiracy Theories" 🤪


It's all systematically planned.
It's being used as a means and tool to justify drastic transformation of society out of a cultivated failure. They're making Shiva dance, playing the destoryer and rehabilitators - often, it's hard to tell which role they're actually playing as the destruction comes disguised as "health and safety".



They use memetics to edit the culture of our society via psychological warfare and are inducing a state of Survival of the Fittest - Their Hunger Games Society - to pave way towards an era of human controlled evolution, the path towards Transhumanism.


Passion Flower



The eradication of heart from society, which means emotional connection, the destruction of spirit, compassion, empathy and over all love for a more systematic society and species of human that has AI think and feel for them like the government does so for many people already today.



The mask is a dehumanisation process to achieve these goals and build a blind obedience to authority simply for an "easier life" in the present, without cause of where this is actually leading and is designed to justify because, it's simply a "Conspiracy Theory" in many peoples minds these things are therefore happening for no reason and coincidence, so they can quite their own thoughts in their own minds about this and mindlessly comply no matter what.


Birth of Transhumanism 


As I've placed within many of my posts, they're playing out prophecy of many various religious but specifically, the Globalist Death Cult are playing out their role in line with Christian Revelation to bring about their New World Order as if their action be of the divine, so they can play God.



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The vaccine and Quantum Dot Displays seem to use the same technology 🤔
Maybe the vaccine and the type of tech using this technology is designed to plug us into a technological “paradise” to basically hijack our senses and emotions via the triggering of light?
Like within optogenetics?




World Economic Forum 

Purpose - The World as a giant machine 


The Hunger Games Society right here and again, this was also depicted in 2012 the same time as the Zion Olympics and the ushering in of this new age/era. Zion Rising…

Super Human Mutation” - Controlled Evolution of man by means of Transhumanism

The Great Convergence/The Great Reset/The Fourth Industrial Revolution 




Evolution Transhumanism - The Great Convergence 


The Great Convergence - The Great Reset - Transhumanism - Technocracy 

Synthetic Manufactured scripted Evolution


Your Guide to The Great Convergence (video)

Corbett • 06/07/2021



The Great Convergence - The Great Reset - Transhumanism - Technocracy 


The Divine Silence - Transhumanism - Pure Consciousness - Transformation of Consciousness - True Evolution - Soul Trap Meat Prison or Gateway?


 Underworld, Death Cult Synthesised Extinction - Evolution, Mutation 


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