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Famous transsexuals

Golden Retriever

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We are being deceived by many people in power and so-called celebrities about their real sex, now and in history.


Michelle Obama is obviously a man, but the world plays dumb.


Look at his "9 o'clock shadow" in dozens of photos and his male genitalia in a couple of videos.


The transsexual agenda is being promoted onto children all the time. This is being pushed by the most powerful people.


I believe they want to eradicate the male and female to eventually bring on the transhuman model.







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5 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

Sandra Bullock injects baby foreskin in her face for vanity
And the audience laughs (unless it was faked) ... what has become of society?


Just been reading about this weird shit and why Korean foreskin's are being used.

It seems to be after the Korean war in 1950 many US soldiers were stations in Korean and damaged the culture.  The Korean teenage boys wanted to be "real men" like the conquering US soldiers and got circumcised as a rite of passage.  The US mil had rules about circumcision afaik.

Today S.Korean is one of the countries with most plastic surgery.  Making your skin white like the Americans also very popular.

I believe that all this is ... identification with your conquerors.

Just remember that when POTUS flies over the N.K to liberate them.

Pretty sad to see, humans are certainly one fubar'ed species.

Best bet head straight to God, you really don't want to spend any time here that you can help.





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On 10/15/2020 at 2:05 PM, Golden Retriever said:

Sandra Bullock is another male to female transsexual, hence his surname BULLOCK, a castrated bull or steer. More on him later.


Sandra Bullock injects baby foreskin in her face for vanity

And the audience laughs (unless it was faked) ... what has become of society?







More on Mr Bullock




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"Unlike too many mothers, wives, sisters and daughters who have been seduced by LGBTPEDO 'rights' propaganda, most mentally well-balanced heterosexual men and boys continue to resist being browbeaten, shamed or otherwise coerced into expressing support for an iniquitous social engineering project advanced by and on behalf of a political cabal of influential homosexuals, crypto female to male transgenders and ironically in the case of third wave dyke feminism, crypto male to female transgender impostors and their overwhelmingly heterosexual female dupes. LGBTPEDO ideology taught in universities, schools and even kindergartens is rapidly corrupting the minds of children and young people in order to prime them to blindly accept the subsequent normalization of paedophilia.
Despite the pernicious pseudo-scientific doubletalk issuing daily from proponents of the LGBTPEDO social project in support of their ridiculous attempts to deny reality, it remains a plainly observable biological fact that grotesque surgical mutilation of genitalia and breast tissue in conjunction with the injection of hormones does not change a man into a woman or a woman into a man. A man may impersonate a woman, but while doing so remains a man. Likewise, a woman may impersonate a man, but by definition is not one.
Every psychiatrist, paediatrician and surgeon must be given notice that validation and reinforcement of a child's 'gender identity disorder' by means of voodoo psychotherapy, hormone injections and so-called gender reassignment surgery is an unethical and morally repugnant offence for which at some point in the future (case law and legal precedent permitting) any doctor previously participating in such practices will have their name struck from the medical register and be subject to criminal liability.
Gynaecologists who register fake abortions, paediatricians who register fake births, surgeons who secretly undertake surgical reconstruction of male genitalia to simulate female genitalia (and vice versa), carry out lower ribs' removal (on male to female transgenders), hysterectomies, mastectomies, breast implantation and facial feminization (or masculization) surgery and general practitioners who supply hormones are all indispensable players in the crypto transgender deception. The children crypto male to female transgenders claim to give birth to are 'acquired' by way of clandestine adoption or secret surrogacy (for impostors who retain functioning male genitalia and are able to produce the sperm required) and made victims of generational gender inversion with the complicity of doctors who officially register false sexual identities for newborn babies and later in their development (unless introduction began in vitro) covertly administer hormones of that sex. There is no ethical justification for this 'treatment' and doctors who are party to it and there are many, are guilty of prolonged and systematic child abuse no matter what the law says."
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I see this as being part of the plasticiziation of human life, the miserable comfort of watching Tv etc... and labour saving devices, technology doing the hard work.  Even thinking whilst sitting is too difficult now.

And so gender is not expressed ... vegetable have little need of gender.

People who don't fight this are ... living death.

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6 hours ago, Rachel Underhill said:

Wallace Simpson was so obviously a man too. Looking at pics of her with King Edward lots have a covering over wallace's adams apple but some don't and obvious to me its a bloke.

She was Intersex. It was known about. She had, so it is believed, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, the complete version. The individuals with that variation are completely immune to androgen so it is highly unlikely Wallis Simpson had an adam's apple. Any perceived masculinity within her physicality would be literally in the eye of the beholder, a perception no doubt shaped by the fact that there have been rumors about Wallis Simpson for a long time. But, like I said, it really would not be possible for someone with Complete AIS to look masculine - despite having male chromosomes, their bodies are literally immune to Testosterone.



wallis simpson.jpg

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