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Aerospace Industry Little Known Tech & Hardware, Zero Point Energy, ARV Craft, Fluxliner, Physics, Secret Space Program (SSP)

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I have been meaning to start a thread that explores the technology and hardware being used by a small group of people to travel space. This thread is definitely not for small-minded people who if they don't understand something then they believe that it must not be real or possible. If you're a flat Earther the physics involved with these craft will hurt your brain.


If you really want to know what's going on with the aircraft industry and the space program, I mean the real space program, the one that has been hidden from the public for over sixty five years, a person needs to put in the time (hours upon hours) listening to those who have been in the industry for decades and have finally decided that it is safe to share the information. In some cases it still is not safe to share the information which is why most people are not aware of this content, because those who work with it have literally had their life threatened if they go public.


The video I'm starting off with is allegedly a documentary made by a man named James Allen in 2009 but then scrapped after he learned some more information and so then he started making a new film. This is that film. Even if you don't believe it because it's difficult to confirm who James Allen is, or rather was, there is no denying Mark McCandlish's information as it can be corroborated by many sources.


Not only McCandlish but there are countless US Air Force lieutenants and colonels and majors who make an appearance in the following film.


I watched this film last night loosely while browsing other sites, but tonight I will listen diligently and write as the film plays.


National Press Club in Washington D.C. May 9, 2001. (note: months before 9-11 would happen despite a few insiders saying that a terrorist event would happen. They were ignored by the mainstream media and government)


The Disclosure Project.


From the film: Unusual and unprecedented event taking place (the NPC meeting in 2001). Over 20 individuals from the highest levels of the US military and intelligence and aerospace industries, NASA international air traffic controllers, scientists, radar operators, pilots etc and other experts with extremely high security clearances all came together to share their experiences concerning extraterrestrials and UFO's.


Put together by the Disclosure Products and Dr. Steven Greer, it was to promote open hearings in congress dealing with UFO and extra terrestrial phenomena going back over fifty years.


For those of you who don't like Dr. Steven Greer, I don't care, he's way smarter than you, and big deal if he wants to be compensated for his work. David Icke has spoke about Reptilians for decades and yet very few people have seen one yet he still charges money for his books, as he should, and I don't see people here complaining about that. Charging money to go to a alleged alien contact site is also a good way to weed out the flakes. I also imagine that Greer may conduct a screening process since aliens are reported to communicate telepathically which means a person would have to have strong control over their thoughts in order to not convey fear or anger to the other beings. Imagine being much more advanced than humans, you would not want to see or feel their mental pollution (for example, politics, BLM, antifa, Trump vs Biden and all that ridiculous crap - mental pollution). Something to consider before you trash talk Dr. Greer for the way he conducts his affairs when he considers who he will allow to attend his contact events.




At 2:50, Photo of Don Phillips who worked for Lockheed Skunk Works and helped design the SR71 Blackbird recon plane speaks about UFO's.


Objects under intelligent control doing impossible maneuvers at thousands of miles per hour.


Photo now of Captain Robert Salas US Air Force as he speaks...


Glowing red orbs hovering outside the front gate and disabling nuclear missiles deep underground. "We lost between six and eight weapons that morning". I believe this was in Montana or Minnesota at a military base.


Alien structures on the moon


Sgt. Karl Wolf US Air Force speaks about buildings on the moon, "he proceeded to put photographs down in front of me, structures mushroom shaped buildings, spherical shaped buildings, and towers".


Now Major George A. Filer US Air Force speaks, "There had been UFO's in the ? ...all night, they're on radar, but in any case an alien had been come off the craft and had been shot by a military police man and apparently was wounded"...


Now Mark McCandlish is shown and described by the narrator, an aeronautics illustrator, he worked for Rockwell Int'l, Boeing, and the US Air Force. He spent over a decade in R&D on the main focus of the technologies connected to UFO's and extra terrestrial vehicles. His detailed technical illustration of a purportedly reverse engineered alien craft, the Fluxliner, a strange flying disk shown at a secret air force air show in 1988 was a highlight of the conference. (although he did not see it, but he drew it as a friend of his described it to him)


"These disks were hovering off the floor without any visible means of support, they were referred to as alien reproduction vehicles. Also nicknamed the Fluxliner because they used high voltage electricity."


Now Dr. Greer is questioned by a lady at the National Press Club. She is asking about the energy source of the aircraft and how can you determine this vehicle is not something that is being developed by a government agency.


Dr. Greer: In fact I think that was the testimony. This is an alien reproduction vehicle, just to be clear, this means it is based on advanced anti gravity and zero point energy propulsion systems. They are being manufactured by a consortium of companies that include Lockheed Martin, Northrup, SAIC, and other corporations. This is not a jet internal combustion system at all, it is actually kicked in by a type of electric power source and then accesses this ambient zero point energy field that is responsible for all matter and energy existing, and by special configurations and what have you, it causes a cancelation of mass inertia and an anti gravity effect. They do have super luminal capacity, in other words, faster than the speed of light capacity.


Mark McCandlish comes back on to give you basic information re his education and career. For thirty years he was a conceptual artist and designer working for the defense and aerospace industries. He explains his learning of the Fluxliner from a colleague. He worked for General Dynamics for some time and then free lanced.


Mark explains how he learned of the Fluxliner from his friend Brad who attended an air show at Norton Air Force Base where he saw the Aurora aircraft and then the Fluxliner behind a curtain where three flying saucers were revealed. He said they looked like a jello mold, dome shaped on the top, flat on the bottom.


"They were hovering, there was no landing gear, nothing holding them up, no cables".


"high electrical charge - flux". A.R.V. = alien reproduction vehicle.


"capable of light speed or better"


"field propulsion"


"Biefield Brown Effect experiments done back in the 60's levitating things with electro static fields". "Scalar energy".


"Dr. Thomas Bearden". ......Neither the scalar photon the time polarized photon are individually observable. But if you somehow can combine the two they are observable as instantaneous quantum potential".


At 28:30 Mark explains the verification of the Fluxliner with a story told to him by a Kent Sellen (second point of confirmation) who worked with the Air Intelligence Agency who claimed to have seen the craft at Edwards Air Force Base in 1973.


Lt. Col. John Williams discusses Norton Air Force Base and the Alien craft and the few people who could fly out to the base, play some golf, and see the craft.


Gordon Novel brief footage explaining that he pursues the technology behind making the crafts go.


Mark explains that this ARV may have been around before 1966 according to photographs he saw taken by Wendell Stevens.


At 36:25. In fact, in a translation in a Sanskrit text written by a middle eastern king in eleventh century there were references to Vimanas or flying machines with a propulsion system bearing a striking resemblance to that of the ARV. Strong and durable must the body of Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with it's ion heating apparatus underneath, by means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, the man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky.


At 37:30 Mark now talks about the literature about "Vimana" the so-called mercury vortex or mercury turbine engine. Mercury vortex generator.


The central column has a number of components a couple of counter rotating cylinders, sounds very much like the device that the Nazi's were developing in the Wenceslas mine in Poland towards the end of the second world war. There seems to be some evidence that they were trying to develop some kind of an anti gravity propulsion system or zero point energy device.


Later in the film I heard the last time I watched it a person mention that thanks to the tech we have now (military) that it takes only a few minutes to get to Mars. More on that later.


Zero Point - The Story of Mark McCandlish and the the Fluxliner


Channel: KReport eu




The film is 1:32:51. I'm about over a third of the way through and will finish up later, but for now, here also are some screenshots in order of their appearance in the film:
















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The few who have taken the time to look into this all are in no doubt . The secret government has unbelievable advanced technology in all areas , teleportation , fleets of UFO type craft ,wormhole tech for moving large craft around , time travel , anti gravity tech , de aging , mind wipe , cloning, directed energy weapons , an off world empire with about a million humans .


Even the hard nose sceptic Alex Jones ( who doesn't believe ET's are at the root of the conspiracy ) has come to believe this . He talks to many generals and top military people off record who know of this . 


Alex Jones said this in a broadcast a few months after Trump was elected  


 AJ..."What does NASA know that we haven't been told ?? We have a breakaway civilisation here ..we have a whole system of 50 years advanced technologies , that's confirmed ...life extension you name it ...Trump is still trying to get access to all this (information) ..they're trying to keep it walled off from him, keep him in the dark that's why there's a governmental mutiny going on..."  

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Hi Oz,


Yeah you are correct in all of that, I've heard it from many insiders too. I've actually never heard Alex Jones talk about it but I haven't listened to him in years. Maybe he has changed up his content a bit but I prefer to get the information from people who have worked in the industry or for government.


That guy Al Bielek who I posted one of his presentations that you seemed to enjoy, in one of them he mentioned briefly how the Nazi's found age regression and that Josef mengele had used it and was living years younger in NY after WWII.


I find all this stuff so fascinating.


Here are a few images I found from a quick search of "vimana flying machine".


I'm going to try and finish up the film tonight.





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