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Liverpool Compulsory Vaccination 1853, FREE OF CHARGE - Covid-19 Protest 17th-18th October - Memetics to "Misinformation Fact Checkers"


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Freddie/Eddie - Prince Albert V Duke of Clarence, the queen who could never be king, died of syphilis said to be pneumonia at a time of mass eugenics because of the Industrial Revolution, reducing the useless eaters by way of forced mass vaccination under the guise of a pandemic. The pandemic was the vaccination…

Freddie died of pneumonia apparently because of AIDS.

Both seem to have been medically euthanised.


It’s a kind of magic - all the worlds a stage…


Queen - A Kind of Magic



Frankenstein 1994 - Vaccine - Doctors & Murderers


Prototype 1983 - Christopher Plumber TV Movie - Frankenstein - Transhuman AI Android - SuperSoldier



Mock Up on Mu


The Word Made Flesh - Energy/Biophotons/Life Force/Prana - Stolen Life Force



Cancel Christmas 🎄 666



The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise 🌈 

Jack the Ripper (1988) Trailer

Intruders 2014


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Mock Up On Mu


David Bowie the link between Transhumanism and Transgender ⚧ Agenda - Mind Control - What are “The Cobalt Wars”? - Black Noise/Sound Bomb 💣 Club of Rome “Sustainable Development” Scam


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