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Jayse from Melbourne seeking connection

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Hi David and Gareth, my name is Jason barley, I live(am stuck in) in Melbourne Australia :( .. I care for my retired disabled father Roy. We are both currently separated by circumstances of the lockdown here.. I'm currently doing everything i can to get my family to understand what's really going on, struggling day by day with mums cognitive dissonance to get her to watch plandemic series, it's taken her 3 days to get through half of it with constant heartfelt emotional displays needed each time to get her to be receptive. I'm currently doing everything I can think of community-wise around here to turn this around, I need help! I need to talk to people like you amazing gentleman, new ideas and angles I can take to get the truth out there!! I also had a run in with a Victorian highway patrol officer a few nights ago, I was pulled over for no reason other than a random stop.. after being threatened by the officers that my friend and I would receive 1600$(more than I get in a month) fine for breaching covid restrictions by being in the same vehicle together, after I defended my rights and explained that there was a massive protest coming and this nonsense would all be over soon, the officer firmly told me "look mate, when you have a job and a boss you do as your told".. after he claimed " he hoped there was a big protest and it made the stage 4 go longer and all those idiots get fines" they then concluded I was guilty of driving under the influence of cannabis, which I do use at night to get to sleep in all this chaos but never before I drive.. puts me straight to sleep! Iv contacted the local police to get the body cam footage because I believe a lot of the statements I made to these officers would ring strong and true with Aussies and the world really help our cause of sharing knowledge especially with law enforcement.. therefore I'm hoping there's any assistance I can get to draw notoriety to this cry for help, and hopefully justice will be served :) love to all, jayse.

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