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I think I may be an interdimensional energy being.


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It's not something you just become by being rich, or doing alot of studying on the occult. Infact, if anything, the occult is one of those dark alleys we interdimensional energy beings don't know anything about because its so concealled and we stumble into the reality of our interdimensional nature long before we even realise we are the stars in another world that time forgot to tell us about. I was so enjoying my prayers to St Eros when suddenly I found my secret pleasures interrupted by an all seeing eye either staring down on me from the ceiling or staring up at me from the floor ... I didn't know which way was up our down. I was still trying to pull my underpants back up at the shock at what was watching me in a sacred place I thought I was all alone.


How rude!


I've since adjusted and I'm still lit up like a member of the illuminati. I'm not proud, nor am I ashamed. (Although to be fair, Jordan is technically married and I wouldn't dream of indulging in prayers to St Eros with her on the physical plane. All my naive days aside, a candle in the dark I was born, a candle in the light I will remain. I even see some stars in the heavens now and Ive come to learn that there's little point speaking the truth too plainly about this, as much as I would like. Such conversations are always shut down quickly. No one's ever explained why.


I don't know much about Rothschilds and Rockerfellers. I dont see those guys on my cloud. I'm stone broke and always have been. I lived the first 25 years of my life in a glass cage eventually believing my captors were crazy thinking they couldn't see the walls they blanket shut down any conversation about.


A glass cage is like a prison you can be born into. You are kept completely unaware of your spiritual side. Fed lies by way of television and half baked religion which seems to have the rituals of people who knew something but not the practice of teaching any of its meaning in relation to a spiritual realm their silence seems to flatly deny.


Whether in a cage or not, I shine regardless, but being aware of the cage, I now shine according to my own will, rather than under the manipulation of those who benefit much from keeping conversation limited to things spoken in occulted metaphors. I apologise for that but watch how the crazies gather when "We dont need a television network" is brought to the fore.


Almighty God blessed me with the ability to broadcast freely but the occult condemns people like me as lucifer in the heavens when in truth, its not the stars in the heavens who wish to lord it over the stars in heaven. Its the television networks who want the stars to not even know the heavens exist and to unwittingly emananate whatever the mind controllers would have us believe in our naivity about the nature of reality.


I'm wise to it now and so I'm hated by those who once only loved me for the power I could bring them by speaking auricals in a place they knew of but would deceive me to not believe was anything of concern to me until I died. Here I am, not quite dead. Survivor of a journey through Hades. I'm less like the genie in a bottle and more like the being from Peru David Icke met in a place beyond the earth he visited when in Peru. The Madonna ftom Maijogurie who appeared in Yugoslavia before it collapsed. The child of Prague. The history of my people is depicted on the megalithic blocks of ancient Sumer and the Bible is not the first sacred artform to describe us.


I dont have physical wings nor do I look like a faerie, but my powers in the air is honestly deniable only by those who lavk the appreciation for the subtle vibrations in this existence we all find ourselves in.


I am polite and obliging and patient by nature but my patience is wearing thin and I have no tolerance of deceivers or the overbearing. Be you different in form to me, by all means be my equal and as a brother or sister to me but try to snare me as a minion to add to your list of little people who need to obey you that you will claim you serve, I will kick you into hades myself and laugh at your devilry compared yo the hell from which no devil can escape except by way of the lake of fire and you'll get no guidance from my truths in return for your lies ... oh servant in deed!


Speak with me like we were in the presence of almighty god from which you cant even hide that embarrassing moment you put a finger up your butt and in a world of plain honesty, where certain private personal matters are private personal business, we can perhaps acknowledge that there is much injustice in this world.


Since the holy ghost exists and since David Icke is, as the spirit of the son of god, in union with it, since I am an angel in the heavens, a fairy in otherworld, a supernatural being with physical flesh, a god on Olympus, an everburning fire, elohim in terrestria, a soul in zion, a muslim in the holy land, a chinese ghost, a citizen in the eternal city, etc, etc, etc,...


Any questions?


What would you like me to say at the great assembly in the sky?


Any fellow space travellers?

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