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Immigration from the Stars!

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So, I was reading into ancient translations of Machu Picchu in the past, and in the ancient writings it portrays a little bit of complaining about immigration of a lighter group of people (not colonials, but before then). It may have been reference to really old roots, and the writer of it may have simply been saying what was passed down = older then "their roots" Mu and Atlantis. The guy may have been saying "I am a linage of substance" and we have been here. Now, this aligns with both DNA evidence now and more esoteric information that is channeled. 


Now, from the top channelers many truthers know before Atlantis and ancient Mu, there was an immigration of Syrians 100-200 thousand years before them roughly speaking. They still looked much similar to Native Americans, just really dark.


Well, I was just now reading the genetic digest, a Native American from the Blackfeet tribe got a test and he traces a lot of his genetics back to Pacific Islanders versus the old story of Siberian genetics. The genetic research says it happened by boat not by foot! More so, from a few psychics, I know that the survivors of ancient Mu took off in boats to California and some stopped where? ?? Hawaii!!!!!


It would be interesting if this has any substance, what is known as a Native American would be Mu genetics, Syrian (I believe is the term, dont quote) genetics, and possibly even along with caveman groups all mixing. They did start in North America 100-200 thousand years before people from the planet where Atlantis and Mu came from came here. I have heard people go back far as 500 thousand years before Atlantis/Mu. 


Along with all that other additive genetics we dont want to admit to. In an episode of Jerry Springer, "who's the daddy"??? lol We dont need to know I guess!! lol :)








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Between 3000 to 2500 BC ancestors of the Incas domesticated llamas and alpacas. The ancestors of the Incas were hunters who came from Asia crossing the Bering Strait.


Which is now false b/c it was by boat, but I almost see a censoring of information about Machu Picchu in general. 


The text that I am referring to may have been ancient burial sites.


I do know that there is a blend of genetics going on, and it is fact of this immigration before Atlantis/Mu. 


Back to the history books, they are saying that the oldest group of people are from 7,000 years ago in South America. When oral traditions of many tribes describe much older times. It seems a bit off to me. Almost like white washing what I have learned from actual history books, I dont know if its an alignment change or a timeline change or what. Its just off and or they are purposely hiding certain things about SA. 


You can't play land rights games with Native Americans and that migration 100-200 thousand years before Atlantis/Mu to Earth. lol


This almost reminds of what they did to the Great Pyramids that have water erosion. Falsifying names to hide history!!! A newer pharaoh wanted his legacy to be the pyramids, so he falsified documents. All these numbers arent what I read in text books all my life. Just 5000-7000?? lol lol :) I dont think so!!!! 



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Some scientist are saying South America was settled just in 1400 bc!!!


These are figures I have never heard about before, so is it censoring perhaps??


Dont read past the dotted line. 


I think they are hiding something big time. 


I think the last science research I read into had the earliest civilizations in South American ticketed at in the teens, possible early to mid 20,000. Although, I believe b.c of my esoteric studies that everything is older, I remember figures for ancient SA civilizations being much older in science as well. 


It could be, like my gut is telling me, is that some people promote lower numbers to promote land rights as more of their own. You just got here 5,000 years ago. lol Thats a promotion with an agenda. The oldest from the Americas would of outdated Atlantis by about 100,000 years or more., then there is the esoteric debate of how old Atlantis was. 

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