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Desire And The Illusion


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You can see the illusion, but your eyes cant see past it. You know the lines and squares are all synchronised and straight. But the illusion is too big for your eyes. We see it, but its too big and there is too much going on.. You focus on one part of the illusion first, and you notice the lines and squares are straight and in sync, while outside of your focus the rest of the illusion is present.


What illusion did we fall for? DESIRE and MATERIALISM.


If we all continue to focus our eyes and our mind on the illusion we follow then we wont completely see the illusions all around us.. We follow Desire and Materialism. We choose Materialism and it created the illusion that we are loved by it. When we all Reject Desire For Material Things, you will understand who truly Loved you... When you stop chasing material things and Money you will know who really loved you.


In one hand you have been presented with nothing else But Love, And in the other hand you have chosen Material Desires. But You Cant Have Both.. You will see... Someone will reject you in the world because you stopped desiring money or material things. You would not afford Love.. But that is when you understand who really loved you..


Or You Might Be Someone That Likes The Cleverness of the illusion?


Choose Love, Over Material Desires.. And You Will See Past the Big Illusion..


Who Desires Money? Who Desires Power? Who Lets The TV tell them What to Desire? Who Desires Mobile Phones And The Addiction With Them? Who Desire An Expensive Car?

These Desires And Control Mechanisms Enslave, They Don't Bring Freedom..


Real Love Does Not Present You With The Need For Material Things In Order To Be Loved.. You Will Know When You Having No Material Things.. Rejection, You Cant Afford Love.. Unless You Only Desire Love, Or Only Have Love On Offer.. I just had a deja vu..


That Song " Freed From Desire " Mind And Senses Purified "


God Offers Love..








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Materialism is nothing but an illusion of this world to keep you chasing and grasping for grapes you cannot reach, its an illusion for the foolish, by all means spend and live within your means but be prepared for everything and anything and your a winner, play the game but remember its only a game and you only go round once, the one with the biggest toys wins is what they want you to think lol

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Materialism is supposed to keep people in what computer programmers call "an infinite loop".


Money, property, bills, rent, credit, debt... bla bla bla...


People go round and round in that loop from the time they leave their parents' house, to the time they die.


And science keeps telling them all along - there is not God, there is no Angels, there is no Metaphysical.


Just you, and your physical body and material belongings.


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