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Bulll Shitters United; WHO now condems lockdowns!


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Freudian backflipp when it suites the overall NWO Technocracy agenda !  

The World Health Organisation has backflipped on its original COVID-19 stance after calling for world leaders to stop locking down their countries and economies.



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Whatever emanates from a bogus 'authority' using its usurped influence and power to support the drug market is unreliable by nature, and I can't imagine that there be straight and honest people working for such an organization…


The WHO stated that masks were no efficient protection against 'the virus' and what did it change ?... but we got 11 mandatory vaccines for babies and the WHO will never question it : it's just a bogus institution intended to give business on health a pretense of 'respectability', and then the medical industry and corporation may go as far as required beyond the WHO's 'recommendations', which they never fail to do…


What's an 'authority' that got NO authority ?


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It doesent matter what the WHO says. They know why they did it, they know the outcome.

Admitting something like they do now, only further tries to sell you the idea we have a real threat at hand.

The only threat there is are these "elite" people, psychopaths by nature.


When they say something it only has the purpose of pushing the agenda along.


It might be that a complete lockdown would result into a high risk of pushback and they try to find different means for the same goal.

It might be that lockdowns are comming anyway and this is just PR speech.


Their goal is to destroy independent livelihoods, never forget that.

We know that because they already admitted it and shown it in practice.

They simply dont care, whatever they say to sell their narrative.


The term "new normal" should be enough information for anyone in doubt.

They are criminals and always will be criminals.

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