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33s everywhere

Foggy Dewhurst

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Hoax code,Freemason code,whatever you want to call it there is no doubt that 33 is used to convey the message in the mass media.


It was ubiquitous in articles as the plandemic psyop was rolled out.


Then Trump contracted the kungflu 33 days prior to the election.


Our treacherous mps got £3,300 payrise for not opposing the tyranny.


Numbers are used to encode many things.


Here's one to try,what is 2020 divided by 666?

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The 33rd degree of scottish rite freemasonry is 'ordo ab chao': order from the chaos


That is the method being deployed in the covid flu-scare hysteria. They are using the chaos of a hyped global pandemic to act as the cover for their complete remodeling of the global economy to create a top down system of technocratic control and to turn the world into a giant technocratic gulag

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Some 33 codings to look out for:


The initials CC. C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet so CC = 33


In Pythagorean numerology*, the following words equal 33:






* A=1,B=2,C=3,D=4,E=5,F=6,G=7,H=8,I=9,J=1,k=2,L=3,M=4,N=5,O=6,P=7,Q=8,R=9,S=1,T=2,U=3,V=4,W=5,X=6,Y=7,Z=8

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