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Just hoping

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On 10/17/2020 at 1:22 AM, allymisfit said:

Best to be on the safe side haha! 

Kitty doesn't look too pleased about the face covering madness. Even the cats know it's madness!


Here is a photo of Merlin. Mr sophisticated puss pants 🤣 (wee bugger loves to beat up other cats behind the neighbour's shed). 

But he is very docile to humans. Just hates other cat lol. 


Haha looks like he has just got his master's degree. His a beaut. Very characteristic.

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Black and white one first cat I had since about 4. Purchased for a mouser. Loyal like a dog, ruthless killer. Protective of US. Hated other cats but would greet anyone that came to the house. One of those pets you never forget. Sadly this was taken when she was an old lady. Had to get her eye removed can't remember why now. But she lived a happy life.


Second cat sadly died too. She was my cat than a family pet. Used to wake with her on my pillow in winter months. Would spend the rest of the summer nights out all night long. More of a wild cat than a family loving pet. She wasn't exactly friendly. Still loved her.



I know it's not a dog thread but these were my grandparents dogs. Always had greyhounds.





Greyhounds are my favourite dogs. The current one we have below is another lovely madam. Rescued her a couple of years ago. Was a bit vicious with other dogs when we first got her, never had a greyhound like that before. Had to muzzle her but she is fine now and wants to meet other dogs even little ones. Think it was fear. 


She is strong willed. Does what she wants. And she will lay in her bed in the morning like a human and won't get up to greet you 😂. Strange old thing.



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On 10/23/2020 at 1:05 PM, Pre-Raphaelite said:

t2014 1.jpg

You know it's quite annoying I don't miss those early winter mornings and your tired getting up for work and the cat decides to stretch out and take your space all snug. Used to make me jealous. 

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On 10/22/2020 at 2:35 PM, CaerSidi said:

Some idiotic arse wipe where I live has threatened to poison any cats as he is convinced they carry the Rona
I have kept my baby safe indoors since March as she is precious to me and I cant take the risk 


She's lovely x

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On 5/14/2021 at 10:52 PM, Fluke said:

Haha looks like he has just got his master's degree. His a beaut. Very characteristic.





haha, made me laugh.... he looks as 'mean as hell!'..... 'love him'


[sorry, misquoted.... my comment should of quoted the picture of Merlin, it was not meant to be a response to 'Fluke's' comment as it is now]

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