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What 'flu' is…


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The public got fed so much computer generated reality that they can't figure out the simplest evidence anymore, not to forget that they've lost all common sense or perspective and that all they can take today is what's been first processed for them like with food.


Not only do people firmly believe that 'progresses' were made but also that they themselves somehow grew 'smarter' than 150 years ago, which means that 90% of the population actually ALWAYS missed the point because if back in the 1800's you could hardly access the basic knowledge, by the time it was made widely affordable it was replaced by FAIRY TALES your great grand-father's children won't even have believed…


Amidst common health conditions is one affecting the respiratory tract and which is induced by either temperatures changes (mostly to wet cold) or air pollution whether bacterial or fungal ('miasma') or even chemical… Three stages to this health condition : first the 'common cold', then bronchitis and eventually pneumonia, all three whatever their cause and agent inducing irritation of internal body tissues leading to their inflammation, only the last pneumonia stage being likely to induce uncontrollable bacterial or fungal proliferation which modern Medicine renamed as 'infection'…


Again infection, contamination, contagion and immunization are all milestones to the mythology forged by our profit oriented 'modern' Medicine to justify its criminal business with public health, so please put these myths aside and consider common sense for a while…


Flu's first stage AKA 'cold' affects the upper respiratory tract from the nasal cavity to the trachea, irritation or inflammation of the concerned tissues inducing headache, sneezing and eyes irritation, then if persisting it allows said irritation and inflammation to reach bronchi and it's the second stage with deeper symptoms like fever, cough and expectoration.


'Fever' by the way is just the fact of blood converging to the inflamed tissue's location and when blood concentrates in some part of the body then it gives the illusion that this one 'heats up', but did you notice that when having fever you also feel cold at the same time ? It's where blood is missing but never where temperature gets checked… Back in the 1970's yet we were put in bed and well covered in order to HELP fever, and the morning after the flu was gone with no medication…


Now getting to the last 'pneumonia' stage where inflammation ends its course to heal on its own and this practically no matter the 'treatment' unless the metabolism got weakened in one of the above mentioned circumstances. A mouse doesn't kill an elephant so your body doesn't need antibiotics to get rid of some thousands bacteria, but the most dangerous type of proliferation is fungal in lungs that are a wet environment by nature, which means that the most deadly cause of pulmonary condition is environmental as for instance poor housing where moisture gets inhaled for hours. I once spent a night in rotten country motel and for a while I thought I's being dying the morning after, made me like a short endocarditis seizure and then faded away by noon.


'Miasma' may sound like it's fantasy but they're real since odors themselves may contain spores and bacteria and induce what's hypocritically called 'allergies', among which something strangely resembling common cold… Sunlight instantly kills bacteria but won't break into poor confined and dark housings… or during a lockdown…


You here got the explanation of what a flu is the way a good doctor of the 1800's would have put it only with additional and scientific details, but it's the basis principle applicable to most health conditions that are nothing but cleansing cycles including several stages that were 'isolated' to make each of them a brand new 'disease'… All that in the only interest of Medicine your health… You couldn't count how many times it was alluded to the interest of Medicine your health in the medical literature…


If COVID-19 even existed but wasn't flu then WHAT else could it be ?... 'Black Death' ?


Most people at this hour know or should know it's all fake, so what are they waiting for ?... a third and probably final world war ?


The Western civilization is done and it's been a 'model';  weather and climate got disrupted probably forever and the whole mankind got corrupted by consumerism, but is pressing red buttons hoping it solve everything the only solution ?


It's what we've been doing so far and where did it lead us to ? 



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