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Where does Authority Reside?


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All authority is internal authority



We have been deceived into projecting our authority into external institutions, seeking to control our realities by their view of the world and imposed direction for various groups, even if it be to pit group against group and ultimately be toward our own demise.


Religion against Religion, Nation against Nation.


Just as we have been deceived into projecting our fears, hatred, frustrations and all things evil into a force outside ourselves, creating a constant state of frustration and self denial, as though we are cuckolding half of our own minds by dividing ourselves. Ultimately, restraining the mind as a whole, while being within a state of chronic frustration.



This creates a state of Cuckold Consciousness.


Subjugation, like wearing a mask and a role, limited as being you and your ultimately identity and potential.
A limitation instead of expansive, capable of a realisation of true unity, yet self empowering, not enslavement.



The war is internal and the great deception exists to bamboozle people of and from this reality. To keep people enslaved and under control of someone else's ideals of order for how they feel the world ought to be.



This mentality is what allows a people behind the direction of the transformation of society, from one state of the world to another, for a New World Order to exist.




By a people surrounding their authority away and being directed by a governor of their minds they may not even see or feel exists, as their mind has become someone else's mind and is a sum total of a state of conditioning by that of a predator, no different to how a child is groomed and sexually exploited.

Our minds are exploited in such a fashion from cradle to grave by the imposition of "external authorities" until the surrendering of our power becomes the norm and is accepted as though those whom usurp this power have the divine right to rule our lives and is not just another kids cartoon...



When do we say no thanks?

Our minds have been hypnotised by no more no less than a fairytale.

We can be misled via the sensation of the false light toward our doom and deny the fact that this road has been paved for us to take, as it's simply easier to do so, to follow the comfortable sensation that comes with compliance and following the crowd...



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This was the video taken down on YT after being posted for 3 years previously 🤔

It's not in violation of any copyright grounds at all, it has been on YT for a long time, via another channel also, it isn't even the full version just a shorter one I thought more people may take the time to listen...


Here's another copy, if it's removed again, it's called


ACCEPTING YOUR SHADOW SIDE Alan Watts celebrates Carl Jung by Paul SIDDALL


Don't have a Cow...


The moral is, if we cling to one side of ourselves too much, we destroy ourselves and our reality. Ideas are dangerous, because they can be made bulletproof.

Especially, "the wrong ones".

So, don't take any idea too seriously, that's one guaranteed way to lose your mind 👌



Our reality is neither spiritual or system.

It's both otherwise we are war with ourselves, our brains 🧠 working against us, as it leaves something out we can't compute into our ideas, so we ignore it.

This becomes the shadow of our minds.

The shadow of our reality and existence.

It's dangerous because it can destroy the ideas and reality you made real, stimulating these subconscious drives invites fear and uncertainty because we know no other way than that which is threatened and it can appear is if our very ground of being is fallen apart if this thread is pulled on, so we seek to avoid it. At least, until something demands we challenge what we previously perceived as being real.

It maybe Covid-19 or a Psychedelic experience. Both are only dangerous when they're in the wrong hands, which inspires the wrong intent behind them. Intentionality is important and so is retrieving your senses and acceptance of both "sides" of yourself.

As we have divided ourselves as much as we are being divided for the sake of this control system.

Our reality is the projection of our minds, while someone else seeks to bamboozle us into their way of thinking to control us via indoctrinating their reality as being ours.


Destroy the Image and you will Break the Enemy...


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