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How about starting a new political party..THE TRUTH PARTY


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A party that made truth its mission would get nowhere.  The idea is based on a misunderstanding of human nature.  People don't want to be told the truth.  They want to be told lies (or distortions of the truth) that suit them and help them get through life, and that's not necessarily a bad thing - for average people.  Is democracy based on truth?  Equality?  Free speech?  These are all lies tailored to the average person.  In reality, human equality is impossible, but pretending it exists or can exist is a nice delusion that helps to keep things running.


If you started telling people truths, they'd hate you for it.


That's apart from the problem of who decides what the truth is.  What if I disagree with you about what amounts to truth?  Do I then form the Real Truth Party, to compete with your Truth Party?

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I had an idea a couple of years ago for a new political party.


"The Different Party"


Not 'red', 'blue', 'yellow' (or 'green')


Not 'left-wing', not 'right-wing'.


Just 'different'.


I gave up when I realised I didn't have all the answers, and its all very well coming up with 'policies' but you also need to have an idea of the infrastructure changes required in order to bring these changes about.


Fractional reserve banking


Common Purpose

The monarchy


Promises to 'lower taxes', 'put more bobbies on the beat', 'lower immigration' are just window dressing policies.


Nothing can change in this country until some party comes forward with some utterly radical pledges to break up the 'Establishment'.

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