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Asda covid 19 pharmacy fallacy

ian kelsall

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I would like a medical expert to unpack and debunk Asda's chief pharmacist's baffling statement about contracting the flu AND covid 19. It was my understanding that Covid IS a type of flu, and did not know that you can apparently have two versions of the flu AT THE SAME TIME...

Maq Din, lead pharmacist at Asda Pharmacy, said: “The sad truth is that there is an increased mortality risk if you catch Covid-19 when you already have the flu.

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6 hours ago, Comedy Time said:

It's called coinfection and it most definitely can occur. 




Yes, that is absolutely correct.


But the point is that surely no-one really knows exactly what COVID is, especially since the specific coronavirus that supposedly causes it has never been isolated.

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43 minutes ago, Enforcement said:

The CDC is not independent, it is a vaccine selling company which sells over $4billion of vaccines every year.


The WHO is run by a former terrorist.


Either you are wilfully ignorant or hilariously naive.


Which is it?


Nice false dichotomy. They have isolated the virus in numerous places. I'm guessing that you will say they are all lying because it makes such a nice conspiracy.


Who says that the WHO boss with his questionable past means that CDC haven't isolated a virus? How are the two linked?


Who says that companies that create vaccines aren't capable of isolating the thing they attempt to create a vaccine for?


You're either intrinsically entrenched in a belief system or incapable of seeing anything that contradicts it. Oh wait...that's the same thing!

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