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Great little doc about the benefits of this Indonesian plant and the attempts of local US gov't to quash access to it.


I've been using kratom for a couple of years to help deal with sciatica and mild anxiety.  In small doses, kratom works very well in dealing with pain, anxiety, and from what I hear, opiate withdrawal.  In larger doses it can be inebriating.  Different strains bring different results: green and white strains are energizing while red and gold strains are relaxing.  An added benefit is it seems to act as a histamine as well as it completely clears up my clogged sinuses due to allergies.  Not sure if it's related but I also haven't had a cold since I started using it.  I average using 4 - 6 grams per day on work days and 2 - 4 grams on days off with an occasional break day.  There are some people who become addicted to it and I've heard of people using over 100 grams per day.  You can develop a tolerance so keeping your doses low allows your body to metabolize and flush so the kratom's effectiveness is consistent day to day.  


I searched the forum and found only a few references to this wonder plant so I thought I'd bring it up here for those who may be interested in an alternative and inexpensive solution to certain pharmaceuticals.  My 2 gram morning dose is worth 30 cents Canadian.  It is generally not legal to sell for human consumption but it is often marketed as an aromatherapy product.  A quick search should provide you with a list of online suppliers.


I sincerely hope that this post will divert some of you away from big pharma.  Be well!



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An excellent film that can show the effect of Kratom on the body, to explain the origin and effect on the body. Personally, I really liked this film, both in description and in style. He was able to invest in himself everything related to Kratom and its consequences. I myself used this substance very often before and did not even always know why I needed it. Sometimes I forgot about its effect and possible consequences. This helped me avoid depression as well as possible pain, over time. Thanks to the site that featured the kratom herb and its description.

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I drink kratom tea to help me to keep off alcohol which was starting to cause me some serious problems. Kratom is already banned in the soft totalitarian UK of course which is a shame as it is an amazing wonder plant for many things such as anxiety, pain and to give up drink and other drugs. The FDA have already also tried to ban it in the US but backed off after some resistance. It does not taste so good but the effects are nice relaxation. You wake up the next day feeling refreshed and relaxed instead of hungover. I can see how that would upset pharma and governments  who would rather have you sick and keep their monopolies. Like anything you should not overdo it and not use it too often. I have no desire to drink anymore since using kratom.


Kratom has an inbuilt mechanism to prevent you taking too much- Too much kratom will make you puke. So you have to treat it with respect.

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