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Why are people afraid of the FACTS about Jewish Leaders and Oligarchs

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Harvard University’s more than 40 chaplains have unanimously elected an atheist to be the new president of its chaplains’ organization.

Greg Epstein, 44, a humanist who was raised in a Jewish household, will begin as president of the Harvard chaplains this week.



“teaching students about the progressive movement that centers people’s relationships with one another instead of with God.”



According to his bio, Epstein’s special areas of interest include “ethics in technology; meaning and purpose beyond religion; existentialism and humanism in literature and popular culture; developing healthy masculinity from a feminist perspective; secular humanistic Judaism; racial justice and healing; and the philosophy and practice of interfaith work.”


IOW, ''relaionships with one another instead of with God'', meaning no real authority but the rules of the social world, aka a (potential) road to communism.


''feminist perspective'', ''racial justice'', ''Judaism''.

Notice how Judaism is set apart by him, but no other religion (inferior gentile faiths). The Jews will be the guide of course...


Incredible how there can be so many clues in so little space. Right in your face! 🙃




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jewish Created Gulag Wins Battle For Right To Electrically Shock Special Needs Children

The Judge Rotenberg Center recently won in a federal appeals court, so they are once again allowed to use electric shock devices on mentally handicapped children.






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jewish Supremacists Admit White Genocide Is Their Objective

jews will one minute kvetch about “conspiracy theorists” who say jews are out to destroy White people, while the next minute they are admitting that’s their goal.


2:19min video/


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