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Why are people afraid of the FACTS about Jewish Leaders and Oligarchs

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3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

But the term 'nazi' is a very specific thing. It was a political party from germany that pursued nationalist socialism. Marxists are authoritarian control freaks but you wouldn't call them 'nazis'. To call anyone you dislike a 'nazi' is misleading and is not going to help the situation

I dont like people who attempt to construe things I said mean something I never intended but I wouldn't call them Nazis. Given the tightness with which you would apply the word "Nazi", Nazi's stopped existing the moment the allies won the war since the party was by then dissolved. Claust Barbie, caught in the Lyon country side at the age of 86 in the mid 1980s is technically not a nazi since the party only existed for a decade and a half.


The thing that makes a nazi, a nazi (in the very meaning of the word in the English speaking world) wasn't just membership of a paty that uses some label (in this instance 'Nazi') but its ideology, its policies, its practices. If a party with a different name came along using a different flag but having word for policies that amounts to the same thing that Nazis are decried for, I wouldn't call it exageration to call such a party Nazi even if they went by a different name. "New Labour", well thats a bit Tory isn't it? Even the Conservative Party would reject it is the same thing as the Tory Party, the same as the liberal democratics wouldn't call themselves the Whigs.


Regardless of the labels when someone's always changing corporation names, surely its the quality of a thing that is most definitively what a thing is. If we call a mouse a keyboard and call a keyboard a mouse, nothing has changed in the semantic of what these things are by the quality of what they do. If we swap arount the words by which we label the things, nothing in reality changes but the language which becomes confused.


If you contend that Nazis dont exist since the party was disbanded in 1945, then your on a thread discussing nothingness. How strange! It would be better had you never miscontrued me to mean 'people I dont like' when I used the word Nazi.


I refer to the ideology attributed to the Nazis by the people who beat them. If the Jews were to form a party advocating physician assisted death for those that the laws and administration of their party deemed mentally ill, I would say "Well thats a bit Nazi" because this was one of the first policies put into practice by the actual Nazis in the pre-war "peace" in 1933. Those deemed to have lives not worthy of living were simply put down by the medical profession. The lucky ones were "volunteered" for medical experimentation to improve things for "the society as a whole" which for those deemed to be mentally ill by the criminally insane was anything but their "society" at all but a newly formed society which had not omly declared war on the Weimar state but the values which had held the Christian world together since the dark ages.


You could contend that such inhumane practices went on in Britain also, and Im sure they did as we still carry significant bad karma today that was created in the era of the Eugenicists from the turn of the 1900's. What do I say of the Eugenics movement? "Well thats a bit Nazi isn't it?" What do you say? "The Eugenics movement pre-existed the Nazi party!" It seems something is lost in the meaning conveyed by a word between us and theres no possibility your construence of anything I say could be of value to anyone if you have no word in your vocabularly to describe the semantic of I mean by Nazi.


If you happen to agree with the human on human exploitative system of slavery and cannibalistic use of peoples bodies backed by the violence of the state, then maybe the reason you cant see what I mean by the word Nazi is lost on you is because you cast no reflection in the mirror while sucking on other peoples blood. What would you call the organ "donation" flip where the state deems itself ultimus heaeres to our flesh unless we have the where-with-all to opt-out which they could just as easily flip away. I would say "Thats a bit Nazi" and it has nothing to do with whether the changes to what they call "law" was introduced by the German Workers Party of Great Britain, The Conservative Party, the Tory Party, or the secret Jewish Party so secretive that it excludes lots of jews and includes lots of non-jews.


Is there a word in YOUR vocabularly to describe extremely evil policies carried out by a state making laws which are unfavourable to justice in and of itself?


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19 minutes ago, Steph said:

Is there a word in YOUR vocabularly to describe extremely evil policies carried out by a state making laws which are unfavourable to justice in and of itself?


I know you directed your comment to another member, but I would use the word Satanic and not the

in vogue "Nazi" description. 


Stalin and his cronies, many of whom were Jewish are let off the hook by the MSM and Governments for their evilness. Why is that?


People don't say you're an evil Bolshevik do they.


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2 hours ago, Steph said:

You could contend that such inhumane practices went on in Britain also, and Im sure they did as we still carry significant bad karma today that was created in the era of the Eugenicists from the turn of the 1900's. What do I say of the Eugenics movement? "Well thats a bit Nazi isn't it?" What do you say? "The Eugenics movement pre-existed the Nazi party!" It seems something is lost in the meaning conveyed by a word between us and theres no possibility your construence of anything I say could be of value to anyone if you have no word in your vocabularly to describe the semantic of I mean by Nazi.


What you are saying here is a very important point Steph because YES the eugenics movement did pre-date the nazis


The nazis were really just a flash in the pan. They were nationalist socialists which i would see as a particular way of organising society


If we are to understand the full scope of the conspiracy which pre-dates the nazis and continued on after the nazis were crushed then yes we shouldn't go throwing the word 'nazi' around at anyone we think is authoritarian


So understanding everything in its correct context is one reason for being careful with the term but another reason is to avoid conflating leftwing authoritarianism with nationalist socialism.


The marxists are also authoritarians yet you wouldn't call them 'nazis'. We need to see that the problem here is CENTRALISED POWER and that it doesn't matter who is weilding that whether its state-capitalists, state-socialists or nationalist socialists it is always going to lead to corruption and exploitation


If you call human experimentation 'a bit nazi-ish' then you won't see how the same people that were behind the rise of the bolsheviks were the same people who built up the nazis war machine and that they are the same people behind the zionist state as well as the same people behind state-capitalism which is to mean the cosy arrangement between the mega-corporation and central banks and the governments


Nazism was used to achieve certain objectives for those people which is to say to create a conflict out of which a third way will emerge: TECHNOCRACY and china is their testing ground for that. That cabal of people have controlled china since mao, who they helped into power.


They play both wings of the dialectic and the nazis are only one piece of the puzzle not the whole puzzle so we need to use our terms correctly

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What about golden retriever throwing around the word Satanism. I know what it means in the vernacular (just evil - the same meaning as lucifer and devil) but in the non vernacular it has a very specific meaning as Satanism isnt just any kind of devilry but a very specific type of devilry and if I were to tell you that lucifer is a satanic accusation made against angels upon entry to the heavens, how would you feel about the use of technical language in regards to the spiritual matters where the world of nazis versus bolsheviks versus political theatres on the earthly plane are filled with technicalities that are unneccesary in conveying basic meanings to people who have reached levels of literacy where they can now understand the the five word sentences which appear in the Daily Mail.


The plain fact of the matter is that if we recognise evil to be evil and the complexties involved in it we should avoid the use of technical language to convey it to people whose history was only made up yesterday and hardly describes the full course of events which lead from the first tower to overthrow the natural liberties of mankind to the place we are at today where our very souls are now sought after like commodities not as a matter of a contract with the devil but as a matter of being born into bondage which does not speak the truth of the slavery and servitude which goes on so unspoken in this so called democracy that the very annunciation of its existence is terrifying to the slave and unbelieved by those for whom nothing yet has been announced.


Shall I explain a thing as a portable hand held earth excavating tool or shall I dispense with the complexities of technical language and call it a spade. If we are agreed that the Nazis were one most prominent example of this evil which burnt witches, persecuted saints, crucified jews, etc etc then why should we call it satanism in an age where religious language is so abolished that people just switch off. No better name has been given to what I call Nazis than that described by John as the number DCLXVI since to John, there was no better way to hide the meaning of that which was persecuting his world. They rampaged through Judea slaughtering any they considered unfit and they had already taken control of all the prominent political positions by the time John's king was being crucified. Any sanhedrin arising from the those who remained with any power in Judea at that time are certainly recorded in the Torah to be very wrong because their circumcission of the flesh is decried from what was historic back then to be a grevious era since the truth circumcission was of the soul and not of the flesh and it was a practice carried out for the protection of both the males and females, both the children of Hebrews and those who were of good services - a favour - as for snipping off the foreskin of the males penis - well thats a sacreligous in the Torah.


That's as sacreligous as the alters which have been engraved in cathedrals.


Paganism would be a far better religion than those who hold the barley shell of ritual and literature surrounding these ancient spiritual "always was always will be" truths but seem to lack any will or ability to convey the very things which would be the essence of a true religion. They are only as true as their rituals and arts continue to be reconstituted. Take away that and and its just a guy saying whatever nonsense he seen on TV that day before a congregation of people who believe the material world is all there is. As for the DCLXVI, well thats about as likely to forget the truth as I am to forget everything it failed to mention when telling us all about this wonderful democracy with human rights protected by the rule of law we are supposed to be living in.


Try conveying this to someone watching the BBC and calling that "truth". They havent even begun to suspect the real political system, the fact that the BBC is a player within it and not the impartial medium of truth it pretends itself to be. As for the matters of lucifer and satan in the world beyond the world beyond that which the naive and the fallen would never dare to believe, whats the point?


A nazi is a nazi because a nazi means nazi to people who know what the nazis are reknowned for. It shouldnt matter whether nazi style things are done against jews or by jews or even against people who form a group within society who dont even know they are a group kept in separation due to qualities they have the system which exploits their souls keeps secret from them. Its a bit nazi. No technical language or long winded descriptions required.


Exploitation of vulnerable people by those who consider their might gives them right. Shall we call it the DCLXVI as John describes from 2 millenia ago? If the people who listen to the tower of babel who speak babel understand this to mean "thats a bit nazi" why get technical when in babylonian anything beyond this is something theyve been programmed to call "conspiracy theory".


Call a spade a spade instead of arguing over the meaning of words.

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17 hours ago, Steph said:

What about golden retriever throwing around the word Satanism.


Call a spade a spade instead of arguing over the meaning of words.


I am calling a spade a spade. Its you who is trying to call forks and hoes and every other tool a spade. I'm the one saying they all have different names


Re GR speaking about 'satanism' I would say that the people who are behind the bolsheviks and the rise of the nazi war machine leading to world war are the same people behind chairman mao in china. Please see from 18 minutes onwards in the clip below to see how mao was put into power by the skull and bones clique


So who are these people? Ill address that, but you also ask what we should call them and I'll discuss that too


So on the political level they are CORPORATE SOCIALISTS who are funding both the authoritarian-left and the authoritarian-right to create a hegelian dialectic struggle out of which they are creating their third way which is TECHNOCRACY where they will be the technocrats running the world government (see my next post below this one for an excerpt from a recent RT article on corporate socialism)


Behind the political level though they are occultists working with kabbalistic magic and if we want to ascribe a name to that I would say they are SABBATEAN-FRANKISTS and yes they absolutely work through the secret society network of freemasonry and knights of malta etc



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Who funds the riotous American left & why? The globalist billionaire class, which uses it to build corporate socialism

Michael Rectenwald

is an author of ten books, including the most recent, Beyond Woke. He was Professor of Liberal Arts at NYU from 2008 through 2019. Follow him on Twitter @TheAntiPCProf

12 Oct, 2020 15:43
Why do giant corporations and billionaires fund Black Lives Matter and Antifa, both avowed socialist groups? And why do the leftists accept their aid? They both want a kind of socialism, but only one of them could get their way.

If you’re at all familiar with the corporate and billionaire funding sources behind Black Lives Matter and Antifa and the socialist commitments of these groups and their leaders, you’ve probably wondered why the ‘capitalist class’ would support a movement whose doctrine is apparently antithetical to their own interests. Aren’t these funders capitalists after all, and don’t capitalists naturally oppose socialism?

And why do American leftists dance like marionettes attached to strings pulled by globalist billionaires? Don’t they understand that they’re actually serving the masters they claim to oppose?

The answer is not so simple as the World Socialist Website suggests: “The aims of the Black Lives Matter movement are aligned with those of Wall Street and the US government.” Nor is the answer that BLM/Antifa have merely ‘sold out’ to capitalists. Nor is the donor class making a mistake, or merely interested in racial equality. The answer is that the corporate and billionaire elites prefer a kind of socialism – namely, ‘corporate socialism’.

Corporate socialism

And what is corporate socialism? Corporate socialism is not merely government bailouts for corporations. It is a two-tiered system of ‘actually-existing socialism’ on the ground, paralleled by a set of corporate monopolies on top. (‘Actually-existing socialism’ is a pejorative term used mostly by dissidents in socialist countries to refer to what life was really like under socialism, rather than in the perfidious books of Marx and his epigones.)

Wealth for the few, ‘economic equality’ under reduced conditions for the many – corporate socialism is a form of neo-feudalism.

In Wall Street and FDR, historian Anthony C Sutton described corporate socialism, as developed in the 19thth century, and distinguished it from state socialism, as follows: “[The] robber baron schema is also, under different labels, the socialist plan. The difference between a corporate state monopoly and a socialist state monopoly is essentially only the identity of the group controlling the power structure. The essence of socialism is monopoly control by the state using hired planners and academic sponges. On the other hand, Rockefeller, Morgan, and their corporate friends aimed to acquire and control their monopoly and to maximize its profits through influence in the state political apparatus; this, while it still needs hired planners and academic sponges, is a discreet and far more subtle process than outright state ownership under socialism…We call this phenomenon of corporate legal monopoly – market control acquired by using political influence – by the name of corporate socialism.”


What Sutton calls corporate socialism might otherwise be called ‘corporate-run socialism’ or ‘socialist capitalism’.

For both state socialists and corporate socialists, the free market is the enemy. They both seek to eliminate it. The free market threatens the system of state control in the case of state socialism. In the case of corporate socialism, the free market represents an impediment to the unhampered accumulation of wealth. The corporate socialists do not mean to eliminate profit. Quite to the contrary, they mean to increase it and keep it all to themselves.

To ensure and appreciate profits to the fullest, corporate socialists seek to eliminate competition and the free market. As Sutton wrote, for the 19th-century corporate socialists: “The only sure road to the acquisition of massive wealth was monopoly: drive out your competitors, reduce competition, eliminate laissez-faire, and above all get state protection for your industry through compliant politicians and government regulation.”

The difference between state socialism and corporate-run socialism, then, is merely that a different set of monopolists are in control. Under state socialism, the monopoly is held by the state. Under corporate socialism, the monopolists are giant corporations. But both political economies are characterized by monopoly.

And both systems use socialist-communist ideology – or the recent incarnations, ‘social justice’ or ‘woke’ ideology – to advance their agendas. For corporate socialists, corporate monopoly is the desired end and socialist ideology is among the means.

Socialist ideology works to the benefit of corporate socialists because it demonizes competition and the free market in an effort to eliminate them. This explains why capitalist corporations like Amazon and mega-wealthy capitalist donors like George Soros and Tom Steyer actually fund organizations with explicitly socialist agendas, like Black Lives Matter, and why Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other internet giants apparently favor leftist and even socialist over ‘rightwing’ content and users.


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One rule for them another rule for the rest of us.....

By backing housing charity’s ‘Jewish only’ rule, UK court drops the ball. Aren’t we all equal in Britain?

Chris Sweeney

Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Record, along with several international-selling magazines. Follow him on Twitter @Writes_Sweeney

17 Oct, 2020 06:49
A small legal challenge has turned into a precedent-setting case about whether someone in today’s Britain can be prioritised or denied housing on the basis of their religion.

The law isn’t always right and it’s not just people who can be taken hostage.

In a disgraceful decision deemed legitimate by the UK’s highest court, a single mother with four children was refused social housing – because she wasn’t a Jew.

It’s that simple. 

The charity Agudas Israel Housing Association (AIHA) owns 470 houses in the London borough of Hackney. Local authorities promised, in October 2017, the next available home to the woman and her kids, two of whom are autistic.

AIHA refused to hand over the keys to any of its SIX four-bedroom, unoccupied flats.

Their argument was it makes offers “only to members of the Orthodox Jewish community. As Britain is a secular nation, the woman’s legal team found this claim astonishing and argued it had the same sentiment as the ‘No Dogs, No Blacks, No Irish’ signs that were once displayed in some pubs. 

Lord Sales stated the charity’s use of positive discrimination was lawful, under the Equality Act 2010, in order to correct the disadvantage faced by the community. The issue apparently was not racism, but discrimination on the grounds of religious observance. The court considered the “widespread and increasing overt antisemitism in our society.”

Intolerance or hate speech of any form is unacceptable. But it’s hard to believe the courts and public reaction would have been the same, if this had been Islam or a group of Pashtuns from the Iranian border region.

Jewish affairs are treated differently. There's a 'kid gloves' approach and they’re deemed to be culturally valuable, while other communities are sometimes dismissed as interlopers. AIHA’s founder Ita Cymerman-Symons, speaking last year about the legal action, offered the view: “Which non-Jewish person honestly speaking wants to live in the midst of a building full of Haredi men with all the beards, and all the chanting on a Friday night and all the children?

A homeless single mother with four children for one, along with many others.

Plenty of people in social housing endure noisy neighbours, potent cooking smells and screaming kids. But isn’t that wonderful? Diversity and living cheek by jowl with people who see, think and believe different things to you.

That’s a rich learning experience for anyone.

The fallacy of the AIHA’s superiority complex of viewing Orthodox Jews above others is, every public service is available to their members. And, of the charity’s 2019 income of £105,710, the sum of £39,716 came from British government grants. They won’t be stonewalled at hospital or refused entry on a bus, so why should they be allowed to create their small-minded kingdom with impunity?

These Jewish community leaders seem to be shutting out anyone who doesn’t align with their beliefs. It’s unhealthy and depressing, especially in a multicultural metropolis like London.

The judgement also referenced issues that Orthodox Jews don’t like to live outside of the Stamford Hill area and they tend to be poorer than the wider Jewish community. Many of us would prefer not to live outside of the millionaire’s playgrounds of Kensington, Knightsbridge and Mayfair – but we tend to be poorer, so can’t afford it. That doesn’t mean the courts would support us founding the Republic of Poverty Housing Association, and letting us administer who can move in.


Even if we concede that Orthodox Jews appear to support AIHA’s ghetto-isation, aren’t the courts supposed to rule for the greater good? It makes no sense to encourage people to live in self-imposed enclaves. How are they going to progress in life, or do they never plan to leave the streets around their homes?

There’s also a wider impact of the judgement. It raises the hackles of the population. It hacks away at the concept of respecting every other citizen. The far-right will jump on this and sadly there’s no defence. It will birth more discontentment and raise tensions. 

The law lords have dropped the ball, because they are the highest court in the land, they had the chance to set a precedent. They seem to have been influenced by Jewish sensitivity, that labels anyone who disagrees with the faith an anti-Semite. It’s hard to see how justice, fairness, compassion and understanding are applicable. But superiority, tokenism and favouritism have been advanced.


Well one of the court’s final points was AIHA was "a small housing provider, but similar discrimination by a larger one might not be allowed.

We’re all equal, right?

Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


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Why Did All Of Joe Biden’s Children Marry Jews?


Joe Biden has something very unusual in common with Donald Trump –their children have married Jews — a family trait that seems to be a tacit requirement these days for anyone running for the highest office in American politics:

Hunter Biden and his wife shared their dramatic love story — and it includes matching Hebrew tattoos. Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, told ABC that he married his now-wife Melissa Cohen Biden within six days of meeting her.

Jews have an innate attraction to power and wealth, and going back through recent history, Jews often found themselves in the inner-most circles of European aristocracy because of their willingness to extend loans to the cash-strapped profligate elite at interest.


And one of the easiest ways to get those un-repayable loans forgiven was to marry the daughter of the jewish money lenders, a simple strategy that allowed Jews to infiltrate and ultimately replace the native aristocracies of Europe.


The children of Biden, Clinton and Gore have all married Jews, a phenomenon that can hardly be a coincidence.  It has become quite fashionable to have a jewish spouse yourself or marry your children off to Jews if you’re running for office.  What better way to convey to wealthy jewish voters that you are 100% kosher?


And just like communism, intermarriage is one of the easiest ways to ensure that all the wealth of the goyim ultimately ends up in the coffers of the Jews."




Chelsea Clinton's husband Marc Margolies Mezvinsky is also Jewish and it is rumoured President Putin's daughter married a Jew named Kirill Shamalov.

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18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

Estate of Holocaust survivor files legal complaint against Amazon over Borat sequel



Hypocrisy off the scales & the gullible Goyim love it.


Only Jews can take the piss out the holocaust, then make ADL speeches about ending anti Semitism.🤫




Avec "Yolocaust", un artiste moque les selfies pris dans ...Actualidad_209740306_32889785_1706x960.jpg

Yolocaust selfie shaming acts as social-experiment mirror ...


'Yolocaust' satire sparks debate in Germany | The Times of ...

Humiliating selfies: Artist shames tourists who took ...

Yolocaust: demasiado turista como para tener vergüenza



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Jews as a group (I'm not judging people here as individuals) are overrepresented in woke agendas and cultural and moral decline. We all know the banking of course. But also, if you look back at the Weimar Republic you can see it was Jews that were overrepresented in the pornography and the media, mocking traditional culture. Today it is no different with Jews being important in modern porn and in MSM. I think it has become an innate characteristic in them, they are 'different' from the norm, the culture(s) they live(d) in a certain percentage of them can't assimilate very well and instead have deep resentment for the native culture and seek to demoralize it. Every time I see another academic or MSM person talking about ''white privilege'',it's not rare that it is someone with a Jewish background. I don't believe that is a coincidence. Like I said, they have a deep resentment.

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Just a small point but these people you call "Jews" are not Jews, they do not follow the path of Moses.

They are just dumb apes who think they will get something from attaching the word Jew to themselves, it's meaningless ... just like being a Man Utd fan ,... you think you will get someone.

Very few people in this world are actually followers of Moses, very small number.

This planet and it's ape humans are so dumb, you struggle to find the words for people who act like this.

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Great thread GR mate, completely explains my problem with this whole debacle. It's like these religious supremacists can do what they like and everyone else has to feel the burn for it.


Jews were in involved in the trans-atlantic slave trade, keeping the cogs oiled with money and resources. Even though they were high level orchestrators in monstrous crimes against humanity no one ever mentions it or cares about learning history. 


I like Farrakhan as he is willing to go for the jugular, he is brutally honest about the ADL and high level Jewish leaders who have their hands in every pudding on this ZOG planet. He doesn't mind shitting on them so I have major respect for him because of that.


I'm gonna post some video's which highlight this, he's amazing at speeches not gonna lie.



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All this #masterrace type ideologies in its various diguises. Be the best! Be yourself! God made you in his own image. You are just like god you are. As for those who seek your power to join their huge throng, they should beg to be your leader. Your soul is more valuable than anything their shallow words and stolen trinkets acquired by slavery has to offer. If you want to know about your soul, know that you live in telapathic world and the lies which conceal this have you praying to the god of the dead. Its the living who hear your prayer. The truthful are honest about this but the liars call it lies. Put my words to the test. Even the sparrows will tell you. Dont be dismayed or terrified at 'now you know'. Be calm and listen to the noises on the wind. In vibrational things you paid no heed to before, you will hear the sound of zion and be you male or female, no flesh was ever touched in circumcising you by peeling away the foreskin of your heart. This is what circumcission is.


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18 minutes ago, rideforever said:

Just a small point but these people you call "Jews" are not Jews, they do not follow the path of Moses.



biblically referenced to as 'the synagogue of satan:

Revelation 2:9

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”


Revelation 3:9

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”


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39 minutes ago, Given To Fly said:

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”


Yes ... I wouldn't bother with all that myself.  Difficult to do anything useful with stupid and insincere people.  Even punishing them is too good for them.

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I've come across a 'jew' spouting nazi like ideology under the flag of jewry. A nazi isnt a nazi because their swastika or funny moustache. They regard themself superior and anyone they can deceive and crush and demoralise to be mere commodities. I use the word 'nazi' to refer to that kind of attitude. Theres european unionists blind to the lies who would presume Im a nazi because they only see the good side presented by the eu and dont realise the mess beneath the rug. Their values are no different from my own. They just arent flabberghasted yet about the lack of honour in the #masterace's promises yet. No wonder that without closer inspection they perceive me as right-wing for being what in their eyes appears against Democracy and Human Rights but as the mess under the rug begins to swell only the pig ignorant would remain on that rug believing the fraudsters who say the white elephant sized lump they are exhausting themself to censor and create false representations of are nothing to worry about.


What is a nazi? What is a jew? What is a robber? What is a cop? As human nature hoves into view, ideologies taught to us in childhood disappear when we add up benevolent robbers like Robin Hood and evil cops like the killers of Jean Charles de Menezes who remain at large today.


The thing that made the Nazis evil wasnt that they did something to the jews. They enslaved human beings, used them for medical experiments or worked them to exhaustion and killed any who served them no purpose. Hitler mentions jews a bit but it wasnt just jews. Gypsies, itinerant workers, vagabonds, agricultural armies who worked the german fields, dissidents and rival political groups, were enslaved and slaughtered like farm animals while the propaganda ministry made everything look wonderful to those without an understanding and terrifying to those who understood. Few were the brave who stood up for what was right.


So all this jew this, jew that, jew the next thing. Its irrelevant. Would it matter if muslims were marked for abuse or babies who had facial features eugenicists like Down didnt like the look of? What about groups that dont even know they are a group because google identifies them as a groip by profiling them based on interests? Does it matter when non-consensual bonds are placed on one man or a million which cause their whole lifr's effort to be scooped up by the #masterrace whatever its flags and banners are in any age. Its the ideology of hedonistic enslavers and it doesnt matter what religion or race they proclaim to be of. The individuals who choose to be hedonistic enslavers are hedonistic enslavers. Thats their race, thats their creed, thats their group and they will be the first to justify their policies of enslavement by claiming its the slaves enslaving the enslavers.


The public servants expect the public they serve to obey them. How's the logic of your world with jew this, jew that, jew the next thing and never any condemnation of the governmental disorder in our world today.

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ADL stooge Sacha Borat Cohen wants "hate speech" eliminated from the internet. What he's really saying because he's Jewish is that he doesn't want factual information of the crimes of his tribe and Israel exposed.



And yet ... isn't the video below hate speech by Cohen which the mainly Jewish Youtube has allowed for everyone to see since 2006? Giving the impression that Americans are stupid anti semites



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