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Why are people afraid of the FACTS about Jewish Leaders and Oligarchs

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@Firebird Yes, different worlds views of course. My contention is that there will be no outward security until there's inward clarity. No EU citizens have transcended anything, including myself. It's just ideas that have no basis in reality. Protect what you will but it'll be a never ending battle that will kill, actually if not psychologically, you and yours. I'm rushing as car needs MOT'ing.


You want to protect your culture. If I live in it and don't want that too, is that OK? Not that I want the opposite but there's a great deal of aggression, on the ground, directed at those who don't agree. Freedom of thought is first and foremost even if it be wrong or confused.

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21 minutes ago, Traveller said:

Can we not see our own part in the created divisions?


To a certain extent yeah. I'm guilty of posting stuff that is probably a bit too edgy out of anger for example. I still break bread with anyone in real life though. I would rather side with a minority that doesn't hate me than a white person that is totally indoctrinated.


That being said, I could be the most tolerant person going, but it doesn't change the fact that TPTB are going to turn people against me. It's a messed up situation, and don't want to see anyone get hurt.


Part of me just wishes I could go back to being a kid where I didn't think about demographics.



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@EnigmaticWorld I break bread with anyone too and that's cool, I think.


I think a danger is that one person's shared idea becomes another person's justification to commit an act of aggression. My suggestion is always be clear that you're not sanctioning or suggesting violence. Humans promote division as a matter of course, it seems. In that entails every known misery we see.


I don't want institutionalised Islam in the UK but how I differ is the means with which to make sure it doesn't happen. That being by allowing it whilst at the same being clear that folk in the UK are free to follow no religion. That'll end it on itself as folk will drift away. Patience being key. But, if I try and stamp it out, I'll create fundamentalists and terrorists because I've resorted to similar, openly, knowingly or not. If you want to stop something (cultural invasion), allow it to flourish within certain nuanced constraints. Beats the alternative and succeeds. We have removed much of the Church's involvement in the state this way. Not that it still doesn't hold some sway and the notions of British Jihad (onward Christian soldiers) is on the rise

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36 minutes ago, WanderingMinds said:


"Where did the word miscegenation come from?

Although the term "miscegenation" was formed from the Latin miscere "to mix" plus genus "race" or "kind", and it could therefore be perceived as value-neutral, it is almost always used in a negative way, to refer to something which should be avoided, punished or outlawed."

Forcing people to race mix is not the answer. Think about all the civil wars which occurred throughout the centuries. These wars were conflicts that arose within nations between members of the same family or family of tribes. A tribe or clan of people who shared the same blood and DNA.




What they're feeding us, and leading us to believe that miscegenation is the answer to world peace is a lie.


Miscegenation - As an Offensive Weapon
Was the goal to produce a group of multicultural Amalekites, who would subsequently over the years be placed in positions of power?
Was miscegenation used as a weapon harnessed by the Amalekites? If so, how many generations did it take to breed with persons of other races and ethnicities? This theory seems more plausible than claiming that alien reptilian shapeshifters arrived on earth from Draco, a constellation in the northern part of the sky, and have been walking among us in secret for centuries.   


The Amalekites are the eternal enemies of the Jewish people. What better way to destroy the Jews than through infiltrating the Jewish communities, by pretending to be Jewish. 


The only problem now is how do we identify the Amalekites, in the Jewish communities and abroad?


Matthew 7:20
“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”


Reptilian Shapeshifters and The Spirit of Amalek


David Icke's Fiction 
Could Icke's reference to "Reptilian Shapeshifters" possibly be code for the false Jews of the Synagogue of Satan? Does reptilian refer to the serpent in the Garden of Eden? 

According to the Midrash, the Amalekites were sorcerers who could transform themselves to resemble animals, in order to avoid capture. Thus, in 1 Samuel 15:3, it was considered necessary to destroy the livestock in order to destroy Amalek. In Judaism, the Amalekites came to represent the archetypal enemy of the Jews.


Amalekite, member of an ancient nomadic tribe, or collection of tribes, described in the Old Testament as relentless enemies of Israel, even though they were closely related to Ephraim, one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The district over which they ranged was south of Judah and probably extended into northern Arabia.



  • How many Jews believe that Amalek or the Amalekites are Gentiles (Non-Jews)?
  • Could the Amalekites be a global cabal of sorcerers consisting of both false Jews and gentiles/goyim?
  • Could the Amalekites be involved with the synagogue of satan? And if so, how long have they been masquerading as Jews within the Jewish community; possibly before the time of Christ?



From Henry Makow's Illuminati Series

"Satan means 'deceiver' and 'adversary'. This is why Satanism involves inversion and lies."
The subtitle of Illuminati3 - "Satanic Possession" refers to the true meaning of the "New World Order."  
Illuminati3: Satanic Possession: There is only one Conspiracy Paperback – April 15 2014
by the Polish Jewish Author Henry Makow Ph.D 
From the Introduction: What passes as spontaneous “social change” is in fact an organized process of satanic possession. This development is not an isolated or recent phenomenon. Western society is based on a rebellion against God and the natural and moral order. The so-called “Enlightenment” refers to Lucifer as the “light giver.” It was an assertion of the Illuminati's determination to reject Reality -- the Creator's Design – and construct an artificial reality more conducive to their interests and perversions. This is what the Cabalist bankers mean by “remaking the world” or “changing the world.” There is no way to sugarcoat this. Satanist (Cabalist) Jews and Freemasons are waging a covert war against God and man and are close to achieving victory. Many Jews and Freemasons have been a subversive force throughout history - the real reason for anti Semitism. Of course, the majority of Jews (and Christians) aren't aware of this process of satanic possession. We have all succumbed to it. Passing as “secularism” and “humanism,” Satanism is the secret religion of the West.


Interesting. I'm aware that they often call Europe/Rome/Germania/Germany Amalek, but you have given me some other interesting info to chew on.


It's not just the West rebelling against God though by the looks of it. The Kaifeng tribe that likely rule over China has turned them into a Godless society too, so the East is still being poisoned.

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Who are the Jews behind the coronavirus vaccines?

One can’t escape their presence in the forefront of leading companies in the race to find a vaccine that will prevent coronavirus.

NOVEMBER 17, 2020 20:54
Greek veterinarian and biotechnologist Albert Bourla heads Pfizer, and Moderna’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tal Zaks, is an Israeli who received his doctorate from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and gives interviews in Hebrew to the Israeli media.
Both men have been fairly secretive about their private lives. For Israelis, it’s enough to know that Zaks, despite the various high positions that he holds in America, is one of us, but in Greece, especially Thessaloniki, where Bourla and his wife were born and raised, there are mixed reactions. On the one hand, Greeks are proud that one of their own is at the top of the totem pole of a company that will help to save the world from COVID-19. On the other, there have already been vile antisemitic accusations against Bourla and Jews in general, accusations similar to negative comments made by US President Donald Trump about the Chinese.
Bourla comes from a Sephardi family of jewelers and real estate developers which fled Spain and has been living in Greece for more than five centuries. His family members were among the few survivors of the once thriving Jewish community of Thessaloniki, which was all but destroyed by the Nazis. He left Greece when he was 34 to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals and joined Pfizer in 1993. He represented the company in various divisions in different countries, working his way to the top. Although he has been living in America for several years, he continues to maintain a home in Greece.

In April 2019, Bourla was named the most “preeminent Greek leader” of the global pharmaceutical industry by United States Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey R. Pyatt, at the Prix Galien Greece Awards ceremony. As for the defamatory antisemitic slurs that have appeared in some Greek media, these have been publicly condemned by the Central Board of Jewish Communities of Greece.


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Israel’s very own history of eugenics

28th September 2014   QuickPress, Home, Israel

Jonathan Cook writes:

This hour-long documentary, the Ringworm Children, raises so many disturbing questions about Israel and its relationship with the US that one hardly knows where to begin.


In the 1950s, waves of new immigrants swept into Israel. To the dismay of the country’s Ashkenazi leaders (those originating from Europe and the US), the great majority were from Arab countries. Levi Eshkol, a later prime minister, expressed a common sentiment when he called them “human rubbish”. Israel, deprived of “good-quality” Jews, was being forced to bring to its shores Arab Jews, seen as just as primitive and dirty as the Palestinians whom Israel had recently succeeded in ethnically cleansing.


Into this deeply racist atmosphere stepped Dr Chaim Sheba, a eugenicist, who believed that the Arabs Jews were bringing along with them diseases that threatened the Ashkenazi Jews. His obsession was ringworm, an innocuous childhood disease that affects the scalp. He went to the US, collected old military X-ray equipment and zapped tens of thousands of these children’s heads with potentially lethal doses of radiation. The survivors tell of their horrifying experiences during and after the treatment, and of the brothers and sisters they lost at a young age.


But this isn’t just a history lesson exploring an unusual aspect of Israel’s racist underpinnings. The documentary exposes a massive cover-up by the state: many of the children’s medical files – long thought to have been lost – were actually held by one of the doctors involved. Even after this disclosure, the state has continued to refuse the victims access to the files, despite the fact that such access may be vital in helping them receive the correct life-saving treatment, as well as proper compensation.


The final shocking twist is the discovery that all these experiments cost the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars in today’s terms – in fact, more than Israel’s entire annual budget at the time. How could Israel have afforded it?

The documentary suggests persuasively that the US, with its own long fascination with eugenics, most likely sub-contracted these experiments to Israel as a way to bypass the increasing domestic legal impediments it faced. The US presumably footed the huge bill.


There are a couple of troubling omissions in the documentary itself. The first is that Dr Sheba did not carry out these experiments on Arab Jews only. He also exposed many Palestinian children in Israel to the same huge doses, for the same racist reasons. The other is that Dr Sheba is still venerated to this day in Israel and has one of the country’s most famous hospitals, the Chaim Sheba Medical Centre, named after him. As the documentary makes clear, there was plenty of evidence by the 1950s of the extremely dangerous effects of radiation on humans. What Dr Sheba did was a form of genocide. That he is still honoured in Israel is, to my mind, no different from Germany naming a hospital in Berlin the Josef Mengele Medical Centre. But keeping Dr Sheba’s reputation unblemished is, I suspect, important to those who wish to prevent other, even more unseemly skeletons being unearthed over this affair. The documentary, from 2003, is in four 10-minute and one eight and a half minute parts:


"I often talk about “hasbara” (which Israelis translate as “explanation” but really means “propaganda”) but rarely have I found an example of it quite as blatant as the entry on the Ringworm Affair on Wikipedia. By the look of it, it has been written by an Israeli government hasbara team. One can almost hear the indignation in the text of the entry as the documentary’s claims are dismissed. Interestingly, however, no attempt is made to refute the two accusations at the heart of the film: that the medical files are still being withheld from the victims, and that the sum needed for the experiments was astronomical and way beyond Israel’s means. So who paid for them and why?"






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On 11/22/2020 at 2:30 AM, Macnamara said:

The freikorps militias made up of army vets gave the commies a good hiding when they tried to spread their bolshevism into germany. It was them who put down the commie uprisings led by sabbatean-jews like rosa luxemburg and joseph leibnicht


EDIT: it was Karl Liebknecht not joseph....

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So if I get this right, @WanderingMinds, you are one of those Christians that looks up to the Jews as a very special people?

P.S. the dig at David Icke and equating reptilians with Jews was uncalled for. He's been talking about it not just in relation to certain families (which happen to be Jewish). Check the interview with Credo Mutwa. If you make the conclusion that someone else believes the Jews are reptilians then that's your paranoia IMO, being hyper-sensitive and seeing monsters everywhere like the ADL does.


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8 hours ago, Firebird said:

So if I get this right, @WanderingMinds, you are one of those Christians that looks up to the Jews as a very special people?

P.S. the dig at David Icke and equating reptilians with Jews was uncalled for. He's been talking about it not just in relation to certain families (which happen to be Jewish). Check the interview with Credo Mutwa. If you make the conclusion that someone else believes the Jews are reptilians then that's your paranoia IMO, being hyper-sensitive and seeing monsters everywhere like the ADL does.


Christian zionist mate. He believes he's gonna get raptured if the Jews fullfill their end times prophecies and Christ will return etc. Never mind the total bloodshed that will come at the hands of the juden in their new messianic age to fullfill said prophecy. What's a few casualties eh?@WanderingMinds


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Warning to all British people who tell the truth about Judaism and Jewish religious supremacism. The noahide laws are on their way.


UK minister gives universities deadline to adopt IHRA definition

OCTOBER 11, 2020 




"The repugnant belief that antisemitism is somehow a less serious, or more acceptable, form of racism has taken insidious hold in some parts of British society," said the Minister.

UK's Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson told UK universities that they must adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) definition of antisemitism by the end of the year or risk loss of funding, The Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported. The warning was sent to university vice chancellors in a letter on Friday.


The letter invites university leadership to discuss reservations about the IHRA with Williamson but in it Williamson also warns that "if I have not seen the overwhelming majority of institutions adopting the definition by Christmas then I will act." Education officials are already exploring options for "robust actions" that Williamson could take if universities do not meet the deadline. These actions include suspending funding.

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Had to post this on yt so I could embed it here. 


We are getting close to the end game and everyone who doesn't know just how much jews hate our existence and plan to wipe us out then watch this vid, truly redpill material.


I don't advocate for violence against jews whatsoever.



We have the moral high-ground against these shitcunts. Let's try to keep it that way.



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1 minute ago, Golden Retriever said:

The Shabbos Goy in the music industry know Jews control it and Hollywood too.






Billie Eilish gets passed around by jewish hollywood nonces more than a banana at a woman's prison.


What about Ariana Grande and her tikkun olam, light unto the nations, jew world order bullshit.


Ariana Grande Credits Kabbalah for her Success:



Her little fans eat this shit up but with eyes to see and ears to hear it is horrific and terrifying.



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Today Boris Johnson appoints the Jewish Dan Rosenfield as his new Chief of Staff


BoJo’s new chief of staff Rosenfield is a former Treasury official, ex-Bank of America manager & Jewish World Relief chairman






The World Jewish Relief Dinner included guests (from left): Henry Grunwald, Dan Rosenfield, Chief Rabbi Mirvis and his wife Valerie, and Linda Rosenblatt.



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